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Version: AoM: The Titans
Pac-Myth is an AOM:TT version of Pac-Man

Guide Pac-Myth through the Maze, eating Dots (Relics) while avoiding the Ghosts (Shade of Hades). When you eat a Power Dot (Osiris Piece Box) you power up and can eat the Ghosts. Look out for Fruit (Walking Berry Bushes) for bonus points.

As you complete each level you gain an extra life and the Ghosts move faster.

Infinite levels
4 Difficulty Settings

This is just for fun, I'm not expecting any reviews.

UPDATE - Added in arrow key movement based on tasev's guide.
Movement is a bit jerky if you hold down the arrow keys but is smoother tapping the keys.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Swift sword
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Pac-myth was a pretty fun map to play in my opinion, or at least interesting. It moves at a much slower pace then I seem to remember Pac-man does, but the few times I played that old, old game I was pretty bad at it. However, it did get a bit boring by the time you reached the 3rd level, to be honest. So, -1 there. And then, a couple bugs annoyed me a bit. First, the walls really got on my nerves. I kep accidently clicking on them and my argus wouldn't move where he was supposed to. Two, on level three a inky froze in place by a osiris box, and thus I couldn't complete it. Third, sometimes the inkies didn't move immediately upon spawning. Two just sat all through level 3 untill I killed them with a boost and when two new ones respawned, they moved. Those bugs brought you down another point, so you get a 3 here. Despite the historical epicness of Pac-man :(

Balance: 5
I played on easy my first go through (which I always do, usually on accident) and the first level was...easy. The shades moved pretty slowly and never got close to me.
Level 2: Level 2 was much more difficult, although not really difficult yet. I pretty much just took it slow and waited for them to leave so I could grab those 5 relics, then move onto the next 5, and so on for the whole level. I wish a couple would go for me constantly and a couple would just patrol- it would make things much more interesting ;)
By level 3, however, it was already obtaining a moderate difficulty level. I almost got killed once, and then couldn't finish the level due to a bug, but the infinite levels ides is purely brillaint because you can't get less than a 5 here. At some point, its bound to be very difficult to beat. So, 5 for balance! As excellently done as Pac-Man did balance ;P

Creativity: 4
You can't really get full marks for creativity, because its based off another game. However, you did change some important apects to fit AOM, one of which is the pace of the game. The obtainable bonuses were quite interesting, because this makes an excellent game to play with friends to see who can get the highest score, especially with the bonus scores. The map design was creatively done, with an interesting maze and the cool ability to go between map sides. The power boost were pretty cool, but my favorite part that attributes to boosting your score is the berry bushes- it would be hard to get all the ones that appear in the map. A vast number of creative competitions between friends could be created with this map, so you get an excellent "4" for creativity.

Map Design: 3
The map design had a lack of nature, yes, but it wasn't set in nature. Really, it had all it needed here. The wall-maze was pretty cool in my opinion, and it looked like you spent a fair deal of time creating it. The placement of relics and power boosts was also pretty cool. I merely took a mark off because it doesn't contain any cool "special effects" around the maze- maybe a moving maze, lightning bolts (that don't kill you!) or something to change the maze which becomes pretty familiar pretty fast. The map design also didn't really contain some of the embellishments that could've been placed in, and a more interesting terrain then "black" would've been nice (but come to think of it, I loved black way to much to want something different...).
It pretty much just needed something to make running around a bit more interesting- maybe a random rock spawning and the like.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story is, of course, non-existant except for the small tale of a little pac-myth who is being chased by evil-demented shades. Although you probably though- "meh, what story could I create anyways?" I would've liked something in the cinematic- maybe just one line of dialogue- that would've earned you a 5 here.
The instructions provided everything people needed- most people could've guessed them anyways. Short-but-sweet, they were perfect for this scenario and useful when I needed them.

Additional Comments:
A fun little minigame that was fun to play and had minimal bugs to subtract from that. I'e only one thing to add before closing- we could take as much time as we wanted without penalty, and since inkies don't chase directly after us, it made the first couple pretty easy. I suggest a time limit- if you don't complete the level in the time limit both of these things happen-
-100 gold
-You don't earn the life for that level.
Other than that, an interesting and historical scenario that actually has replayability. Excellent job!

[Edited on 11/01/09 @ 10:47 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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