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Eros - Troll Slayer - Demo Version

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Ragnarok Design Studios presents...

Eros ~ Troll Slayer Demo!

Eros ~ Troll Slayer is about two warriors named Eros and Tristan. They journey towards the capitol of Athens, where they will meet the leaders of their nation and form an army to fight against the horrific horde of trolls that are heading in their direction.
They take a couple of wrong turns though, and must end up defeating the troll horde on their own!

This demo includes...
A starting quest,
Enemies to fight,
Realistic eyecandy,
3 Cinematics,
And an interesting storyline.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Well, there wasnt really alot to do, you only fought several monsters/humans, it's just a bit few, there weren't any sidequests or something, but this was just a demo, so the real thing will be much more playable.

Balance: 3
None of this was hard, since you only had to kill a handful of creatures, which were kind of weak.

Creativity: 4
Well, a war against trolls, i think that's pretty new, there isn't much else to rate for creativity, since we don't know alot about the full version. Althought the story looks promising

Map Design: 4
Map design was great, flawless nature design, great terrain mixing, good use of grass/bushes and rocks, and the small town looked good aswell, nothing wrong here.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story looks promising, although we only know a bit about it. Everyone loves a good story i think, so that's looking good aswell.
I liked the intro cinematic, with Eros shooting the hyena, it was done nicely.

Additional Comments:This is my first review, so i hope i'm not to harsh, or skipped any comments. (BTW some of the people, like Eirik weren't named, although not worth losing any rating for.

Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Firstly I would like to state that this scenario was over very quickly. Whilst this doesn't directly affect your rating it was hard to give you an accurate rating based on less than 2 minutes of play. As such I replayed the scenario and didn't complete the quest straight away.

I'll start with the bad things:
One of the cinematic dialogues went way to fast. I would tell you which one it was but I didn't get to read it. The rest were fine. Just keep in mind that the players should have enough time to read the dialogue and see what it going on before the dialogue changes.
I finished the game without knowing how. I knew what to do, but didn't get to do it. Just before the ending cinematic played I remember seeing a tamarack tree and then bam! ending cinematic. Maybe I did something that ended it right away?

And to finish off on a high note:
The cinematics were not jumpy or bad they generally had something to look at with a nice dialogue to accompany them. Some times its did stray from this generalisation however.
The eyecandy was a nice addition (more on that later).
The story looks promising (again more on that later).

Balance: 2
The map was too easy. There was a total of 3 enemies, they all attacked at the same time and collectively they minimal damage. This is only a demo however, yet I would still have liked to have to choose my enemies/pick them off one by one rather than just run in there poon everything and not even get hurt. Although Eros may be the most skilled archer in all of Greece - it still doesn't mean he can't get hurt. And it definitely does not mean that Tristan can't get hurt either.

So basically try adding more enemies in various small clusters (even if it was just 3 clusters for this demo). By doing so they player would have to choose their fights and the game would be harder as well.

Creativity: 4
I really liked the amount of effort that was shown in this part of the map. The story was enticing, the map was generally laid out effectively and for the most part the cinematics flowed nicely. The RPG setting was nicely followed with the two starting units given. The scenario wasn't random and followed a nice story. The small things in the cinematics are what brought you (just) to the 4 mark. The reactions to the sounds and the environmental effects where a very nice addition that is often missed in cinematics.

I am disheartened that there was not more of the scenario to get you the 5 star rating in this category. What was shown in this demo is not worth a rating of 5 - there just isn't enough points to raise in defence of a 5. However I am sure that in the actual map you will be able to show me may points of creativity in which to get you your 5 in this category.

Map Design: 4
I am not big on heavy eyecandy, which is good in your case becuase you had a nice amount of eyecandy without overkilling it. I liked how the forest was constructed and how the ruins added to the atmosphere. The starting mountains where nice in terms of terrain mixing and objects placed. The towns paths where lined with tamarack roots - this had a nice affect, however, as you stated in the readme the units can not get through the very first path. When I first read this in the readme I thought that there must be something either side of the roots that you do not want to move... but there's nothing either side of them. Why not just move them a little to the left or to the right? widening the path at that particular area should not an issue. The last thing that brought your mark down a bit was the black to the East of the map... A dense forest looks better than a black splotch and does the same job - even mountains would be better. If you really want that black there, mountains then a black splotch would be better. However maybe I am just picky - don't forget that you still got a 4 :)

Story/Instructions: 5
I was never confused on what to do (but sometimes I did it with meaning to :p) and I liked the story as far as the scenario goes. The spelling and grammar was fine as far as I could tell and the story was carried out throughout the scenario. Great job :)

Additional Comments:
Nice job on the demo. Congratulations on what you have achieved ~ Steak

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 08:59 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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