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A Man For Hire

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Version: AoM: The Titans
I was fiddling around in my Typetest awhile back, found an effect I knew nothing about, so I went into the game, made a really ugly, and crude game, and set the triggers up. The effect was called Player Set Active. I was startled by the results, what this effect did, was allow one to swap between two or more cultures in-game. So that you could start Norse, and win the game as a Greek.
After finding this I could not resist, and made a map using this effect.
This is that map. We hope you enjoy it.

Excerpt from the Spotlight.
This Scenario is one designed by H. E. Billings, and his Sexy Assistant (Cliche there!), to break the mold. Whether or not we succeed, however... Well, let's just get on with it. You start out by choosing between two Pharaohs, and Arkantos with Atalanta. After that, you grab the boat, and find your way to the road, past the robbers that are in the woods (Cliche there!) And then you can build your own Empire at the crossroads (Cliche there!), or you can go north, work for the Egyptian Supreme Master. You can go west, and work for the Greek King Leego. Alternatively, you can go east, cross that bridge when you get there (Another cliche!), and work for the Atlantean Republic. If you so choose, you can even become a traitor, and leave one civilization to work for another. But you'll have to fight your way in. To win, you'll need to kill off the leaders of all opposing civilizations, That is, General Dadactylus, The Supreme Master, and King Leego.

This file has been updated:
The updates are these: The Difficulty settings now work; the SE_Great_Box_Opening now fires (like it's supposed to);
The LOS of all players changes with the night day cycle; and the names of the three heroes at the crossroads have been
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matthewsc Sounds really interesting! I'm going to have a look.
CharlieDog Yay, you released it. I'll probably do a review today or tomorrow. Did you end up putting day/night system in?
File Author
I surely did.
But I had to remove the difficulty system due to complications concerning failure.
matthewsc Is "Victory Conditions" supposed to be unchecked?
File Author
Quoted form main post:
To win, you'll need to kill off the leaders of all opposing civilizations, That is, General Dadactylus, The Supreme Master, and King Leego.

In short, yes. I suppose there was no real need to have it unchecked. But that's almost habit for me these days, because I just don't tend to make maps that are two cities blasting away at each other.

If you stay Norse, you will have to kill all three of them, if you hire off, and work for one or another of them, you will have to kill the two commander you are not working for. The guy you have to kill would be the one you'd poke to get a job from. He's usually behind guard near the corner of the map if not in it.
Ablast3 i like the tital.
Liar Liar Man for hire. Says Patrick
Liar Liar pants on fire. Says SpongeBob
Anyway will dl.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I really enjoyed playing this map. There were multiple things to do. And it has an added replaybility. As there are many different civilizations to be. Each team had different advantages and disadvantages, but the one thing that troubled me was the paths up to the gates. It was really annoying navigating large armies through many columns.

Balance: 4
The balance was great, each civilizations being equal as you had similiar resources and similiar leaders. But I think some were better than others. King Leego absolutely owned with his stupid heroes, and there were no difficulties, but I can't criticize that if there was a bug?

Creativity: 4.5
The creativity was outstanding, who could have thought of something like this? Many different features were included such as monsters, different people and leaders. And I have never seen anything like it. Each piece had been together so it matched exactly right. The enemies came and attacked which was another good feature.

Map Design: 4
Map design was quite good. You filled each piece of land with something different, many different flowers and animals. Although, I still had no idea what the bandits were doing there. Each part of the map was good, but some bits just didn't look as natural as they could have been.

Story/Instructions: 4
There wasn't much of a story, but that didn't keep it down. You were a man for hire, which means you didn't have a history, (unless the leaders wanted a resume) and you wanted a job. THe instructions were good, they told you exactly what you wanted to know. The story could have been expanded a little though, maybe have an ending cinematic?

Additional Comments:
Great scenario Hammerhands, do you have any ideas for your next one?

[Edited on 12/30/09 @ 08:40 PM]

File Author
Thanks man! Really! But... which heroes do you refer to? Surely not the Myrmidons! Right? Did you find the Automatons? Myrmidons, or the Sons of Osiris?

And I am working on two new scenarios. One with Sexy (Never without her) and another with SomerandomDude. I have a new screen shot showcase up in SD if you want pics.
CharlieDog Nah, I was talking about Theseus, Atlanta and Polyphemus. I did notice the automatons which I thought was pretty cool, but I failed to see the others. I may have to have a better look.
File Author
There's one statue I renamed Mr. Clicky. There's a reason for that. He's also shorter.

Knowing that, and how... clever We are, you might find the neat trick I gave to the Greeks, and the Egyptians.

[Edited on 12/31/09 @ 02:57 AM]

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