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SwordOfValor's HalfBlood

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 3
Version: AoM: The Titans
Now that I'm strong I have figured out.
How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul.
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one.
I will never let you fall.
I'll stand up with you forever.
I'll be there for you through it all.
Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

SwordOfValor, who has sadly left our community a while ago, has asked me to submit this file. It's his greatest work ever made, and is guaranteed to blow your mind away.

It has amazing features never before seen in all of their power. This scenario is a must download.

It's a 3 player unique RPG, with a unique range of functions implimented in it.

Scenario Details
Scenario story:In a world forgotten from above evil runs rampant.Their only hope lies in a rejected,broken down angel that lost his abilities. Immerse yourself in to the ultimate experience and atmosphere as 3 knights with their home torn part venturing out on their own.
Type of Scenario:Multiplayer and Single Player Rpg.
Amount of Players:3
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Ok hey it's Aurora, I couldn't review the scenario on my main cause I uploaded it, but it's not mine, so I think i have a right to review it, here goes.

Playability: 5

I have playtested the scenario numerous times before its release, and I didn't get bored one time. The playability is just fantastic with all the various missions, like the sniper mission, never seen anything like it. Also the cinnematics were beautifully done, there was no boring ones. I liked the way you kill bosses, it was good in the start, but as you updated your scenario it just kept getting better and better. All the skills you could use during the scenario made it mutch more playable, and ofcourse the way you could switch your weapons – sword, spear or bow made it very interesting. It was also very nice how you made it so that every weapon has it's own advantages; each one was good for something, but bad against something else. There is absolutely nothing that I would change in the playability. Maybe I shouldn't mention eyecandy just yet, but it also helped to crate a better playability, basically cause you never get tired of looking at the awesome structures. This was very well done, it was supposed to look like a city and it did. I basically never got bored or lost interest while playing the scenario. The playability deserves a perfect rating.

Balance: 5

First off, I'd like to say I really liked the way you could set the difficulty. I remember when you first thought of it and you were so happy 11. You basically set the difficulty by setting civilization. Never seen anything like it. But really for the balance, it was as it had to be. Between the classes, ofcourse there was balance, still my personal favorite was the elementalist, and most of it's skills were my favorites, maybe elementalist was a bit overpowered, but each of the classes served other purposes, and I probably liked the elementalist the most basically cause it's my style. So the classes were well balanced.
The difficulty settings were just about right. Easy was easy, medium was medium and hard was hard (or something, I don't exactly remember the names of the difficulties). Exactly the way it should be. You have taken care of the balance well, just like all the other components of a scenario.

Creativity: 6

Well it's a shame I can't give you more than a five, cause you definitely deserve it here. Let's see now... You have made your classes (or weapons), which you switch by using hotkeys. Also your own magical powers, which are randomised and are used with hotkeys. Ofcouse this is only the 2nd time i've seen hotkeys used in a multiplayer scenario. The first was Nottud's Hotkey Powered Pit of Doom. Then there's the difficulty setting which i've never seen before. As I said before, you set the difficulty by setting the computer player's civilization. And then ofcouse how you set your class -> by setting your civilization. This was great... you could save time in the game and start playing immediately. Also the missions were very creative. I've never seen missions like for example the sniper mission, it really looks like you're looking into a building from it's roof (and the window is opened or something hehe). The bosses were all made using alot of creativity. And I can't forget the story, which really sounded like it was from a book, and the cinnematics explaining the story were all well done. You certainly thought about everything in this scenario, and how you could show the players something new, something they have never seen before.

Map Design: 6

Another one. Seriously, this deserves more then five. It looked like you've spent a really long time making all those structures. They were all very beautifully done, and all of them looked great. There was even no area at all that wouldn't be eyecandied. The eyecandy was really great, and there weren't just those tall skyscraperlike buildings. You made normal houses too. And the way I see it, nobody has ever made such use of atlantean stone walls as you have. Also there's other buildings too ofcouse , not just stone walls. Parts like the residence were great, and you used other things, not just stone walls. Another thing I was absolutely »WTF«ed about, was how you stretched buildings. The only other maps that I have ever seen with that were nottud's stretch templates, and those were actually just about 20 battle boars and it was probably just a test map. Really, I don't know how you figured this out, but you even used this very well, you made great structures stretching atlantean stone walls. I just couldn't decide which ones looked the best, so I actually don't have my personal favorite, they all looked so amazing. The map design was certainly flawless, there were numerous buildings/structures that made me stop for a sec and just observe them.

Story/Instructions: 5

Actually there were no instructions needed apart from what you needed to press to switch your weapons, and using your magical powers. I always knew where I had to go, the path was always leading to your goal. And whenever you did need instructions, they were given. About the story... well what can I say, it's as if it was copied from a nice book, except it wasn't. You must have really put alot of thought in it. I can't say mutch more here, just note for the players: The story is great, i'm not spoiling it for you, play it yourself. You definitely won't regret it. :P

Additional Comments:

This was probably my longest and best review, but this scenario was great, so SoV really deserves all these words. YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS SCENARIO, it's one of the best scenarios made. I've felt even while playtesting, that SoV really wanted to show us the maximum he is capable of designing and triggering in this scenario. And you have succeeded mate. This thing is crazy. Congratulations.

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Map Design5.0
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