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Dodge ~ Elephant

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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans

Place the .SCX file in C:Documents/MyGames/AoM/Scenario

- This is an 8 player scenario.
- No computers necessary, but they are allowed if you can't get a full room.
- It's mainly a Free For All game...but it is team mode compatible(2v2 3v3 4v4 ?v?)
- At the start of the game, each player gets a Bolt....If you want to view the instructional cinematic, than bolt the Kronos. If no one bolts it in 10 seconds, than the game will just start right away.
- Your main unit is a Cyclops Equipped with infinite lures! Invoke these Lures NEAR your cyclops, which will than change the lure into an War Elephant!
- The Lures will just destroy if you don't invoke them near your Cyclops.
- Grab that War Elephant and toss it toward your closest enemy. (Will most likely be a 1-hit kill if it lands close enough to the enemy).
- Don't invoke multiple GP's using nottuds console, or else you'll be automatically defeated.
- You will get 5 lives total + the chance of winning an extra life with the random event.
-Speaking of random events there's 10 total that are initiated every minute and a half(1:30 minutes):
1.No Speed for 15 seconds
2.Extra Life
3.Invincibility for 15 seconds(large amount of hp, more speed)
4.Bird Swarm for 1 minute(140 birds spawn on the map to distract you)
5.More Speed for 30 seconds(all the players get a speed boost)
6.Asteroids(4 spc meteors will be invoked in random areas on the map)
7.Trees for 15 seconds(spc gaia forests placed in the playing field)
8.lightning storm(does no damage, just another distraction )
9.Night for 2 minutes (renders the night lighting)
10.Random Terrain(changes the terrain of the whole map, but the passibility remains the same)
- Make use of the Shockwave & Vortex you will get every 2 minutes and a half (2:30 minutes)
- And enjoy the EXPLOSIVE Elephants and cool sound effects :)

Well that's all the basics you need to know, download it and play it :D


Feel free to take a look at the screen shots and discuss it in the forum Here
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Hammerhands I'd give you a full blown review for this, but I bet it'd get pulled.

For the sole reason that I played it against the CPU because I can't do ESO. As such, I can only give a comment.

Playability 4
This was really great here. it was just plain awesome to toss grenades at people. Even if they were giant elephant shaped ones. This might have been higher if the CPU had fought back, but it would've needed a high power AI to make them do anything other than chase me with clubs.
But I was impressed with how neat it was to wipe the map clean with elephants.

Balance n/a
Balance what balance? The CPU didn't fight back. No score here. This is why it's not a review.

Creativity 4
This was awesome. I've seen nothing like it before, so good work. The map wasn't especially creative, but the game play and triggering was really neat. I liked how you did the Gaia forest, the Gaia titans, and the water. It might have been nice to see something like a shock wave popping off when the bomb hit, but that might have looked redundant or... 'demeaning' to the rest of the effect.
Good work anyway.

Map design 2
Map design was clearly not the objective here. But that's cool, your objectives were clearly to put out a map with revolutionary triggering.
However, putting a few more rocks, and flowers down might have been nice.

Instructions: 3
As for Instructions you did enough of a job that I was not confused. I did not note that there was an objectives tab though. It might have helped out a bit, but I don't do multiplayer, so I don't know how that would affect game play.

Overall, good job.
File Author
thanks for the partial "review" i appreciate any feed back. now to respond to your review:

making CPU's have A.I. would be extremely difficult, if i could get them to invoke their own lures near their own cyclops and auto attack the nearest elephant to them...than maybe it would be possible...also with the vortex's and shockwaves.....you actually have me thinking about that now....ill see what i can do :P

you need to get on ESO lol

thanks :) i dont think it would be possible to add another effect to that....i already have the elephant to change into "meteor impact ground" upon death

yea unfortunately i never really have the patience to create some amazing eyecandy lol...i just try to keep it basic, the area is playable on so its good to me i guess :P....besides i didnt wanna crowd the playing area with too much junk...the cyclops move fairly slow, so its only fair i give some space to dodge an incoming elephant. however, there still is some rocks and grass n what not.

instructions are optional as i stated above, and i tried to make it brief but in-depth as possible, because for some reason people just hate instructional cinematics. wouldnt make sense to really add objectives, because the type of map this is, players wont have much time to read during game play. the instructional scene informs them more than enough though. the concept of this game is pretty simple to grasp aswell.

Thanks :)
Hammerhands I don't have High Speed. I'm getting 21.6 kbps right now. If I did have high speed I would likely be on ESO, and I'd kick yous guys asses. :p
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
It's easy to play the game, and players grasp the concept and objectives quickly. It falls short in two aspects; firstly, players cannot really help themselves if they are targeted by an enemy cyclops, and being limited to five lives can cause some frustration for people who are eliminated quickly. I personally think the speed of your cyclops should be increased, and the host should be granted the option to choose how many godpowers to use.

I also believe that the random events should arrive sooner - every forty seconds or so - as they only appear to provide a visual enhancement, and don't seem to modify gameplay much, so it would be more interesting if they were more common.

Balance: 5
Everybody is made to fight with the same units and weapons, meaning that there are no statistical advantages, or disadvantages, that can be held by anybody. The play field does not boast any obstacles in specific locations so as to inconvenience certain players, and there is a system to prevent spawn-killing. The balance was an easy aspect of design, but it produces a phenomenal effect.

Creativity: 4
Hey, you pick up exploding elephants and throw them at other people. What could be more creative? Some elements from nottud's Pit of Doom game can be observed, but otherwise, I have not seen or heared of a map even vaguely reminiscent in nature to this.

Map Design: 4
Simple but balanced; it's a good size, and there aren't any annoying objects lying about here and there. The terrain mixing is good and the play field is overall pretty. If only the speed of your cyclops was higher, I believe I could give this a 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions are straight forward, but the concept is quite simple anyway. The host has the ability to choose whether or not instructions will be skipped. There is absolutely no learning curve; once the cinematic ends and the game begins, you're fully equipped and aware of your objective, and the means in which you must carry out the completion of it.

Additional Comments:
It's a fun minigame! If released in a period in which ESO was more populous, it might even have become a classic. I still think the speed of the cyclops should be higher; you're a little slow getting around at the moment. I also mentioned that random events should have a shorter interval in between each other, and I still support this suggestion.

By all means, download it.

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Map Design4.0
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