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Version: AoM: The Titans
E P I C - T E X T U R E S - M O D


Released 24 December 2009

by Mythos_Ruler

I have replaced 95% of the terrain textures in the game with updated high-quality textures. Not only that, but will also update the look of the Greek and Egyptian units, as well as include some other goodies. These are 100% compatible with multiplayer and single player alike and will NOT cause sync issues!

















1.) Open Zip file.

2.) Double-Click the EPIC Textures Mod.exe and follow instructions.

3.) ???

4.) Profit!

The new textures will automatically show up in both the game and in the scenario editor. They will replace the existing assets.

AOMH forum thread here:

If any of the textures do not work, then please make a note of it in the download talkback.

This is an early release of the all the terrain textures and other assets we have completed so far. The final release will come sometime in January and will include finishing the Egyptians and Greeks, new textures for the Norse units, as we all updates for select Atlantean units; along with other goodies from RF_GANDALF and others! The best part is that all of it will be 100% multiplayer compatible! The mod will contain significant contributions from EmjeR, Leto II, RF_GANDALF, and Batman!


Discuss and view more screenshots here:


Please keep an eye out for the final release!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Estimated release date for the entire mod: Christmas 2009!
Titan_to_aoe Opinion:these are very awesome you should download if you want something that should be downloaded by evryone anbd dosent oos online

playability:5 vary good,your guys can walk on it like anything old and doesent even mess up online

balance:5 doesent strengthen civs or do anything that might throw off the game, and blends in with other textures.
Opinion:these are very awesome you should
download if you want something that should be downloaded by everyone and doesn't oos online

playability:5 vary good,your guys can walk on it like anything old and doesn't even mess up online.

balance:5 doesn't strengthen civs or do anything that might throw off the game, and blends in with other textures.

creativity:4 very creative, if somewhat subtle but their are limits on what you can do with textures that work online.

storyline:n/a well their is no story for sand, and dirt, and water.

overall:4.7 (rounded up)

Do I Download? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RF_Gandalf Mythos_Ruler - nice mod. The work on the sand terrains and the Egyptian Cliffs is great. The true 'desert' maps look pretty good with them. I really like how your sand has a better 'wind-blown' ridge appearance. The shorelines are great, and I really loved the changes you did on the gaiacreep terrains, esp the gaiacreepsand.

Unfortunately this messes up other maps - some additional maps have the sand terrains as well, namely Savannah, Watering Hole and Anatolia, none of which look as good (of course, you are not done modding yet, I guess). The sand terrains have been lightened considerably in color (and they look great together) but this means they do not blend in very well with the browns of the Savannah terrains. The effect on Anatolia is minor, actually does not look bad with the red lighting tint. The change in the Savannah C terrain looks nice on its own but again does not blend nicely now with the other Savannah terrains. The SandDirt50 terrain also looks great, but again does not blend anymore with Savannah terrains. I did not like at all the SandDirt50b change namely because I used that terrain on one of the variants of my new GiantRLM map and with your mod it just does not blend right. And the Egyptian Road terrain looks great on the sandy maps but the color looks off on the Savannah terrain maps as the same Egyptian road terrain underlies the settlements there.

I think that if someone was planning to use your mod for random maps he would have to re-design the Savannah and Watering Hole maps to remove the sand terrains, and would have to design his maps to have terrains blend differently than the ES-designed terrains do.

Not trying to knock your work, just pointing out what I saw on the other maps and on my map at this point. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work.
Swift sword
Rating: 4.5
An excellent terrain mod, it really does what it's supposed to- it improves the games existing terrains. By a long shot. However, a few, slight problems- mostly involving how it affects other maps- dragged you down.

I started off testing the Oasis map, and it showed that quite a few of the terrains mixed great. However, Sanddirt and sand, didn't mix well. To remedy this, I'd suggest making Sanddirt have a softer look- it looks to rocky to mix with it's counterpart currently. Despite this small misfit, Oasis looked fine overall.

Then, I moved onto Megaopolis, and thought to myself "Ouch." None of the terrains mixed at all. The savanah terrain which made up most of the map, seemed mostly unchanged and thus contrasted sharply with the brighter look to sand and the modified look to Savanah C. This definitely needs some fixing- you should probably either brighten savanah a and b or darken sand- I'd suggest your brighten up savanah a bit. I loved the new sand look.

Anatolia looked good enough in the lighting it had, although the terrains contrasted with eachother a little. The sand snow was a bit too dark, but doubtless you already have plans to fix that :D These two maps, were not mentioned in compatability so I didn't take off. I probably should, but you don't claim to make these terrains better, so I can't. It'll hurt in the final release if you don't fix it up (which I can see in the preview that you plan to ;P)

I moved onto Valley of the Kings and it looked pretty good. I thought the cliffs looed a little too dark when right next to the sand. The shallow pools texture looked excellent. I mean, they just looked great. The only other issues was that the palm tree floor texture, in moderate doses, looked bad in my opinion. This doesn't pertain to just this map- I didn't really like it period. I think the leaf size needs to be reduced and the sand texture for it darkened. Also, bushes looked pretty bad on the light sand. No way for you to fix this other than by darkening the sand, but I like the current texture. The real problem is they (the bushes) shouldn't be there at all.

Finally I looked at the River Nile map and have nought to add- it's similiar to Valley of the Kings in problems.

Now that I'm done with the bad parts, I can move onto what I liked. First, I liked the new egyptian cliff texture and the "crust" of the map. I also liked Gaia Creep A AND B- A looked like an excellent medow texture and B looked like a much better "dead forest" floor than anything ES ever provided. I'll never use Hades floor again ;P
Gaia creep sand looks great ingame combined with the new sand textures, and the shallow pool textures, as I've noted, are excellent additions.

Additional Comments:
Basically, the terrain mod is great. Each individual terrain outsrips its first form in looks, although some don't mix well. My biggest problem was the Palm forest floor texture, and I didn't like the original of that anyways.
A few issues need fixing up and you'll receive a clear "5" in the final form (unless you edit this download)
Hope you liked my first "official" review, (not sure if it'll show yet) and great job with the terrains. I'm really, really looking forward to the complete product.

[Edited on 11/20/09 @ 11:23 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review. This is only a preview of a MUCH larger mod. When you download the final mod you will see the terrains mix much better. These terrains are not even meant to mix with the originals (as in Megopolis) and will look out of place when mixed with the old original terrains. Take a look at them on the 3 maps I specified and you will have a better experience, until I release the full mod sometime before Christmas.
File Author
Here is a preview of the MARSH terrains:

Swift sword Yeah, I looked at the preview thread already. It looks simply amazing- I'm not sure what part looks best. I was just jotting it down so you could see it does definitely need fixing. If you don't finish this, you'll be killing designers everywhere. ;P
I really am looking forward to the complete thing- just make sure to lighten up sand dirt a tad. The only problem I noted that isn't different in the preview.
File Author

Thanks for taking a look. Indeed I am not finished, as this is a "preview." Take a look at this thread for more screenshots and discussion:


I ran your GIANT map and my friend's "Alps" random map with my 100% modded textures and everything looks great.
File Author
This download now includes the SAVANNA terrains and a few other goodies. Enjoy.
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