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The Tyrant...

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Charliedog proudly presents:
The Tyrant...
Showcase: The Tyrant
Experience a gameplay like never before. In the Tyrant, you must do quests which gain you gold and renown, renown can be traded for allies, and gold can be traded for upgrades or mercenaries. In the middle of all of this lies a castle and when you click on the gatekeeper, you can begin to attack with all the allies you have collected. Some quests are hard, some are easy. But it is up to you, to make the right decisions when trading renown, good luck.

Allies from aomh
Small map so virtually no travelling
Interactive buildings
Timer based missions (e.g. collect the berries before they rot: 20)
4 difficulty levels
Infinite levelling system (Modifies all your party)
Many people who talk, some with the same random sayings, others with a set completely unique.

Nottud for triggers
Hammerhands for playtesting
Guard of Olympus for playtesting
THYMOLE for playtesting

Please notify me of any bugs, it has been thoroughly playtested, but something could still go wrong.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The playability in this scenario was great. You started of with a man who you could change to any class that you liked,I haven't seen this in many other scenarios besides birthright. though the map wasn't exactly big you still had a lot to do and I liked the way that most people said random things.

Balance: 5
This game was greatly balanced. you started off small but soon enough you had enough money and renown to be able to buy almost anyone and best of all some characters didn't need any renown. I especially liked the way that 'the healer' heals you every few minutes for 50 hp.

Creativity: 5
The idea of a hero trying to save a village isn't exactly new but the idea of a small map, that makes it easier to find your way around is. I liked the way that your hero starts off as 'the unknown'. I also liked the way you could end up being a mage thats an idea that I haven't seen many times in RPGs.

Map Design: 5
The map was pretty well designed,the eye-candy was good enough and I liked the way you merged building to make the main tower,but once again like in birthright you could rob houses. Though I do like the way you have trapped some houses so you could end up losing health or may be even death.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instruction were good but didn't exactly tell you much about what to do,you get a five because of the story which was very good and well I don't want to give any more info to further downloaders. Its a great game and the instruction do tell you about the characters which can help you a lot.

Additional Comments:This is one of the great RPGs. This is a great game worth playing you have to download and play it.

[Edited on 02/02/10 @ 03:12 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Playability was excellent. As I've already said, all of the quests were very diverse and made for some interesting gameplay. I couldn't wait to "see what the next quest had to offer", and the idea of each unit saying something either helpful or annoying to you if you selected it was hilarious. Some of the "NPC" (I guess you could call them that...) characters were funny too, like Collin the colossus who started groaning at me when I selected his house.

Everything seemed playable towards the end as well, with the difficulty of it depending on how much effort you put into gathering allies. The boss fight, too, didn't seem impossible or anything, and there were almost no boring or tedious parts that made it seem less exciting of a scenario. (With the exception of one stupid drum kit piece ... I spent ten minutes looking all over the map with all my units, only to realize that it was right in the middle of the road!)

I'm not quite sure how you handled death in the player since I never died; however, I noticed a "Revival Stone" relic that I picked up. I'm guessing that that allows you to "revive", which is a good feature for an RPG of any sort. A message to confirm that when you pick it up would be nice, tho. (Maybe I didn't get it since I first picked it up with a different unit, then brought it over to my hero.)

Balance: 4
The balance was great, in terms of the opponents you had to face, up until a certain point. For the first bit it was overwhelmingly easy, since all I really ended up facing was cute little hoplites who really didn't fare well against 25 pierce attack :)

A bit later on, I noticed that the enemies you had to fight were somewhat difficult, such as for example the Valkyrie. At that point I had a strong army and killed it, but I noticed that the quests didn't seem to have any level requirements, meaning you could walk in on the portal-from-hell-defend quest with just your one character, and get your rear end handed to you on a silver platter. I think that it would have been a good idea to give quests a Minimal level, or better yet, a check to make sure you have enough allies to handle it.

This would obviously require advanced triggering, but since you've done so much already, I'm sure you could get it to work. :)

Also, the leveling system was pretty cool and seemed to work well. The only concern was that by the time I leveled up to a high enough level, my guy didn't really change much since I had a rampaging army of heroes. Perhaps boosting his attack would be good too. (idk if you boosted the number of projectiles as you level up aside from the special, but the unlocking "Special Ability" features were very nice. However, 60 seconds of invulnerability is a little overboard.)

Creativity: 5
If this could get 10/5 it would, but sadly the selection box is adamant in its decision. :(

Scenario was very creative, with quests covering so many different types, this could qualify for a mini-game collection. As I said before, the berry bush and elephant shooting/selecting were awesome. To top that off, you really did an excellent job with making almost everything on the map interactive; just selecting a house lets you try to rob it, that in turn leads to several possible events, which is just about as creative as you can get with a game like this. (I kicked a log over and set the house on fire ... Oh Noez!)

The whole scenario idea and goal was pretty cool too, with a bit of backstory being given from random people talking to you. I would have liked to have seen more development with the *cough* "antagonist-god-thing" at the start, but you made up for it with random dialogues hinting at who/what is backing up the emperor, and how he is super-frightening and evil.

There was so much cool and creative stuff in this scenario that I could go on praising it for paragraphs. Custom projectiles were awesome too, with the exception of a pharaoh throwing implosion spheres (cool, but looks kinda weird :/) A small and probably easy thing that you could have added is a day/night cycle. Also, the shop was a great idea, aside from the fact that the best two units (odysseus and the sexy assistand >:D) seemed to not work properly; the message to buy them came up for me the first time, but after I pressed No and came back later, still having enough $$, the message to buy them didn't come up again. The other three worked tho, so its all good.

Map Design: 5
Not much to say here ... excellent building stacking and nice eyecandy, I especially enjoyed the mage buildings (although Norse doesn't seem like the kind of building that they would use; a late-age Atlantean or Greek could probably work better).

Eyecandy features were all excellent, from the portal to hell place (which looked cool, but probably should have been made impassable to avoid my units flying up and down the steep ramps. More space for that quest area would have been a nice idea) to the Arkantos-god temple.

Very well done :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story, as I've already rambled on about, is very good. The base idea is nice, and it's well developed by the fact that everyone talks to you and gives hints and ideas about what's going on. Leads to quests are also very nice. The mission objectives, however, could be put to a lil better use. Instead of giving a new mission objective for each "unique" party member you gain, perhaps more detailed instructions and reminders about how you select/start quests, or which quests to do first would have been nice. Information about their specials could be given in a chat text message, since it's mostly just one-word stuff that can be remembered pretty easily.

The instructions for using renown/gold were pretty good, although I wasn't quite able to understand how exactly it worked for individual units; some seemed to join you without any renown whatsoever, but correspondingly sucked, which seems ok. Some extra tips would have also been a nice idea in the Spotlight section rather than lose conditions, since those are pretty darn obvious. (You can put it in one line: If you lose your hero, you Lose.)

A bit more management and guidance with the quests, in general, would have been nice. Knowing which quests are easy and which are hard is a good thing, but it needs to be made supremely clear to avoid people from doing stuff above their level/army strength.

Also, I know this goes in playability, but the "Find XXXXX" quests were a little annoying. It took me a while to find the drumset, and I never even found the QV goat (perhaps it's because I'm hopeless at them myself :p)

Additional Comments:
Wonderful scenario. Hope to see more from you; and yeah, I left AOM for years and years, but now after growing bored of Starcraft and other games, I decided to try it again. As these forum people say, "they always come back". :p
Guard of Olympus
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
I really enjoyed playing this scenario as it was great fun and was very veriated. The quests you've made are all intresting and fun, and the rewards they give are very nice. The House robbing is an unique feature that I enjoy a lot. The walking distances are very short and that's very good for this kind of maps. I liked how the recruting system was made and osiris was Epic! I sure liked recruiting myself so that's an extra plus. :p

Balance: 4
I like how this was balanced, but sometimes I'm afraid I thought it was just to easy, which is never good. I don't know about the houses, but I think you should have made more of them contain good stuff unstead of bad, as every time I robbed one I got something that damaged me except for once, but I guess that's good otherwise it might have been even easier.

Creativity: 4
I thought the creativity was great but too much of it was used before, except for the ally recruiting. I liked how the quests were all creative, and I truly thought the "Click the Elefants" was an creative masterpiece, as it was really unique. However, sometimes I felt the storyline was a bit clishe and so was the happenings in the House robbery system.

Map Design: 3
It looked rather much like an ordinary random maps, but with a few things to spice it up. Even though I must say I would have given this field a higher rating a few months ago when I wasn't familiar with eyecandy. The only things you need to improve with the map design is:

# Terrain mixing - I feel a bit more terrain mixing and varied terrains would have been really much better.

#Natrual eyecandy - While the larger structures looked great I think the map design lacked Rocks and trees and grass, and almost water. Some cool river would have been nice, but other than this I felt the map design was decent atleast. I maybe will update this field after I have a even closer look on the eyecandy to see if I missed some really nice eyecandy that'll bring your score up.

Story/Instructions: 4
I'd like to say that the instructions was a five easily, they were easy to understand and I always knew when I had a new objective. The quests were all easy to remember thanks to your system for quests.

The story however, I felt was more like a 3.0 as it felt a bit old and clishe, it's been done a thousand times I'm afraid. But you had some intresting twists in it, so that adds a few points. Overall well done on this field.

Additional Comments: Overall one of the best RPGs there are currently, but wait with fear until the arrival of Dark Times :p:p:p

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Map Design4.0
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