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WyvernLord29 vs CCA_TECHNO

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Alfheim
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 20:08
Player 1's Name: WyvernLord29
Player 2's Name: CCA_TECHNO
Beginner Game (on my part at least):
Ra vs Oranos - Alfheim,

need some advice and help weeding out bad habits/flaws in my strategy. Im clueless when playing against Atlantean. tried to go for a boom with 2 tc's, turtle a bit... poor choice of 2nd town centre im sure- im used to going FH and aiming for a pesky forward base. help's greatly appreciated.
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Aflay While I do not know anything about Atlanteans (mainly cause I don't play titans) I do know a little bit about Ra. Here are some tips for beginning the match with Ra:

1. always build the monument in the beginning. Ra is a favor ****, and therefore builds monuments a lot. you would be suprized at how nice cheaper monuments are.

2. have your pharaoh scout around the perimeter of the base. once you find a second gold mine and some food, you should be set. priests can optionally, but effectivly gain control of the land by placing obelisks in trees and near your opponents base. It is best to wait awhile for your gold gatherers to spare gold before you start building obelisks with Ra, as you're main priority for food, farms, costs alot of gold.

3. spread out your wood gatherers, especially on oasis. while it's the most effective way to gather wood without having to maintain your villagers, its a great way to defend your village, because your villagers are spread out and therefore, harder to kill all at once. its my favorite way of gathering wood and it works very well. you may also use wood gatherers spread across the map to build military units later. be sure to place obelisks near these villagers to ensure no ambushes.

4. The best way to build farms is to have your villagers gather gold and then once you have enough gold, for a farm, you can take one of the gold gatherers and place him on farming. once you have enough farms, you can, if you want, choose to use rain to finance your advance to classical. ptah is my personal favorite classic god due to his fantastic spearmen upgrade and shuduf upgrade, but bast is also a good choice with her farm upgrades and sphinx, which are balanced in their own right.

5. monuments, monuments, monuments! if you haven't forgotten to build houses and have a good amount of food and gold, you really should consider making at least a monument to priests. the myth units can really help you out with defending raids, and can especially benifit your raids as well. be aware of hero's though.

6. players who use myth units, like loki, set, and zeus, can be warded off using priests. remember, 5 priests have the equivilant power of 1 pharaoh, and are really useful healers.

7. The best way that players who use Ra win matches is to capture the front town center, or at least in my experiance and from what I heard. be sure to prepare yourself for capturing settlements by either advancing quickly or rounding up a cheap army, like spearmen or chariots.

I submitted some good Ra matches that you can watch to see how I play for yourself. I hope that this advice helps you a little bit in Titan and a happy new year to everyone.
Ausquatch If you want a breif and short summery of what Aflay has posted above, I will list it.

You should have noticed by now that Villagers, Laborers, Gatherers and Dwarves are what gather the resources for you, without those, you would not be doing very well. Let me give you an example.

Say you are in a match, and you want to build an army. Your going to need food, gold and/or wood for the units, but how are you going to get all those resources? From your Villagers of course. Villagers from Greek and Egyptian will build and gather for you. If you wanted to advance, you would need 400 food. If you have 5 Villagers on food, your food income will be larger than if you were going to use the only 3 you start with.

My main point being, you need Villagers of some sort to gather your resources. More Villagers will equal more resources, more resources will equal a larger army and a larger army than your opponent will result in...VICTORY!

The whole match is based on your amount of Villagers and what they are gathering. Food is perhaps the most important resource, with no food comes no Villagers, which results in no resources. Gold is also vital as well, as for every military unit costs gold. Wood is only needed for Archers and Greek and Norse buildings.

To wrap it up, more Villagers = Greater chance of winning.
Aflay Villigers make up 85% of the game
Building makes up half of a villigers gameplay (cept norse, which is what military are for)
actual fighting, although isn't quite the game in it's intirety, is more like the climax. the good stuff. the very thing you aim for with your economy. the PS3 you saved your money for would be the best metaphor. why I am saying all this, I dont know.

as for what Ausquatch said, he did a pretty good job describing everything. what you do with your villigers IS what determines what you can do in the game, whether it be building, or making more villigers, or the army that will finish your opponent or defend yourself. organizing your villigers is important. HOWEVER, I think we all missed the point entirely, or at least I did. He sayin he gots problems telling what atlanteans do or will do. my answer is this saying: "to be thy enemy, one must become thy enemy" (idk where I got that but it sounds cool)

in other words, just play atlanteans for awhile and see how they do. see they're weaknesses and strengths. see they're individual god specialities, like seeing how zeus makes hoplites that can take down buildings fast, try to make alot of axemen to counter them. maybe oranos makes a fast classic rush, so maybe you should build up a good defencive turtle or a counter offencive awesomeness that double wammy's him into poverty. do whatever it takes to find out what works best.

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