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Mercenaries of War

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Version: AoM: The Titans
My very first Scenario

An average battle takes place on the border between Rome and Gaul. Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix battle it out again but you get to decide who wins this battle when the mercenaries arive. Will you join the savage Gauls or the sophisticated Romans? Its your choice, but choose wisely.


-An epic battle between Gaul and Rome
-Four different unit types to fight in the battle
-Balance system to get enemy soldiers behind your lines and vice versa
-A choice between Gaul and Rome
-An opportunity to enjoy a project by Ablast3
-Completely triggered

The objective is easy.
Follow your allies army to the enemy obelisk.
Destroy the enemy obelisk and then you win.

This map is not supposed to be historical. Just a game so that you may enjoy yourselves as you push into the enemy lines.

This is my first map so please comment/review because I need to know what I will need to improve on.
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Jack D P
Map Design4.0
First off, hi and congrats on releasing your first scenario! It was pretty good compared to a lot of the maps that get released these days.

Playability: 4
The map was very fun considering it was your first scenario. I enjoyed the way you made it the player only controls the hero and must leave the other bits to the continuously spawning armies. It was well put together for playability and the overall scenario is fun.

Balance: 3
Hmmm, this let you down unfortunately. The romans were heavily overpowered compared to the gauls. They spawned less often but this did not make up for the fact that the roman forces just pushed their way through the gauls. The gaul soldier need a slight armour increase while the romans need a small attack decrease(1-2).

Creativity: 4
Well, it is pretty crafty and creative. The idea was obviously well thought out and had some time put into it, but it could have had some finishing touches added to it. A cinematic would have been nice. Maybe a few name changes here and there, particularly with the heroes. You should have changed the Destroyers to Legionaries or something.(Winston Shnozwick has released an excellent trigger for the job).

Map Design: 4
For a first scenario the map design was excellent. The terrain mixing was a bit dodgy. Mix in some other terrains, oak forest, grass/dirt and stuff like that.
The shape of the map was good, allowed for the idea of pushing up the map a bit more realistic.
There are some good guides on this website about map design. Check around, especially the forums, we will do our best to answer your questions there.

Story/Instructions: 2
As I said, the story could have been better developed. A cinematic at least would have explained the story in game and made it more interesting. Something else that you forgot was the objectives. You need to add details on what the player is meant to be doing in game. There is a trigger called objectives, use that. You also need to write objectives. I will link a guide for that.

Additional Comments:
Well done for a first scen. It was quite enjoyable, I would have used the idea myself if I had thought of it.

Map Design3.0
I wonder at myself for writing a review that is so similar to the one above...

Playability: 3
It was a good play. A bit rough, but a good play. The most major draw back here was that once your hero fell, you were stuck just sitting there. You didn't lose or win (Which would have been strange) The 'allies' didn't stand you back up, and you were just left to watch all these armies run industriously to and fro. It'd get boring.

Balance: 2
As Jack D P said, the balance was a bit skewed in favor of the Julii family. The numbers of Gauls made no difference. And the Greek and Atlantean units waltzed right over them. Either increase the number of Gauls, increase their armor or attack, or decrease the Romans' numbers armor or attack. This will balance it back out a bit.

Creativity: 4
Nicely done. The map was creative, the idea was creative, and the units involved were nice. A few changed names would have improved it a bit, and music would have been nice (I don't remember noticing any. My bad if there was some). Maybe a really neat way to get your hero to stand up again. Maybe a limited number of times if you like though. (I have an idea here... but I'm not sure if I want to share it or keep it for one of my scenarios.)

Map Design: 3
Well designed. The map was well designed for what it was meant to do, but the eye candy needed a face lift. D P said it was 'dodgy'. I'd describe it as blotchy. It had big patches of dark green grass, but patches of light green grass, and the occasional sudden spot of sand. Make the terrains smoother for a nicer look. That you mixed terrains was good. I know I failed to do that in my first published map, but if you make the blotches look less like blotches it'll look better. Add a few rocks, a few flowers...

Story/Instructions: 2
Besides the instructions on how to choose an army and a hero, I was wondering... What instructions? I managed to pick an army, pick a hero, and then... what? What now? It took me quite a while to FIND my hero. I expected the obelisks to fall and let me wander off with Amanra, but it didn't happen. A camera set cut would have been nice. Once I had my hero(ine) I as left trying to figure out what was supposed to happen next.
The embarrasing part was that I had to [i]follow[/I] the ulfsarks and Huskarls to the enemy. Because I figured the triggers would tell me what was happening.

Additional Comments:
I had to go into the editor to find out how I'd won. The obelisk? I'd have expected to have to kill the 'Agamemnon' hero there.

Overall a good map. Needs work, but a good map.

[Edited on 11/30/09 @ 01:06 AM]

Map Design3.0
This was lright to begin with, good triggers, etc. But the gameplay was a let down.

Playability: 2
I rate this a two, because basically you were just watching your team fight the whole battle. I mean, you got to control 1 person, but you were basically just watching him fight two. This was just a let down for me.

Balance: 2
The balance was alright. Kind of same thing as before. The gameplay was not that great, but your creativity and map design were impressive. I mean, I knew about this great battle for years, but never even thought of making a scenario for it. But...On the other hand.... There should have been some name changes, like make your player named 'Julius Casaer'.
Creativity: 5
Once agian, best part of your game. I thought the idea and background behind it were impressive. I liked the part where you picked your side, then your hero. Very interesting and unique. im doing something similar, but far more complex, with my Elder Scrolls Project.

Map Design: 3
This was alright. I mean one thing kind of a let down, was how small the map was. I know it was just one battle, but cmon, add some spice and things to go through before reaching your enemy. Or even crossing the Rubicon. Another thing, I understand you wern't making it historically accurat, but have some similarity in the Battle Field.

Story/Instructions: 4
Short and to the point. no babbling, just your objective and what you were supposed to do. Not much to say here. I was a little confused to start but quickly caught on.

Additional Comments:
Very good scenario for a begginer, Just keep going at it, You have great ideas, and heavy potential to be a eccelent designer. Keep up with it!
Map Design4.0
Nice first scenario, better than my first one anyway. :P

Playability: 4
The playability was quite good, you incorporated different elements which are always good. Choosing yourr side, choosing heroes, etc. I thought it was well put together and you had given it a lot of thought, well done.

Balance: 2.5
The balance... I'm afraid to say that it was pretty terrible. There were way too many destroyers who kept coming and wiped the gauls out straight away. I payed as the gauls and was pretty disappointed. The horses, though, were nicely balanced, good work there.

Creativity: 4
Quite creative, as I said in playability you had different heroes and such, each with different bios. The continuously spawning units was a good twist to it. Although, maybe next time (are you makinga mercenaries of war 2?) you could add a shop where you buy units.

Map Design: 4
The map design was quite good for a new person. This is where most people collaspe. I liked the different land features you had put in, although the terrain mixing looked fake I'm sorry to say. But nice work on the map, just add some mixing next time.

Story/Instructions: 3
Story was alright, it could have been expanded on greatly. You should ask yourself questions like "Who were the gauls, why were they attacking the Romans?" But as I like Roman histories it was alright. However, there were no instructions, not even a message. Who was I supposed to kill? Other than that, remember to make a good story, the opening cinematic usually draws people in.

Additional Comments:
Nice work, I liked it.

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