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Epic (by David J. Spetch)

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Version: AoM
Welcome to the 1 player scenario "Epic" for Age of Mythology by David Jeffrey Spetch.

It is fun and it is different. I hope you enjoy ;) Don't forget to check objectives, hints and even the spotlight to understand why what is happening, is happening.

Once you have unzipped this file, copy and paste it into your age of mythology scenario's folder.

The scenario's folder is depending on where you installed Age of Mythology. It usually can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

But some people apparently install it in their documents, and if you are one of these people, try:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

Oh and if you have Titans, I do not :) you will have to look for your scenario's folder on your own accord.

Any comments are welcome at beyond_ultimate@hotmail.com

You can also find me on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.

I am so glad I finally took the time to understand triggers ... Enjoy!

/ David
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Hammerhands I didn't understand your objectives at all. I was terribly confused.

I'm not in the mood to write a review... maybe I'll get to it later.
File Author
Well, if you read the objective, hint and spotlight it explains that you use your hero's to free your villagers and then clear a safe passage for your villagers to make it to your first settlement enclosure.

From there you help player 5 defeat player 6, 7 and 8.

If you take too long to fight your way out to your first settlement, other empires will likely be ready to crush you and if you rush out too fast, your hero's will likely die and you'l never make it.

Does that help? It was all included within the objective, hints and spotlight.

/ David
Hammerhands I feel really bad for you, dude. Just about every map you've put out in the past month or so, I've reviewed, and given you a really poor rating. But yet you don't even seem to notice.

I managed to figure out what to do, but if the Objectives are even slightly unclear, then they aren't doing their job. They should be very clear. You don't have to use incredibly simple speech, but make sure it's easily understood.

The best bit of advice I have for making a REALLY kick ass map, is as a general rule, the more triggers the better, and the longer it takes you to make it, the better.

This is not entirely so. You CAN make an awesome map with very few triggers, and make a really sucky map with a butt load. But this is what I've learned from my work here at AoMH.

If you search my name (Hammerhands) in the Downloads section the two top download maps I've made have a whole lot of triggers. A LOT of stuff can happen. This is also true for Yeebs newest upload. Whatever it was called...forgot... somehow. It was HUGE. And had so many triggers that my CPU almost can't handle the load.

It a sad but true fact that I check the file size before I download it. The bigger the file, the more triggers (After about a hundred triggers, and two hundred kb, the size is most likely ALL triggers.) If the file is less than one meg, I automatically have low expectations for the map.

But I have been surprised.
Edit: I seem to have not given you has many reviews as I had thought...

[Edited on 02/10/10 @ 10:02 PM]

File Author
Funny how you keep going on and on all the while ignoring that I pointed out that I only just recently learned triggers ... yeah you just keep ignoring that and keep going on like I've known triggers for ten years and just refuse to use them.

Don't waste your time feeling bad for me, I'll be just fine.

By the way, if your so hot, how about a link to the best AOM scenario you created and I'll give it a genuine rating for you!

/ David
CharlieDog I'd like to point out to you that Hammerhands first map was way better than some of these you've put out. I suggest you actually take your time to play it through more and to actually create a really good map. No-one who has Titans bothers to create maps using AOM is it has a lot more objects to work with than the normal AOM.
You have released way too many maps in your history too quickly for them to actually be very good. Your attitude suggests you are better than us when you are yet to play any of our maps.

Here is a really good AOM map that I suggest you play:
Here is a humourous map if you want to try it:

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