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The Egyptian Exploration of Europe

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Version: AoM: The Titans
It is the year 1990 BC. Amenemhat I has recently ascended to the Egyptian throne, and he is eager to expand his empire's borders. Particularly of interest to the Pharaoh is the northern landmass that will someday be called "Europe".

To the civilized nations of Africa and the Near East, Europe is a mysterious frontier to be feared. Only the gods know for certain what lies underneath the canopy of the continent's black forests. However, tales abound of savage beasts and even more savage men.

Not the least bit intimidated by such stories, Amenemhat I has commissioned an expedition, led by the highly esteemed General Woserit, to explore and colonize Europe. Now this expedition has landed on Europe's southern shores and is about to penetrate the forest, going where no black man has gone before...
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
So playability was ok, but you could improve it. The Green Army didnt build up, and they didnt have any gold in their island so alliance with them would be useless. Also they didnt have any ships to trasport their army to enemy. With my army at the start I killed all enemy units and only thing that i couldnt destroy at the start was the town centre, and ememy on their island also didnt build up. You could improve that. I think you should also at some new objectives and triggers beacuse only to objectives for the whole game is i think bit small.

Balance: 3
Balance was good, beacuse there were lots of enemies on your way to your town centre and your ally and wild animals. I think only you should add some units to enemy island beacuse there werent so many in city, and i coul defeat them easily with my firt army.

Creativity: 4
Creativity was good. I think the idea of egypt exploration was great, and you could `build up` a campaign about it. Well done for that.

Map Design: 4
IMO the map was very good. There was some eyecandies, lots of aniamals and trees especially. I liked the map very much.

Story/Instructions: 4
As I said in creativity story was great and campaign about it would be amazing. You should think about making campaigh for that story. Instructions were clear, but there was not may of them.

Additional Comments:I think this scenarion was a very good scenario. I think it took long of hard work and i enjoyed it very much.Well done and keep it up. Think about campaign or maybe other scenarios. Well done once again.

[Edited on 01/27/10 @ 04:23 PM]

File Author
To be frank, I'm not sure how to get CPU players to do anything other than attack your units on sight. Anyone know how?
Map Design4.0
His review will get deleted unless he posts more.
But I had much the same qualms.

Playability: 3
The game was reasonably fun to play despite that the enemy never fought back. And I wasn't allowed to produce anything except mercenaries and priests. I like priests, but being stuck in the heroic without being able to build an armory makes then nearly useless. They haven't the range or armor.
Go into scenario, choose player settings (The same place where you go to give players the names) Then poke the AI button on the left in the same row as the player, then select aomdefaultai. If you choose a different one, it'll likely give you an error and nothing will change in game.

Balance: 2
The balance was bad. The enemy didn't fight back, and my units were... to say the least pathetic. I was however pleased to see that my infantry was upgraded with heavy infantry, and heavy spear man. That was neat. There wasn't any where I could take my villagers where I wasn't being chased by gobs of wolves. And that was a pain. But that's okay. That adds to the challenge instead of detracting.
I'd suggest allowing for more variety in military units, and armor upgrades, and giving the enemy an AI.
You should also note a lack of gold for the purpose, since the Market wasn't allowed. Had I to fight an AI, I would have starved of gold in a hurry.

Creativity: 3
I've not seen a map like this before as far as creativity goes. It was novel. The map was nicely creative, your triggers were nicely creative, and the story was well enough.
I liked how you managed the tribute thing. I had expected the game to steal gold from me once I got to a thousand, but instead it let me grant it to the Norse. That was nice. However, it did make me grant more or less than one grand.
So good work here.

Map Design: 4
Here I was impressed. The forest was well done, and I liked the two cliff areas. Not too high, not to low, not too square, you did very well here.
I liked how the forest was dense, but not too thick to travel easily, though my general kept getting stuck between trees. I liked the bit of terrain mixing, but I'd give it a bit more of that. I liked your rocks, and I give you two pluses for the sandstone sprites around the gold mines. That looked really cool. I'll probably be using that somewhere along the way. ;)
Also, I've never been in Europe, but I think they have a lot of pines. I don't recall if that is what you used, but next time, use pines and make some of them bigger with 'k'. You can make them smaller with 'shift k'. This way the forest looks more unruly.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was good, left a bit to be desired, but good enough, and the chats were nice. I didn't expect that. I liked the cinematic, Objectives, and Spotlight, but it took me a very long time to find the settlement across the river. It would have been nice for that to have been in the hints.
'The settlement is across the river. Use the canoe to cross it.'
It was good enough for the task, but it added a touch of annoyance.

Additional Comments:
Your Norse guys had two names. I don't recall exactly what it was, but they were one thing in one spot and two letters were swapped in another. Also! Use Change Name on the Hersir. Give him his clan name. I know they didn't do that in the campaign, but I would have. It applies to the character, and builds upon it.

Good job.

[Edited on 01/28/10 @ 12:22 AM]

jumpertje4life you should've tested it before posting :P
just make sure the cpu players have chicken/hunt/berries+ trees+ gold mine in their town center line of sight, they should start to work then..

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Map Design4.0
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