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The Battle of Marathon

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Battle of Marathon
This scenario is a little different from your everyday scenario. You are able to join either the Athenians or the Persians as you attempt to destroy the other. However, you only control one person, the commander. Using hotkeys, you can wield magic, and have a lot of attack. While evenly matched enemies fight each other

Continuously spawning enemies, which, using quest varies, have been randomized
Mercenary and Myth Shop, relying on units killed and trickle.
Bad Storyline
Alright Eyecandy...
Enemy Hero AI
Difficulty Levels

I'd appreciate any ratings/comments.
If you find any bugs, could you please report them.
I made it in 2 days so I don't expect anything too great. ;)

Special thanks to Hail to the Oboe for the V triggers.
Cheers CharlieDog
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DavidJSpetch If it were AOM, I'd give it a whirl but I do not have titans so good luck Chuck.

/ David
blaht dude when i started the game i couldn't control anyone even the commander.
File Author
Arghh, sorry I stuffed up. It's been reuploaded, so that you start as player 1. Sorry about that.
Jack D P Gameplay was great, though the gold did not come in fast enough. At the end of the game, I had gathered up only 7 gold.

Map design was a bit blank. The wonder was pretty good, though it could have a bit more added to it.

The tents could have been merged, make them into a single building.

The terrain outside the cities was bare. There were no hills, not much terrain mixing and ver little embellishment.
Other then those things, it was great
File Author
Thanks, I didn't spend too long on the eyecandy, I might update sometime. Glad you liked it. Maybe I should make 2 gold per kill or 3. I had the same trouble as you, although one of the times I got heaps of kills by taking out archers.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
This was a good map to play. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was easy to play, nice to watch and the custom music added a nice touch to the cinematic in the beginning. Being able to summon heroes and myth units made the game even more enjoyable, but not having to rely on pure me was even better.

Balance: 5
This was quite well balanced. I played it on moderate (Normal for me) as the Athenians, and had a good push to the tents. I managed to buy three Gargarensis' and one Arkantos before the tent fell, but then I did summon three Hydras.
When I replayed to be the Persians, it defaulted to Easy, and there was next to no fight, my ally rushed right through them, massacring everything but me, and left me staggering after. I didn't manage to summon but one Arkantos, and gobs of anubites.

Creativity: 4
This was indeed a creative map. I have only seen one map similar, (Mercenaries of War) but this was much better. I had a good Idea what I was supposed to be doing, the cinematic was informative, as was the objective. I liked the magics, the new names you gave most of the units that spawned, and the overall inventiveness of the game.

Map Design: 3
The map wasn't very large and didn't really need to be, but it would have been nice to have some more terrains in view. But with the near non stop fighting there wasn't much chance to look around. There was some grass mixing, but not a lot. I did notice however the bushes surrounding the rocks, And it looked a bit strange. Flowers look better.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was that the Persians were invading. And the Athenians were defending. Not much to give score for, but the game type would pretty much ruin a good story anyway. So not really a detraction. The instructions were what got you the score here. They were well written (Could have been spaced out to allow for an easier read), and helpful. I never did get to find out what the third hot key was though...

Additional Comments:
I dunno if it was a bug, but when I moved the Persian frost Giant next to the anubite sign anubites appeared, but nothing happened at the scorpion man or avenger signs.

All in all, a good map. Should be a four star game...
I added a few points here and there to get the score higher. Each area added to the next and helped to elevate the game.
File Author
Thanks, that's the best rating I've ever got ;)

Interesting bug you mention, I'll try to have a look at it, but it's good you managed to play through as both teams and summon some guys.

I suppose the bushes around the rocks did look a bit strange, but it looked alright when I first did it, and I spent about 15 mins on the eyecandy so I can't complain.
chimichaga Nice one Charlie i see you are getting a lot better. Unfortunatly i cant play your map cause my AoM is broken and need reinstall but judging by the above review this map must be really good. Maybe i could use this map and add it in my campaign as it fits. With your permission of course

[Edited on 01/24/10 @ 10:05 AM]

Ablast3 Dude, you used my idea(Mercenaries of War). But that's OK.
Will download and play.
Map Design3.0

Playability: 4
Very good map. I liked the whole concept of the magic and Mercenaries. I gave you a 4 because i didn't feel the historic part of the battle. I made my map with soldiers that looked like they actually took part in the battle. But in yours the whole myth units was a good idea but, I just did not believe they were apart of Marathon.

Balance: 5
Much better balance than my scenario(Mercenaries of War). I played as the Athenians and completely wiped out the Persians with my army.

Creativity: 3
You used my idea in this map(but I'm guessing other people have used the repetitive armies spawning triggers). The Magic was a good and bad idea in the scenario(ill talk about the bad part later). Summoning hydras into battle was a great idea and then also the scary face allowed me to disrupt there tactics. It would have been cool to be able to summon an artillery strike(probably have catapults with long range convert to your side and start firing apoun the enemy and than convert back.

Map Design: 3
What was all that extra space for? i would follow my armies all the way up using the same path and there was just all this space to the left and right of me. And than there was the random meteor strikes(I'm guessing that was artillery) that seemed almost pointless because the armies were in the middle. The eye candy was OK but you could have played with the elevation tool.

Story/Instructions: 2
This was the biggest let down. The battle of Marathon happened 26 miles away from Athens. The Persians came by boats and stormed them. The Athenians had a small force waiting for the persians. When the Persians advanced on the small force a huge amount of Athenians(who were hiding in the forests around the small force) ambushed the Persians. The Persians fled while the Athenians drove them back to their boats.

You could have made some water with waves that would be around the Persian camp and letting the Persian camp represent the boat.(here comes the commander's magic)It just did not seem real. The scary face did if you could think of it as a morale booster to your soldiers. Also the only myth unit i believe would be in that fight would be the anibute. The rest did not fit into the whole battle.

Additional Comments:
Sorry i am a perfectionist and i am very into history.

But i have to hand it to you. You out shined my own game with playability, balance, cintematics, and objectives.

If you would like to make maps together than tell me either here or on my Mercenaries of War scenario.
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Map Design3.0
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