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(A1) Flight Of The Golden Fleece (by David J Spetch)

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Version: AoM
Jump into a world where you become an active part of this luxurious scenario.

It will suck you in and likely blow you away with it's unique twists, eye candy, cinimatics, relivence and game play.

[(For management) I just submitted a copy of this scenario yesterday and then I noticed a small error in which I corrected immediately. Please, remove the other and keep this. thx]


/ David
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It's much easier to use the update button ;).
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
From start to finish things went smoothly, no real complaints here, though the Trojan gate wasn' t under my control so getting to those two mines required an Underground passage.

Balance: 4
A nice balance here, though our starting resources could be a bit more generous and the Imperial army could be bigger, especially around the Fleece.

Creativity: 3
The temples were quite good, but after that the game just looks like any old random map game.

Map Design: 4
I always wanted to build a city around some roads, looks a lot better. And I did just that. Thanks. But I think putting the whole Imperial city on a cliff would look badass.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story was nice, instructions were simple, I can' t complain here. Any more twists or mini-quests would probably leave some questions, so a "take down an evil empire and that' s it" story is all I need.

Additional Comments:
Some more eye candy, after I freed the Egyptians the whole map was revealed to me and I was a bit dissapointed there.
Ablast3 I am starting to think that David J Spetch is becoming pretty popular here just because of him putting up the (by David J Spetch) thing on his titles. Soon i think everybody is going to be doing that. Thats just my prediction.
Map Design3.0
Um... no. Putting his name up there does not make him popular. Putting his name up there only implies that he's proud of his work. Playing my maps would show that I am proud of my work. I just don't clutter the area designed to attract people with my self promotion.

Playability: 2
It was decent enough that I will try again. But as I'll note later on, it was INCREDIBLY hard compared to your other maps. I think the red guy was too tough. I don't know if he built up that hard or started out that developed, but seriously. I had it on moderate, and it played like Hard or Titan. This means your balance was off, and detracts from the enjoyment.
I won't lie, I'm not a top rate player who can defeat everyone short of God, like Mr. Martel, but this was just too hard for the difficulty level I had it on.

Balance: 1
OFF. Way off. Now I know you probably didn't use the difficulty triggers, but the difficulty also affects the AI. I think that you over built the Red man compared to the other two. The ally to the north was eradicated in minutes. And I had to move my base twice. Also, you might want to get rid of that carcinos. It had damaged my dock to twenty to thirty hit points before the cinematic finished. And seriously ruined the feel of the cinematic.

Creativity: 2
The map was decently creative, but I didn't pick up much of a story. Like your previous maps, it felt like a random map. I got that it was a sequel to a map I couldn't win, and that the point was to capture the goat, but I never saw the goat past the initial cinematic. The enemy surrendered, and I won. Completely forgot about the story until I tried to remember it here.

Map Design: 3
Yeah, decent map. It definitely didn't look like a random map, so kudos here. Still needed work. Your first attempt at eyecandy was a pleasant surprise, but looked unfinished. I liked the isolated pond that I could fish in, and there were enough schools I didn't hardly need to farm at all. I ran out of local wood kinda fast though, and gold too. Also, the second temple I had to destroy was on the OTHER side of the second enemy. In which case I'd pretty much have to fight my way through his armies, decimate his gathering capabilities, and then... why destroy the temple? He's worthless as an ally then. He only could manage a few men into the fight, and put up no real assistance.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story didn't feel present, again. Play the campaign, note that each scenario had one objective. One clear objective. Destroy the wonder, capture the Osiris piece, rescue Odysseus, rescue Arkantos, Chiron, and Ajax.
Do that in your scenarios. Rather than fighting the enemy to destroy them. Make a clear objective.
'Rescue the frost kings daughter', 'Save the Oracle at Delphi.' The possibilities are endless. You can use the story you had here, but capturing the goat wasn't the objective. The objective was 'kill the badguy'. Other wise I wouldn't have won when he resigned.

Additional Comments:
Try taking a little longer on your maps.
CharlieDog It seems to me that blaht likes the idea of adding his name to his work. Maybe I should try to look cool by adding my name. I could even add a title, Sir CharlieDog, I like the sound of that. How about it Hammerhands, sounds pretty cool doesn't it?
chimichaga Please if you do this i will cancel my Internet Subscription
CharlieDog I have decided to go with just sir.

[Edited on 02/18/10 @ 04:07 AM]

File Author
Thank you for your ratings and comments.

I can hardly wait until you see "300 Live The Movie" (just uploaded it)

Don't have time to chat now but thanks again and have a nice day.

/ David
Hammerhands Technically Charliedog, until you turn eighteen (Though this is long out of style) your title is 'master'. Upon which time you become 'mister'.

But, in the military 'mister' is not used. The rank is. If you have a rank somewhere, like is Black Ice, or Heaven Games, use that. It's more fitting than 'abbot'.
File Author
Yeebaagooon, Hey thanks for acting in accordance to my request to remove the other file and replace it with this, much appreciated.

Do you remember what you requested of me as far as making mention of certain things here because you didn't want this site to turn into what you refer to as a big argument. Well I see some pretty offensive lowly garbage right here on this thread that if not removed will likely spark basically what you didn't want to happen here and yes I am speaking of the very 8th segment here right after the message by chimichaga. If you are going to request that "I not go there" then for the sake of reasoning behind your request I urge you to remove that offensive garbage from this thread in kind. Just seeing it makes me furious that someone’s morality is that low and impose such garbage upon others let alone here under one of my titles! Thanks because after all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander / fair is fair! I will respect your request as long as others are expected to do the same otherwise I'll be more than happy to take great pleasure in verbally destroying the garbage I see with simple demonstrations of fact.

And I'm not experienced obviously with the update, but perhaps sometime I'll take the time to see how it works. I would much rather make sure the map is adequate before uploading though in the future.

But again thanks.


Re: Playability

The Trojan gate is under natures control so you couldn't rush in and grab the fleece before it reached the empire who steals the fleece. It is also not under your enemies control because if it were they could easily breach your walls. It adds sense to the scenario and that whole valley buys you some time as well you may have noticed.

You could have easily built a transport ship to move your villagers to the two gold mines ;)

Re: Balance

I didn't want to make the scenario too easy, however you do start off with a little more resources than usual considering that while the cinematic plays out, you have villagers collecting resources. Sure placing more units guarding the fleece would have made it a little more difficult but try telling that to hammerhands lol. Honestly and I thought about it, if I were to change anything in this map, I would have granted the thieving empire 5000 each resource when the second empire that joins you, joins you. However what is done is done and I know it is a challenge with a unique twist.

Re: Creativity

Thanks for the comment about the temples, however I was just going for a general look to the map with a bit of a twist, not an all out of this world place to play this scenario.

Re: Map design

Thanks and yeah your opinion about the imperial city is decent. We are all different and would do things a little differently ...

Re: Story/instructions


Re: additional comments

I am really just not one to spend all of my time littering a map with eye candy, game play is my thing ;) and yeah I Hear you about the map being partially or fully revealed depending on how long it takes you to beat the temple I suppose, but when an empire is allies with your enemy they shares the same site as their ally. When they join you, it only makes sense that since they are on your side, they share their map to give you, their new ally, every advantage they can. Even if I didn't want to have it so they share their map with you, I wouldn't even know where to begin to do that ;) lol

Over all rating:

I feel it was fair and reasonable, thanks for taking the time Shurokai.


Being an activist and having spent thousands of hours interacting with thousands of people and sharing uncontestable facts which back the claims upon fundamental global issues I address with hundreds of thousands / millions of people over the past ten years over grand multitudes of sites is what has gotten my name around but that part of my life is not about me, I'm just the one sharing the info and when you see my name you have some what of a clue on basically what to expect when you have come across me before. I attach my name here because anyone that has interacted with me or read my material / seen my videos etc., might want to check my work on AOM out upon finding me here. Also whether you like my maps all and all or not, you know the quality of what you are getting (even though some of the maps in the variety pack are novice) my more newer material exemplifies my abilities to create a scenario. Simple really. (I will always love the Two Best Killer 1 plyr AOM scenario's pack which was the first files I shared here even though back then a few weeks ago the only trigger I knew was music play and to start it immediately. AOM Tribute in my opionion takes the game to a whole new level / dimension and the other map is awesome as well and would be something I would love to try on multiplayer myself on the ESO)


Re: Playablity

It is not so tough if you figure out what to do. That is the challenge of the scenario and I'm not just about to give it away, but in the scenario you have everything you need to succeed even on Titan as I have beaten it myself on titan. Incredibly hard compared to my other maps? Have you beaten all of my other maps and on titan? If it is not a challenge, then to me it is not worth playing. Of all my maps I am most disappointed with the wild card in the variety pack because the enemies did not build any other town centers or even fight their way out but near the end it still is a challenge to get in there. If you want to see how built up the red guy is, start the scenario then choose quit. then choose to go back to the map instead of going back to the main menu and it will show you how built up he begins.

You say " I had it on moderate, and it played like Hard or Titan. This means your balance was off, and detracts from the enjoyment." No it means you could take the time to figure out how to beat it instead of trying to rate the playability of this scenario based upon your inability to take the time to figure out how relatively simple it is to beat even on titan. Figure it out! When you do figure out how to beat it even on titan, you will see how genuine I am being with this very response.

Time, experience, tenacity along with the willingness to master AOM is the basis for improving your abilities to rock AOM Hammer.

Re: Balance

Again, could take the time to figure out how to beat it instead of trying to rate the balance of this scenario based upon your inability to take the time to figure out how relatively simple it is to beat even on titan and I feel I could have given "The Red Man" even more to work with as I just mentioned already to Shurokai. Were looking for a challenge, not a walk in the park are we? The Carcinos was there for a couple of reasons, A) to explain why Oddyseus was on the cliff in the first place (too see what was going on in the harbour) and to bring humour to the cinematic when Oddyseus says "I couldn't let you have all the glory" when the carcinos owned by nature was having a fit on the dock. Also that the first dock is destroyed is exactly why I placed a second dock with a fishing ship! You do know that Oddyseus shoots arrows right? Figure it out.

Re: Creativity

The map was decently creative, well thank you Hammer. Not much of a story? It tells you straight up that an army of hippikons faced slaughter to get it only to have it stolen again which is what sparks your empire to get it back ... what more could there be??? A sequel to a map you couldn't win? I guess you got laughed at playing the Killer Labrynth eh (he he ;) The killer Labrynth is a challenge but definately beatable. I'm willing to bet you could beat it if you took the time to map your way through the Labrynth. I know I don't make the easiest of mazes / labrynths but I also know it is beatable for I made sure it could be done before uploading it here. ...and yeah you can win by destroying the empire, but in destroying the empire it obviously leads the imigination to figure out that Oddyseus obviously gains control of the golden fleece otherwise you can find the fleece and take Oddyseus to it to win without having to destroy the entire empire. I mean you may want to try opening your mind even just a little. I noticed that the trigger doesn't always fire when Oddyseus meets the fleece so it is good to have a back up plan anyway.

Re: Map design

Needed work??? Whether it could have used work or not that is really a matter of opinion but in reality it didn't need anything more than it already had, I mean you did beat it didn't you, and it was a challenge wasn't it?! This wasn't my first attempt at eyecandly lmfao gee thanks. Oh I think I get it, it was because it was the first time I mentioned the words eye and candy in the caption??? You know I think you may be having trouble succeeding in AOM in general. I mean you had what 9 fishing ships and only a couple of farms and complain that this is unbalanced???? Try 30 - 40 farms, 20 guys on gold, 20 on wood so your resources are coming in fast enough to kick some bum there Hammer. Also always make sure your town center's building que is making villagers until you villager limit is maxed out or near maxed out (If I recal the max villagers you can make is 80) and the only time you don't is when you are advancing to the next age. I mean ask this Mr. Martel you make mention of as I am confident he does exactly this pretty much to a "T" to be such a monster champion of the game. I think that the problem here is your insight to the potential of what you can accomplish here is limited to your narrow concept of game play. Open your mind, the more farmers, the quicker the food build up right?! same with gold, wood or favour. Work on it and you'l likely be taking on titans and winning all in good time. One other thing, I usually (depending on circomstances) always upgrade store house and granary as soon as possible after making it to the next age to make the most of your time. Funny you mention destoying temples and ally's become useless on moderate level when on titan I have won over both empires who contribute aid in victory. Open your mind a re think your strategy instead of trying to rate the map design of this scenario based upon your inability to take the time to figure out a successful strategy. Again I didn't make this to be a boring walk in the park! One other thing, if a fellow empire get bashed and they are left with villagers, ya might want to send them some resources to rebuild a town center etc. and so they can make more villagers to help you.

When I started to play aom I beat the game on titan but even so, it didn't prepare me for what I found when you play other people from around the globe on the ESO. I mean I would have maybe 10 - 15 farmers, maybe ten villagers on gold and ten on wood with one on the old temple and I was getting slaughtered lol. Now I'm one of the monsters ;) not saying I am the very best player that ever was but I could certainly go against the best with confidence.

[I'll never forget one time I was playing 1 vs 1 for stats on the ESO and before I even advanced to the second age, they (who were egyptians) used skin of rhino and took my town center down with just villagers lol and yeah I lost but you learn more there I found than playing vs. the comp.] I suggest you head to the ESO and play multiplayer games for a dose of good medicine ;)

Re: Story/instructions

Again you tell me what more to "this" story do you want? I mean I made it very clear what is happening and what to do. I also gave it a unique twist that I have never seen before on any other map I ever played including the ones which are in the actual AOM 32 scenario campaign.

Re: additional comments

If I feel the need to take ten years to make a scenario then I will, if I feel a scenario is ready within a cuple of hours, then I will. I suggest you try "300 Live the Movie" Alot of time went into the making of that, it took me a whole weekend lmfao ;)

Ok listen up Hammerhands, I honestly think you only rated this scenario based upon carrying anomousity towards me since I recently got here because I came here with confidence. Did you know I just learned triggers? I'd say I'm doing rather well for I am the kind of person who learns and adapts very quickly and I really don't appreciate you coming here and trashing the ratings of my scenario's based upon your inability to figure things out for yourself. No offence intended but I get the feeling your the type of person who wants someone to hold thier hand every time you use the washroom.

For what it's worth, thanks for taking the time to share your comments and if you trash "300 Live The Movie" based upon your inability to figure out a successful strategy there by yourself in any aspect then do not expect me to take the time to take what you have to say seriously in the future. I hope you enjoy what I have to share but I could do without the nonsensical bs Hammerhands. I really do hope you enjoy what I have to share here all and all.


Sir CharlieDog doesn't sound bad.



/ David
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