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The Amnesiac,

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Astrological design presents;

A Scenario designed and written by H. E. Billings,
With Sexy Assistant assisting,
and Aardvark play testing.

The Amnesiac is about a Nuclear Engineer who, while working on a power system for a Time machine, somehow gets sent not only back in time, but into a universe where magic, gods, demons, and sorceresses seem to rule. After exploring and trying to get a feel for his new surroundings, he decides he is trapped. Not but ten days after arriving, he has a rather violent encounter with the Demon King himself. Barely managing to escape with his life, he flees south as far as he can, and gets lost in a marsh. Once there the sorceress Peourana erases his memory to keep the Demon King from gaining knowledge of Nuclear power. After completely forgetting everything he knew, Petefes emerges from the marsh to find a wild and chaotic world.

The Amnesiac boasts;
491! triggers,
Four different difficulty settings,
Fourteen cinematics,
Three Quests,
A bit of humor,
Now with limited leveling for all units!
an Easter egg,
and much more!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
CharlieDog Good to see you released it, I'll try to review it. Anyways I'll play it again because the levelling systen intrigues me.
EmperorShark Grrr, I was up to the part where you can save the womens husband from wolves but then my computer crashed ;_; Excellent scenario so far though.
File Author
Thanks, guys!
Khan And Steak Sorry but I couldn't help but realise this

From the Showcase:
"The Amnesiac boasts;
491! triggers,"


From the New Review Guidelines:
"The number of triggers within a scenario.
This is irrelevant to how good or bad a scenario is. Lots of designers brag about how many triggers their scenario has, but if the triggers are poorly wired they might as well not be there. A scenario does not need to have very many triggers to be a lot of fun to play. "

Anyway I'll download and review soon :) ~ Steak
File Author
Yeah... I know... that exclamation mark should not have been there. :p
Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Overall Rating: 4.0
Played on Moderate
Around 2 hrs of playing time (I was also semi-watching a movie :p)

Playability: 4
Firstly I must say that it was nice to play a game of higher standard :) The game as a whole was nicely laid out. Starting in the marsh going through to the village and other great exciting places was good fun. The cinematics were good; nothing exciting normally happened in them but they didn't glitch or anything. There is one thing I have to mention however, you must read like crazy because I had to get my speed read on just to get through about 70% of the sentence displayed. I just couldn't read that fast! :( Because of this I gave up on the later cinematics and just tried to figure out what to do with the follow up information. As a consequence I did not know that a timer started as soon as any unit went onto the black floor. All things considered however, the scenario was rather fun to play :)

Balance: 4
The enemies were never way too hard or too easy. At times some units where a little too easy - but it wasn't really all that bad. The end was rather hard however... but that was mainly because I didn't know that there was a time limit on the death of the bad dude. Perhaps some extra enemies in the snow area as well - as it was very bare and easy. Overall, very practical and consistent.

Creativity: 4
There was a great deal of creativity within the scenario. There was almost always an answer to why the things in the scenario where the way they are - and most of the time it complemented the story as well. Some music would have been nice. The amount of sounds included within AoM are massive and there's no reason why you couldn't have implemented standard sound into this scenario - it would have lifted the atmosphere greatly. You used a nice levelling system, a great story, map design was adequate, some nice camera cuts and the objectives banner (thank goodness :D). I also liked how the villagers and peasants talked about you and to you when you got in their view. All in all nicely done.

Map Design: 4
There was nothing that made me go "Wow" or anything that amazed me in a sense. But everything was eyecandied at least a little. Although the uber-evil-demon-bad-dude made the land change environments that still does not fully block the need for terrain mixing. There was a great deal of places that were shouting for terrain mixing within the scenario. Still the scenario was nicely made for an above average finish :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was great - portrayed nicely and told throughout the scenario. Every character had a good background that complemented/added to the story to make it what it was. The objectives where okay, nothing over the top but not poorly executed either. I must mention however the amount of curse words could be cut down, at least a little bit :) the main reason I say this is because people from ages 13 years can view your map. And I'd hate to see 13 year old kids thinking that that kinda stuff is cool and then putting it all through their scenarios when it really isn't necessary. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that's what you've done - most of the time it added humour to your map :) I'm just saying be careful.

Additional Comments:
This has made it to the Best files. Even if only just :p You should be happy with what you have achieved ~ Steak

[Edited on 11/04/13 @ 07:15 PM]

File Author
Thanks! I was hoping to get a good rating! I appreciate it!
I added the language mostly because it's realistic. I hadn't thought about the 13 year olds....

[Edited on 12/09/09 @ 09:33 PM]

Khan And Steak I must admit it was nice to play a higher standard SP scenario :) It was good fun - and I do believe that this map is the first 4.0 that I have ever given out with 4.0's for everything.

EDIT: Whoops I lied :(
"This has made it to the Best files. Even if only just :p"

I'm sorry it didn't make it in. I'm not sure why becuase the best files page states:
"The "Best Files" list contains files that have been rated 4 or higher by one of the official reviewers."

I'll have to talk to a Mod about it... ~ Steak

[Edited on 12/13/09 @ 11:57 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I give this a four, because when you kill the Automatons at the end when they surrond you, you can't move which caused me to lose.

Balance: 5
Nice balance with the map! But with the Heka Giganteses I almost died, but they're supposed to be strong so whatcha gonna do?

Creativity: 5
Awesome creativity, and I never thought anything near this! Escepically with the Anubite Cliffs part!

Map Design: 5
Great job! It was a huge map full of eyecandy at every turn! Plus the way you made the snow change a desert to snow terrain mix. AWESOME!

Story/Instructions: 5
Clear instructions, I never thought "what do I do?" Except at the Wadjet part. Although I didn't follow some! :P

Additional Comments: You should come out with a second one or something, but it's your choice. Still AWESOME JOB!!!!! (:D
File Author
Thanks, man.
I hadn't known anyone was even still looking here. I'm rather proud of the Amnesiac, but it seems that it has been overshadowed.

I released it at a very bad time. Practically at the same day as Yeebaagooon's Codename Ripto, so it got missed by most people.

But anyway, thanks for the review. I've thought about a sequel, but The Amnesiac took six months to make. A sequel that takes less would be atrocious.

I'll consider it again, if I manage to get away from The Castle and it's sequels. It seems to be doing well.

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