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Okami Amaterasu *UPDATED

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Both
New unit based off the Fenris Wolf (Again), I just like these wolves.
Well, the fact is that this MU is perfect (as with Wolf Link) for Amaterasu, so here's the info:

- This pack adds a new unit: The Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu from Okami.
- Amaterasu's special effects are almost identical to her original counterpart (in other words, they're nice to the sight).
- Techtree[x] adds three new techs called Tundra Beads, Thunder Edge and Rising Sun to the Town Center.
- Cel Shaded-like textures made so it looks like in the game.
- This unit can be trained at the Town Center, once Heroic Age is reached.
- Okami sounds included.
- Ammy can be trained once (like greek heroes).
- Has 3 Special Attacks and 3 Support Abilities:

Power Slash
Inferno ("upgrades" to fireburst)
Thunderstorm ("upgrades" to thunderbolt)

Blizzard ("upgrades" to icestorm)
Victory Howl (boost attack of nearby units)
Rejuvenation (unit healer)

"upgrades" means that the skill gets stronger when you research Ammy's techs and it's also a reference to the Okami game.

-Offline use only (if you want to play online with this, the other players must have this mod as well)
-This mod uses new models for each upgrade.
-Includes Spanish versions of [xpack]languages.
-And a small plus: New portrait icons for Anubis and Bast.

-- Screenshots of each upgrade:

Tundra Beads

Thunder Edge

Rising Sun

Anubis and Bast Portraits and Icons:

Raw and Full Unit Stats:

HP--297 ----------------472
Atk--21 -----------------40
Hack Armor--28% -----65%
Pierce Armor--29% ---67%
Speed--6.01 -----------7.62

Fully Compatible with Wolf Link and Link Modpack (as editor units).
You can make them trainable by editing the proto(x) with Notepad (more info in the Readme).

-Any bug, problem, or something that can be improved please let me know here.
-If you want use this mod in your AOM projects, you can, only give me some credit!


-three new techs added, and new models for each
-healing ability added
-techs not appearing in town center during a normal game, fixed.
-lighting attack added
-freeze attack added
-tweaked the anim and protox files and now the howl attack acts as the inferno brush technique (and still boosts nearby units)
-Amaterasu's lightning attack can damage air units now.


>>Capcom, Clover Studios<< (For creating such a depth and awesome game, Okami)

->Okami Artbook
->Okami OST
Both used as inspiration and reference of course :P

>>DeviantArt Artists<<

->Lithe Fider
->sodabottle doodlebug
References taken from these artists.

>>AoM Heaven<<

->Num Pi - Techtree Editing, Adding.
->Stephen Caines - Introduction to Modding
->Extinction - Advanced Model Editing
->Izzy - Texture Editing
->People who made Tools for AOM (ex. AoMEd, BarExplorer, [Single Material]Gmax/3dsmax Scripts)

Enjoy and...
Thanks for downloading !!!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
aZeusdude2 Looks great. Good luck with future projects. ;)
Nick_The_Hunn Nice!
Hmm those colours, lets change it into Okama Amaterasu ;p jk
File Author
Hey! Thanks! and I hope the force is with me, I mean... the luck.

I didn't get it at first lol.

[Edited on 11/18/09 @ 10:21 PM]

Guard of Olympus Very nice mod! :D
File Author
Thanks Guard!
Dragon4Life I can't seem to get it working. I've put all the files where they should be, but it doesn't show up ingame. I am a bit of a n00b at this, so any mistakes I could of made?
File Author

Which game version (AoM or Titans) are you using, and do you have any other mods installed?, also you can tell me how you installed the "anim", "data" and "models" files included in this pack, these files are asociated with the unit not showing up ingame if they're not installed correctly.
Dragon4Life I have the titans’ version of the game. I quite a lot of other mods, half of them don't show up. (Trying to fix them too) Here are the ones I remember: Golden Lion, Relic Monkey and Golden Fleece mod (working), Sand Wolf (Which has just stopped working), Japanese Dragon (which has also just stopped working), Shadow Wolf Fenris Wolf texture (works), Shadow Fire Giant texture (works), All civilisations have 4 titans for editor (not working), Aztec Myth Units + Building (working), Hydra Recolor (Working), Tarantula and Tiger Tarantula (Not Working), Titan Predator and flying demigod, (Titan working, Demigod not) and Horned Basilisk (Working).
( I am now editing as I fix the files)

[Edited on 12/29/09 @ 04:37 PM]

File Author
Alright, you installed the protox for every unit with just copy-paste, and your last unit installed was Titan Predator (the only new unit that works, texture mods always works) before Okami.

This is why some mods are deactivated when you install a new one, in this case you need to stack all the protox's new unit definitions into a single protox, here is a little guide


Protox can be edited with notepad

Some advices about this guide:
You don't need to convert files with AoMed, you can take Amaterasu's protox (or any other) as a base to add new units (Ignore "Finding Your Proto(x)- in Detail" and "Converting Back" lines).

Open Amaterasu protox and a new unit's protox (Japanese Dragon for instance) copy the info related to the dragon at the bottom of protox starting from here

unit id="801" name="Dragon"



and paste it in Amaterasu's protox (at the bottom) between "unit" and "proto" , It should look like this:

unit id="801" name="Dragon"

And that's it, this rule applies to almost every new unit.

Last notes:
Before running the game make sure to delete all .XMB (if any) files in your game's data and sounds folders

here's another guide that might be useful (modding in general):


[Edited on 06/12/10 @ 10:57 PM]

Dragon4Life Thanks so much. Got it working now. :D Great Mod, the detail is amazing! (I'm going to take a look at those guides in a minute too.)
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