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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » 2 killer AOM Scenario's (By David J Spetch)

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2 killer AOM Scenario's (By David J Spetch)

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Version: AoM

Over the past while I myself have tried scenario's of AOM that others have made independantly and left on the internet for people to try, and let me tell you was I ever dissapointed. Some people even got good enough at triggers to make cinimatics etc. but the scenario's were a complete bore.

I use to make multi player maps to play vs. people on the ESO (The main hub for Age Of Mythology Online) usually 3 vs 3 maps with awesome twists and I always attached Spetch to the end of titles I called them such as Rush Buster Spetch, A Hero's Journey Spetch and many more. My maps were fairly popular when my life took me on a course away from online activity.

So lately I sat and thought well after beating aom on titan and after having fun online I might want took look on line for scenarios but again that didn't go so well so what you are about to play are two seperate scenarios that are different from one another I created to make 1 the one player experience more exciting.

Title "Even Uprising 1 pl" (Even Uprising 1 player) is a scenario that is more like the traditional age of mythology random maps with a unique twist than the other title "AOM 1 pl Specialty tribute" which is by far one of the best and strategic scenarios I have ever played let alone created.

"AOM 1 pl Specialty tribute" hints and tips for the amazingly strategic clash of enjoyable AOM you will have likely ever played.

Max out your villagers as quick as you possibly can because you are going to need your resource upkeep coming in fast before long.

You begin with 2 town centers and a thousand of each resource so you can advance immediately if you desire.

Try not to let the battles at the beginning distract you much. 2 battles you will automatically win and 1 you can't win (same goes for ally empire) but if you pay attention to the battle you can't win it teaches you something if you don't already know. In the process of completing the fighting at the beginning of the scenario leaves player 5 defeated so begins an even larger battle of which every unit encountered on this map can be defeated. This leaves you player 1 and your Ally player 3 to fight players 2, 4, and six.

This map is a strategic marvel that is no easy task to defeat which makes this something I treasure along with it's magical allure, sure makes one of the most magically captivating AOM scenario's I'm confident anyone could have the pleasure of tackling. That is why I share this with you.

Some of your most powerfull units only need to first break free.

Osiris does not need to be killed for the empire that owns him to be defeated.

In this game customly made for one player entertainment you and your one ally empire fight vs. a team of 3 very powerfull empires.

Every unit and empire on this map can be defeated and I know this because I myself have accomplished this amazing task.

Keep in mind you only get to keep one Guardian whom can be healed by Son of Osiris.

Arkantos Uber may be a very tough unit but beware because especially Osiris kills him quickly.

An Osiris Guarding one of your enemies town center's may break free from it's circle and come for you and your ally's empire on a rampage, but don't worry you can still win if this occurs. Just be very resourcefull as this map is very challenging.

If you get some extrodinarily tougher than tough units attacking you, don't give up. You do as well have a very powerfull defense that will help you.

Every part of this Scenario consists of strategy to win and is a fast paced action packed marvel of wonder.

I strongly suggest you play these on the Titan level as opposed to easy moderate or hard.

Biggest tip: Bury your enemies dead.

Hope you enjoy and it is my pleasure to share this with you.

To Play:

Once you extract the files using winzip or winrar from www.winsite.com copy and paste both files into Age of Mythology Scenario Folder. Then open the game Age of Mythology and pick single player, then pick scenario then from the list of scenario's pick one of the two and enjoy. I strongly recommend playing the scenario "AOM 1 pl Specialty tribute"

The other scenario "Even Uprising 1 pl" is fun too and it is a 3 vs 3. If you want to make this a multiplayer 3 vs 3 it would work and easily. All you need to do is go into editor and in player data, under scenario, clear AI for each computer player, switch them from computer player to human player then save. take it to the ESO and enjoy vs people from around the globe! It has a pretty good twist for a 1 player game as well multi.

I am David Jeffrey Spetch the Creator of these scenario's which is my thanks to Age of Mythology for entertaining me.

Feel free to e-mail me with comments


Or look me up on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.

Again, my pleasure to share this with you.

/ David
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masterf5 nah no me gusta.... (IS NOT A INSULT!)
File Author
ok, I'll bite, what is it?

/ David
Hammerhands The first one, the one with the Arkantos' kept shutting down the program. I never got more than fifteen minutes in.

The other was good, tough, but good. Although when I got halfway in I forgot I was playing a scenario, and thought I was playing a random map.

It was good enough that I'm not going to delete it, but how come you never changed the name of the players?

And... uh... how come you've never tried any of the really good maps if you say they're all so bad? There are quite a few out there that are really good.

Perpetual Noobs' 'The Wizards Path' was really good. For starters.
CharlieDog You obviously think you're really good or something, I don't get it, you critcize other people's scenarios when one of these was alright, but the other was stupid. You had to kill about 10 Arkantos Uber on their team and they kept respawning, if you're going to make that many at least make them die.
xEXOLARx tldrli
EstradaKing1 can some one tell me please how to put this on my AOM i've already downloaded it
Jack D P I am not going to download it. You seem to be under the impression that you are a better designer then Oscar. I don't think so.
File Author
Do you know what bury the dead means? Put a building over arkantos (build a tower over where he lay) and he doesn't respawn lol noob ;) (Remember you can only win if you are resourceful and strategic.) It is after all a challenge and you have units that counter others and i found that the guardian is worth keeping so don't let your son of osiris die. (did you even find him or your guardian?)

Funny I have a pentium 3 and I played it right through (one time it took me just under 3 hours to win, another time it took 6 hiours to win) try setting your graphics to low detail on the options on your main menu then play.

Ok, I never claimed that I tried all of the scenario's out there, but the ones I did try had good cinimatics even but were really boring / others were strange like a little wee path in the middle of the map between cliffs and talk about 18 hours to pass etc.

/ David

[Edited on 01/18/10 @ 02:52 PM]

File Author
Estrada, open / unzip the file then copy the scn files then open / my computer / c drive / program files (click on show files) / age of mythology / scenarios and then paste these files once after you open the scenarios folder to put them into your scenarios folder.

then start the game, select single player then select play scenario then select which of these you would like to play.

Have fun!

/ david

[Edited on 01/18/10 @ 02:55 PM]

File Author
oh and if you do not know how to copy and paste, right click on the file and select copy with the left click of the mouse. then when you get to scenarios, right click on a blank part of the white screen in the foler then select paste with the left click.

is the basic way ..

/ david
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