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Explosion at Thira

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Here is another scenario from my campaign.This scenario is about the island of thira and the explosion that took place in the island a long time ago.
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Valuax Hey, Can you make a vanilla version?
My discs are broke....
CharlieDog Good to see you're back up and running. I was afraid you had given up on this campaign, I'll be sure to play and rate.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I really enjoyed this scenario. You continue to amaze me with these Greek scenarios, they porvide a great storyline and great fun. There were no bugs I found and the game was completely playable. I hope you continue to make these scenarios and release them, I'm really looking forward to the campaign. I'd like to see what you can do.
Balance: 4.25
The difficulties were, as always, masterfully done, but I found some parts were a bit hard. Most of it was quite well balanced, but I found that the end just let it down the tiniest bit. Having to cross the narrow bridge while their slingers made mince meat of me was not something I overly enjoyed, but apart from that, great balance. The relics certainly added a new dimension.

Creativity: 5
Your creativity always atounds me, although this is from history, you add new things to each story, turning it into your own. The hermit was a great addition, as was the pirates, while I was a little shocked at finding the pirates wielding scorpion men, I knew that they were neccessary to balance it.

Map Design: 4
Map design was great, you mixed terrains well and everything looked quite natural. You lost the one mark though, because nothing stood out to me. I thought you could have made some great areas which were filled with different things. And I thought maybe the cities could have been on city tiles. But great map design.

Story/Instructions: 4
Story was great and instructions were also well done. The thing that lost it for me were the spelling mistakes, sorry if this is a bit unfair (since your Greek?) but it made it look a little unprofessional. The story could also have been a little improved.

Additional Comments:
Great job, I look forward to your next one and hope for some different styles of gameplay. Your scenarios remind of the campaign on better eyecandy, goals and difficulties.
File Author
Thanks again for the comments Charliedog i appretiate the time you spend on playing my scenarios. The sad thing is that i had 12/12 scenarios of my campaign done when my pc crushed and i lost every signle piece of data. I was quite devastated as all the hard work of many months was lost. Thats the only scenario that i managed to save because i made it in another computer. Thanks for the rating, although i think this scenario is not done yet i think its on 90% or something thats why it has those spell mistakes and some bugs like the narrow bridge at the end. I know i should have fixed it but after the crush i had no patience left to do anything, and i HAD to upload something for the sake of it. Nevetheless ill start working on the campaing one more time and this time ill make like 12 savefiles :P
CharlieDog That's really sad, is there any way to get them back? I wish you luck with them if you decide to make them again and hope you manage to continue designing scenarios
Map Design4.0
Playability and cinematics: 5

In short, this scenario was really simple, yet truly fun to play. I enjoyed all the parts of it. The scenario was excellently balanced, nice to look at, and basically exceeding average in all things. I especially liked that the armies (by armies I mean the guys guarding the prisoners)were well numbered, and I never felt desperate of losing, but I still was afraid if the next army is not going to beat me. I think it had the real "strategic feel" into it, because of the variety of units making me forced to look at the opposing armies' weaknesses and strike accordingly. I also liked some simple additions like relics, they prolonged the fun I had from the scenario. Also, I needed them because I knew that the next army is going to be stronger, and as such made me want the bonuses that the already mentioned relics gave. You get an A from me, I love these kinds of scenarios! I also liked the cinematics. They explained the story well, yet also went straight to the point, so I would begin playing right away! I liked the volcano eruption and the meteors falling at the fleeing pirate ships the army was garisonned in. It's also good that I had two enemies. Pirates and time, so I had to think wisely and be careful, yet not act too slow.

Balance: 6 (damn, the max is 5, but this part was better than perfection!)

The best part of the scenario! As I said before, this scenario forced me to think strategically. My army was pretty good, but not good enough to just run into the opposing teritorry and attack mindlessly! I had to consider what units I had at the point, and how can I use them so I don't lose too much of them. My army was always really injured after the battles against the prison guards, but thankfully, the reinforcements always saved me, along with the militias I saw battling the pirates when I went trough the island. I never had more than 30 warriors, even though there was always about 8 of the prisoners. In short, the balance was absolutely perfect at all parts. The pirates had stronger armies, yet when I thought strategically and took advantage of my units' bonuses, I always hold them off. That was, in my opinion, the point of this scenario, taking advantage of my units' bonuses. Balance is the best part of this scenario!

Creativity: 3.5 (rounded up to 4)

OK really. Frankly, we already saw this in a few scenarios before. Go around, kill the prison guards and save the prisoners. Sorry, but we already saw this... But I loved the map concept! Island with a volcano, that's really nice! Only used one time before, if I recall correctly. Volcanos are pretty creative at the minute, but I believe this trend will be very popularized in a few months. Nevertheless, this is in my opinion pretty creative at this point, so it saves you from 2.5 and changes the score to 3.5!

Map Design: 4

Above average! Nicely done, seconding what the previous review pointed out. The terrain mixing was great, I also liked the cliffs and embellishment objects. It looks both nice and realistic, which is a huge plus! The only problem was that there wasn't any building mixing (building overlapping, nor waterfalls and things that made the map even better to look at. Nevertheless, this eyecandy was very similar as in the officail campaign, and is the kind of eyecandy I like especially. Fair amount of embellishment items, forests, cliffs, mixed terrains and stuff, yet it didn't cause any lag. Good job

Story/Instructions: 4

The story was good. The prophecy of a volcano erupting when pirates enter the island was a nice idea. Nothing more to say about the story... The instructions were easy to understand, and told me all I needed to know. Just follow the road, save the prisoners and eventually detroy the pirate stronghold. Really, I understood everything perfectly, and as such, nothing gone wrong. Good job.

Additional Comments:

Great scenario, you represented yourself really well! Are you going to make the campaign? If so, when do you estimate it will be released? Other than that, great scenario, never stop making those!

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 12:16 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review theforbiddenone. As I said above i had almost all the campaign done when I lost all my data so i dont know if I'm up to do it again from scratch. I have two more maps from the campaign released they are called The Siege of Chios and The Trade Colonies you might want to check them out if you liked this map. Again thanks for your time playing and reviewing
theforbiddenone Oh my, I dont pay attention these days :o. But I surely will play these scenarios, thanks
Guard of Olympus Nice to see a high quality first review.
jumpertje4life i had a good time for half an hour when playing this, thank you, it looks nice, and very nice camera tricks
one thing, i found it to be too easy, but its a nice scen
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