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Love And War (by David J. Spetch)

Author File Description
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Version: AoM
Welcome to the 1 player scenario "Love And War" for Age of Mythology by David Jeffrey Spetch.

It is fun and it is different. I hope you enjoy ;) Don't forget to check objectives, hints and even the spotlight to understand why what is happening, is happening.

Once you have unzipped this file, copy and paste it into your age of mythology scenario's folder.

The scenario's folder is depending on where you installed Age of Mythology. It usually can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

But some people apparently install it in their documents, and if you are one of these people, try:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

Oh and if you have Titans, I do not :) you will have to look for your scenario's folder on your own accord.

Any comments are welcome at beyond_ultimate@hotmail.com

You can also find me on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.

I am so glad I finally took the time to understand triggers ... Enjoy!

/ David
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CharlieDog I typed in "David Jeffrey Spetch" and it still says you're a pro gay lawyer even with quote marks. It's a bit annoying. I hope you keep getting better at triggers though.

[Edited on 01/23/10 @ 11:11 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability 3
This map was MUCH better than your previous maps. The beginning cinematic was a bit confusing at first, could have used some music to dop away with the awkward silence, and the audio bytes were too far apart. Use the fire event function in the sound filename effect to fire the next sound. However! Having said this, the map quickly devolved into a shootout. As to who could kill whom first. There weren't many triggers after that.

Creativity 2
The cinematic was creative enough, but after that it was just another kill 'em all. I might as well have been playing a random map. It even looked like it. I don't know if you just aren't into eyecandy, but at least add a few flowers, rocks, bushes... and so on. Also, some fish might be nice.

Balance 3
I played on Moderate and managed to win with no real trouble. So I guess the game was balanced enough, but despite this, the game felt like it was lacking something. I'm not sure if it was too easy, too hard, or if it had nothing to do with balance, but it didn't' seem quite right. Try adding a more pervasive story. Also, try adding a few 'Unit Work' effects on villagers next time you have a long intro cinematic. That way the player is getting resources at the same time as the enemy. This will help even the balance out.

Map Design 2
The map design looked like a random map. There were three segments of water crossing the map. They were all in a line and made a nice defensive front when the gaps were bridged, but there wasn't anything unique about the map at all. Try mixing things up a bit. Imagine a place in the world you've been that you liked and try to build that. Use trees, bushes, the various terrains, water, rocks, flowers, and wildlife to create this. Something that always looks nice is a rod dividing a forest. Make a nice dense forest, and then use a small brush and delete to make a road. Then you simply color it. Rocks, flowers, deer, Greek Cliff b, bushes, and so on.
Try varying the elevation, putting some water there, and adding a waterfall going down into a river. You can add waves coming away from the water fall in the pool to enhance the effect. You can use lilies, water decorations, and seaweed to make it look a little more real. Things like this can do wonders for a map.

Story Instructions: 1
This area lacked. The story was there, but I didn't feel it. I didn't feel like I was playing scenario. I felt like I was playing a Random map again. There were no instructions so I can't really give you any points for that.
The story needed to be told. As it was the story telling ended with the cinematic. And we were left with just killing the Egyptians. Why didn't make a whole lot of sense either. The objectives were unclear. Try clarifying that.

Additional comments:
Try to keep your games from getting out of decency. This map didn't cross that line I think... but you need to be careful.
Jack D P It looked like a random map because it was an edited random map.
File Author
Yeah it was on a random watering hole, That I will not deny however it was intended for humour and it is challenging.

Thanks for the comments and rating.

/ David

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Map Design2.0
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