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germanicuss vs lord_jess14 odin vs set fh

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Marsh
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Short: Odin vs set, Set went fh, Baldr turned the table for me with a quick Rag.

I realiesed he would fh so i played agressive.

At first my rc+ta raids keep failing.
The Set player than went heroic and builded up midgolds and towers.

I went Njord to counter the camels with ringgiver for my jarls. My walking woads gp was an epic failure.

I rushed in with jarls as a distraction, and than aged up spammed some villagers and turned the table with ragnarok, i owned his forward base and then went for fg+ram+jarl raids.

Eventually i had to take a shower and left for a while, my enemy resigned when i came back, lucky bastard i am.

(germanicuss is my rated games account)
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Forbiddian Comments as I watch.

You can get your guys to the hunt faster if you garrison everyone, flag the TC rally point, and then ungarrison them all.

You should have researched hunting dogs right from the start. Marsh as any civ is definitely hunting dogs from the start, not to mention you're Odin.

Against set, they're not going to have map control through classic. I take it maybe you're used to playing Eggy, but there's no reason to two house your tower. You should scout out first to secure forward gold/second hunt while you have map control the first 8-9 minutes.

You forget to move your ox cart and your hunting guys are idle. You move them to a near boar patch. Honestly I would have pushed them out to the middle to eat up that hunt early. You can always hunt back later.

You queue two ville upgrades on the same oxcart. If you're going to queue two, you should queue the other at a different cart to get the ups faster at the same cost.

Your carts are consistently in the wrong position and you really should be hunting mid, kindof a nitpick, but there's not a lot to do the first five minutes, you should try to give yourself a perfect start.

Nice job grabbing relics. A lot of people don't, but they give you a big advantage.

You should scout more with your ravens.

I see you on 7 RCs, a valk, and two TAs, but no raiding attempts, yet? If you'd scouted with ravens, you'd know where his villes are and you could kill a few/really screw up his build order.

Four longhouses is excessive at 8 minutes for a FH. Again your hunting party is idle. You can shift+click queue hunting patches (or just move them mid earlier where they can hunt forever).

TC should never be idle either way until 20 minutes into the game. Your opponent is neglecting his TC as well (I can tell from the score). If you'd kept up ville production, you would have won this game easily by 15 minutes.

You built an armory, but then built 6 longhouses and queued up guys when you had 800/450 or so. You should decide if you want the heroic or if you want the guys and know that you can't have both.

You're farming in classic with tons of hunt in the middle. That's a bad mistake. The rate of return on hunting is like 50% more than farming in classic. Only in Heroic and Mythic with all the farming ups does farming even become comparable, not to mention it costs a lot of wood to throw down. You almost certainly have a bigger army than he does, with your 6 longhouses churning.

You should scout more with your ravens. If you scouted with your ravens, you would know where his villagers are hunting before you move out with your army.

I guess you realize the mistake. Again your hunting villes are idle and you have 2 guys on food (both farming), 8 guys on wood, and 12 guys on gold, so it's almost impossible to use your economy. Not enough food to do anything, tons of useless gold.

By 12 minutes no heroic, you should have like 20 guys on food, 15 on wood, 10 on gold. The idle TC is really hurting your production.

8 RCs and 4 TAs is not going to get it done against a tower and a TC, even if he doesn't have any units. You'll kill like 1 ville.

Turns out he has an army, too. Still was a bad decision to go in. You have 78 favor. I know he's set so he'll priest spam you, but you should still be making MUs.

You're lucky he has very bad micro (discussing battle for your forward base), but you're fighting a losing battle.

10 units will kill five units to a man and only lose 1-2 units. You're dropping resources like crazy when you send your units in one by one into his midgol + 50 priests + 10 Chariots. Watch the game from like 12 minutes to 15 minutes. All your guys die and you don't accomplish much of anything.

If your army is smaller, run away. A longhouse costs about the same as an RC in terms of villager seconds. It's not worth sacrificing troops to save buildings. You're just going to lose 5-10 troops, kill only 1-2 of his, and you'll be faced with an even larger army seconds later.

You're about to pop out, I would grab the back TC with two or three TAs.

11 RCs vs. midgols, towers, tons of CAs, and a bunch of camels = charge of the light brigade.

I know you see pros microing around tiny armies through huge armies to get their cavs to the back, but you'd be much better off not wasting your troops like that.

Pros can quickly evaluate the result of a given battle. You're way outnumbered, and he has a lot of static defenses. Again, you're losing 1-2k resources in units to kill 400-500 resources of your opponent's. If you're outnumbered, the fight is not going to be profitable for you.

Nice job scouting with your raven! Like a peeping tom, you can see his 6-8 gold villes and you can set up a take down.

He's obviously not producing any villagers. Despite losing your entire army three times, not raiding him at all and aging up much later, you're still ahead in score.

You could have won this way earlier if you'd just kept up villager production.

Ok, so I've seen enough, here's my advice:

Keep up your villager production no matter what. You did a pretty good job in the early game compared to mid and late game with that. You should NEVER cut TC production. If you consistently outproduce villagers relative to your opponent, you will win the game. AoM is fundamentally an economy game, not one of necessary build orders. The 50 food for a villager will replenish itself in a minute, such that there is almost no situation in the game where you'd want to cut villager production.

You did a great job early game scouting and a great job keeping up with production. Even 20 minutes in, you kept your resources down to
Forbiddian Comment got cut off.

I said: low numbers. I was very impressed by your macro (except idle TC hurt you).

You should practice evaluating battle results. Losing a battle costs a lot more than the position on the map. Your opponent will kill your army at a resource advantage, and still have their army and the position.

I didn't once see you run from a battle, but in this game, you should have been running from his army/static defenses almost every time. The battles you chose to fight were losing battles until the very last one.

Against a better opponent, you wouldn't have gotten the chance to get to mythic and Ragnarok.
File Author
Thanks very much for your effort to give me such good feedback :)

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