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[Steak] TD

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

[Steak] TD

Mummies are now actually placed when bought :)
Hard difficulty nerfed a tiny bit.
Various other tweeks.
Last level nerfed.
Fire Giant gets better every time you buy him.
Other secret goodies added ;p

Okay well becuase I think I can "fix" any not-so-great map that has a little potential I have made yet another TD.

So like a "Noob-Edit" got out of hand and before I knew it I had completely reconfigured the map and some of the gameplay, added easter eggs, difficulty levels, new powers, new shops items and heroes. Of course the
original map (created by chow) has be included.

Aim of the Game

The goal of [Steak] Tower Defence is to try to stop enemies destroying your Wonder by building towers and training archers which shoot at them as they pass. Infantry may also be added into the mix to kill the enemy. Enemies will grow in numbers, get bigger and become harder to kill. When an enemy is defeated you earn favor, which is used to upgrade your towers and wonder or perhaps purchase awesome powers.

How to Play

The killing part is easy: whip up a couple of towers, cast a few God Powers and everything is just peachy... Well kinda - to make towers you need resources. To get resources you need to spend resources on villagers; you need to spend resources on ageing up to get resources faster. And you will most likely want to upgrade your infantry too - to kill the enemies faster. But most of all you need to spend resources on keeping your villagers safe whilst maintaining something for your villagers to collect.

Which means you will have to train an army to keep the forest clean so your villagers can do their thing. Until you get that under control you won't have a steady income of resources which means you won't be able to keep whipping up towers or train archers and infantry to help protect your Wonder from being destroyed. Becuase the waves of enemies will be charging for your wonder the whole time....

Overall Progress


Release Date: Today!


_ |_|_| _ |_|_| _

_ |_|_| _ |_|_| _

P.S. - Thanks to Lupus for the uber awesome % bar :)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I've always liked tower games and this one was really good. You had to get an economy going or would run out of resources and die. The upgrades were really good, I liked how you could put soldiers into the actual game space. The many different levels were really good. I liked how you had to divide your resources evenly between building towers or building ulfsarks etc. Great work Steak.

Balance: 4
The balance was a little off I thought. The difficulty levels were good, but they didn't really change the overall gameplay. The sentinels gained health, but that was about it. The enemies' health didn't really go down. Now to the levels. I thought the levels were a bit too hard. They weren't very balanced was the feeling I got. For example, I did the level where hydras (I think they were 21) came and had 100 pierce armor and they easily got to the wonder, however, when the next level came they were wiped out straight away since they didn't have much pierce armour. Overall it was quite good, but there were some issues I had with it.

Creativity: 4
Creativity was quite good. I always get annoyed when people say "This has been done before" so I'm not going to take any points away from that. The desktop tower idea is very good. But it isn't that creative, what got you the points was you adding your own spin to it. I really enjoyed the heroes you could get, having to have an economy, sending in armies, etc. I also liked how the gates would open and new powers would become available, it reminded me of Hero Line Wars.

Map Design: 4
Map design was very good, it was vastly improved from the old map. But the forest was a bit boring I thought. I don't why, but it didn't look that realistic. However, I liked the arrows on the ground where you got your upgrades. YOu couldn't really add eyecandy to the tower places as that would stuff up the building of towers or where the enemies went along. The starting area where you got your resources could have done with some rocks I thought, but nice work.

Story/Instructions: 5
There wasn't really a story, but the instructions were fantastic. I knew what I was doing all the time thanks to that. I liked how you went to each different area, and explained what to do there. I think that the levels could be counted as a story, though, and they were really good how they kept coming and some had hints.

Additional Comments:
Really good map Steak. I enjoyed the different levels and how it gradually got harder.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I did have a bit of good fun playing it. It was the first Tower Defense I have ever played, and I will definitely remember my first. :p
I liked how I could get high powered units, and buy god powers, and that added to it, but suddenly running out of gold mines, realizing this only when I stopped having enough gold to buy more units (Because I was micromanaging the fight) was a bit annoying, because I couldn't get any ranged units over to the gold area, and HAD to build a tower to kill the slingers. This was annoying.

Balance: 3
The balance did seem a bit off, the units with really high pierce armor were really fast, so not only could I not hit them, I couldn't damage then when I did. The trolls seemed a bit slow, and I think there aught to be a way to keep the enemy from destroying the sky passages. The anubites kept leaping over the cliff at mine, and ruining it. When all my guys were on the other side of the cliff.

Creativity: 4
As this wasn't your idea, I can't give you a five for inventing it, I can however, give you a four for the really nice work you did on it.
I liked what you did with the rotting logs, and the lava area to the right of the defense area. That looked really cool. I had to go into the editor to see it though.
I also had to wonder why the dragon always attacked the sky passage. That's just mean though.

Map Design: 3
The map design was actually rather nice. But a different paint where the enemy ran would have been nice. There's a Hades pain that looks kind of like a cobbled road, but does not allow for anything to be built upon it.
That would have looked a bit nicer. Made it look a bit more like a road.

Story/Instructions: 4
There was no story, but the instructions were handy, told me everything I needed to know, and left nothing to the imagination. I did though find myself trying to figure out where my super satyrs were appearing.
I think the flare should last a little longer. Over the din of combat, the chime can be hard to hear. I like to make the thing flash for nine seconds. Gives me time to read the chat, and then look at the minimap.

Additional Comments: All in all, it was a good map. Nice work.

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Map Design3.5
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