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Downloads Home » Design Hints, Tips, and Tutorials » Age of mythology campaign part 1

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Age of mythology campaign part 1

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Version: AoM
Well this is the first part of the scenario with their hind and names.
The first part start from the ``Omens``
and ends at ``Good advice``
If you like that tell me to up load and the secont part.
If and only one person will want to upload the 2 part i will upload it.
Now has only thinks about pokemon but i will make lots of thing about age of mythology
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Sorry, but what's the point of this?
CharlieDog I have to agree with Yeeb for once, what is the point? It is quite easy to access the scenario's triggers if you have Nottud's Superpack.
File Author
I thought that someone new here will have problems to find them like i have at the first.
Now i upload it only for anyone would want it

[Edited on 11/08/09 @ 03:02 PM]

pakitobananero Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:Very good. I was looking for this mounths ago. Very very good. If you can, put it the second part, please. I liked a very much the campaign, but i went to edit this scenarios with the editor, but i never find these scenarios.

[Edited on 12/15/09 @ 10:59 AM]

Guard of Olympus As lostrozzacavalli stated, that review does not comply with the review guidelines, as either Yeebaagooon or Steak and Khan will tell you.
The review guidelines can be found under "Welcome" at the top left corner of the page.
However, if you motivate your rating it wont be deleted, so please do so as I'm sure the author of this file is very happy with your review.
To quote the review guidelines:

"Design Hints, Tips, and Tutorials Review Guidelines

There is only one option for rating Design Hints, Tips, and Tutorials, but this rating contains more things than you might think.

When you go about rating a file under this category, you should take the following things into account and bring them all together for one average rating of the file.

Usefulness – Is this a guide about something you really want to know? If the person has written about a very advanced item (eg. Quest Vars or cinematics) , then they should score high in this subsection. If it’s a guide about placing walls in the editor, everyone knows about it, and if you didn’t it could be answered by a quick punt in the question thread. Guides are supposed to be long, in-depth answers to a complex question.

Understandability – How easy is the guide to understand? If you don’t know about something, it is most likely you will need step by step instructions with annotated screenshots. If you can read the guide and understand what to do then it should score high here. A low scoring guide would be very short with gaps and would not help your understanding.

Grammar – Everyone loves and needs grammar. To score top points here, the guide should have been spell checked and proof read so there are no errors, and it is easy for everyone to understand. However, a guide using T3H L33T SP4K ND SHRTND WRDS would be extremely hard to understand and would not help you. A guide with consistent spelling errors would eventually put people off.

Screenshots – Screenshots really help, as they illustrate what an unsure player should do. Annotated and colour coded screenshots leave no questions asked, with a much higher understanding of the reader. A big block of text will put people off and be quite a hard read once you get into it.

Now average out your scores and you have an overall rating. Remember, you can use half marks in this category.

Here is the final rating breakdown:

1 - Very Poor: The guide is about something that most people already know how to do, with no pictures or real instructions. It’s just a block of text with many spelling and grammar errors. This guide looks like it has been done in 5 minutes.
2 - Poor: The guide is quite useful, but still pretty basic. You will have some spelling errors. But no pictures and maybe large steps missing.
3 - Average: An average guide will be something interesting. It will have a picture or two, perhaps with some bullet points. It doesn’t really go into much depth though.
4 - Good: A good guide will be on an interesting topic. It will have step by step instructions assisted by screenshots and will be quite lengthy. It will go into detail in some parts, and may contain the seldom spelling error.
5 - Excellent: This denotes a guide that has taken a long time to make. The guide will be a few pages long, rich with annotated and colour coded screenshots for extra clarity. Everything will be explained in crystal clear detail and there may even be an email for any other questions. This guide has been well put together and is about a broad or interesting subject that will benefit all who read about it. "

[Edited on 12/15/09 @ 09:56 AM]

Khan And Steak pakitobananero, becuase your review does not comply with AoMH's review guidelines, it has been retracted.
should you wish to post another review of this file please make sure it abides the Review Guidelines

To view the Review Guidelines visit this page:


Read up on that and you won't have your reviews retracted :D ~ Khan
pakitobananero Rating: 5

Additional Comments:
Voy a ser sincero, the second part of "good advice" is for me the best scenario of the campaign. And it sais, that if we like it, it does the second part. And because this, i put it a 5. But well, it is very good designed, and i don`t now how it does perfectly this scenarios. You are a crack.

[Edited on 01/10/10 @ 06:38 PM]

pakitobananero But, if i don`t now to do the campaign scenarios, how i get the second part? Think a bit, please. I now i have put a very good an exagerate point, but i wont the second part! "Cara al sol con la camisa nueva, que tú bordaste el rojo ayer..."
pakitobananero Paulgreece, you are 12 years old? Like me. How do you do this scenarios? Please, say me. If you do it with 12 years old, you are the best.
Guard of Olympus If you're 12, I'm sorry to say that you'll be banned. If you're not, then there's no problem.

@pakitobananero| Hope you'll be 13 soon, ban will expire then...

[Edited on 12/20/09 @ 02:05 PM]

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