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Egg of phoenix.

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Phoenix Egg is a solo card which he must save the last egg of phoenix in the world.

INSIDE: phoenix egg scenario in English and French + a readme in both languages.


There are thousands of years, Phoenix had built 3 nests in the world. There was one in Greece, one in Egypt, and Scandinavia. The phoenix lived in peace until the day the Egyptian god Isis wanted to exterminate the race of birds of fire on the pretext that they interfered with because of their large wings that were burning the noise. They therefore sent an army in each country having one of their nests. Isis exterminated the phoenix to the last. Zeus, who had realized in time that would make Isis, hid one of the last remaining egg. He put it in safety in his home located on Mount Olympus. Isis, having learned that Zeus had he bewitched one of the guards of Olympus for that steals the remaining egg. He managed to steal then and take him to Egypt, to Isis. Zeus, who could not himself back at risk of triggering a war of God, sent an army to Egypt to recover Isis before they break through the egg.

To you trying to take the egg of phoenix claws of Isis!

A project is underway. I'm doing the scenario when Isis destroyed the 3 nests this and when the rebuild after the egg is hatched.

+ Bonus hidden inside the game.
(You must type something in chat to buy relics ...)


Sorry if it's badly written but I'm French and I use a translator on the internet.


- Removal of water hindered the progress of the player at the bastion of migdol right.

-Difficulty scenario reduced slightly.

-Improvement of prisoners in the enemy

-A few small things and more that you discover while playing.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This map was decent fun to play, but was a good test of endurance. It wasn't something one could pound out in a few minutes. The enemy army at first (When I resigned to go do something else) was HUGE. The entire top half of the map in enemy forces. But thankfully, there was no AI, and Only army deploy was used. It kept me from being swamped with billions of guys.

Balance: 3
On this I'll give you a three. The balance was a hard one. Being Zeus, you only get four heroes, and the Qadjets chewed EVERYTHING I could send an army of twenty Colossi at a 'bastion' and lose all but two, due to the sheer number of Wadjets. Also the northernmost bastion was probably to far underwater, my men could really go through it. At first I thought it was invisible wall, but after viewing for it, I realized it was likely just too much water. Had I been playing Egyptian, this would have been down right easy, and even more fun.

Creativity: 3
It had a story line. It had instructions. I just couldn't read them. And the parts that were in English I didn't understand. I have no idea what you meant by card. And when I typed in that 'secret' nothing happened. But the map was creative enough.
A decent job here.

Map Design: 3
This was a mediocre job as I recall. Nothing really popped out at me. I suppose no eye candy was really needed, or maybe you didn't realize that people prefer it. I noticed a few things that kept this from being totally horrible, so I'll keep this value up. Add a few more things next time to keep the monotony at bay.

Story/Instructions: 4
I'm sure this was good enough, I know there was enough text, but so little of it made sense (likely due to a lack of fluency). I'll keep this high for the reason that you tried. There were prompts to poke the objectives banner, and see what to do next. It was well enough done that I could figure out what to do, even if it was strange to read. Hang around in the forums, and we'll teach you good English.

Additional Comments:
Overall, this was a good map. Not a five star, but good enough to download and keep. It reminded me of a good hard campaign map, and the fighting reminded me of a one on ten Random map. I like it.

[Edited on 12/05/09 @ 09:32 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The playability was great, but it was a little bland. Try adding more objectives.

Balance: 2
Almost no balance... Yes, you do get 2 hours to annihilate the enemy city, but that is serious overkill in my opinion.

Creativity: 5
Very creative! I never thought a phoenix egg could spawn such a creative scenario! I liked the touch of animals and palm trees, It really felt like Egypt!

Map Design: 5
Eye candy as far as the eye can see. 'Nuff said, really.

Story/Instructions: 4
I noticed the broken english, but since you're french, it's understandable. It was very clear. BTW, I have fluent english, but broken french, the opposite of you, I suppose!

Additional Comments:
Keep up the great work!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
It was quite, although I found some parts a bit arduous. THere were billions of enemies, but through perserverance I was able to overcome them, so I thought it was quite a good play. I thought you could have added a few more elements though, maybe some puzzles. I felt that the whole game was a bit the same. Although I did enjoy so good work. I certainly enjoyed the start bit, the minotarus flung people all over the place and it was quite fun just flinging them everywhere.

Balance: 2.5
I suppose the balance was good, it was possible to win, but only through many different armies which would get owned by myth creatures. Damn you Isis! I didn't think it was really possible to lose since they didn't attack your base, but I suppose you could have accidentally killed yourself. Oops, my finger slipped and hit the delete button... All in all, balance was quite good, but maybe make use of the army deploy and army move next time. It could make for an even better game experience.

Creativity: 4
Creativity was very well done. The story was well thought out, but some parts were difficult to understand, now that I know what card means I feel a bit better about it. Good story though, it was quite interesting. THe enemies were also quite creative, I found myself wondering what Isis would actually have and had to agree with what you put so good work there.

Map Design: 3.5
Map design was quite good, the terrain could have been mixed a bit more, and some more features could have been added, but it was well done. A lot more rocks, trees and other land features could have been added. Maybe you could have a cave with trolls in it or something like that. Those are the things which turn a good map into a great map. But I could see you put some effort into the map

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was very interesting, I thought it was well worked-out and well planned. THe instrouctions were also, although they were a bit hard to understand. I know you tried your best with them and hope you can continue to improve your English. Good luck. I thought the whole last phoenix was a tad overused though so that kept you from getting a perfect score.

Additional Comments:
Nice work. Cheers ~CharlieDog

Are you mods getting annoyed with the amount of scns I'm reviewing? :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
(Insert Playability analysis here)
After playing this scenario three times, I can only conclude that I have some kind of glitch going on here. Even though I managed to remove every enemy from the map, and cover up where they spawn, I still lost.

Balance: 1
(Insert Balance analysis here)
Not very balanced IMO. I had to rely heavily on cheating just to keep from being killed.

Creativity: 3
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
The concept itself is nice, but needs work.

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
G.ood design of the map

Story/Instructions: 2
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
Hints didn't seem to really give any useful help. They say there was "something special" but I never found it.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.0
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