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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » (A1) Flight Of The Golden Fleece (by David J Spetch)

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(A1) Flight Of The Golden Fleece (by David J Spetch)

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Version: AoM
Jump into a world where you become an active part of this luxurious scenario.

It will suck you in and likely blow you away with it's unique twists, eye candy, cinimatics, relivence and game play.

[(For management) I just submitted a copy of this scenario yesterday and then I noticed a small error in which I corrected immediately. Please, remove the other and keep this. thx]


/ David
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
From start to finish things went smoothly, no real complaints here, though the Trojan gate wasn' t under my control so getting to those two mines required an Underground passage.

Balance: 4
A nice balance here, though our starting resources could be a bit more generous and the Imperial army could be bigger, especially around the Fleece.

Creativity: 3
The temples were quite good, but after that the game just looks like any old random map game.

Map Design: 4
I always wanted to build a city around some roads, looks a lot better. And I did just that. Thanks. But I think putting the whole Imperial city on a cliff would look badass.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story was nice, instructions were simple, I can' t complain here. Any more twists or mini-quests would probably leave some questions, so a "take down an evil empire and that' s it" story is all I need.

Additional Comments:
Some more eye candy, after I freed the Egyptians the whole map was revealed to me and I was a bit dissapointed there.
Map Design3.0
Um... no. Putting his name up there does not make him popular. Putting his name up there only implies that he's proud of his work. Playing my maps would show that I am proud of my work. I just don't clutter the area designed to attract people with my self promotion.

Playability: 2
It was decent enough that I will try again. But as I'll note later on, it was INCREDIBLY hard compared to your other maps. I think the red guy was too tough. I don't know if he built up that hard or started out that developed, but seriously. I had it on moderate, and it played like Hard or Titan. This means your balance was off, and detracts from the enjoyment.
I won't lie, I'm not a top rate player who can defeat everyone short of God, like Mr. Martel, but this was just too hard for the difficulty level I had it on.

Balance: 1
OFF. Way off. Now I know you probably didn't use the difficulty triggers, but the difficulty also affects the AI. I think that you over built the Red man compared to the other two. The ally to the north was eradicated in minutes. And I had to move my base twice. Also, you might want to get rid of that carcinos. It had damaged my dock to twenty to thirty hit points before the cinematic finished. And seriously ruined the feel of the cinematic.

Creativity: 2
The map was decently creative, but I didn't pick up much of a story. Like your previous maps, it felt like a random map. I got that it was a sequel to a map I couldn't win, and that the point was to capture the goat, but I never saw the goat past the initial cinematic. The enemy surrendered, and I won. Completely forgot about the story until I tried to remember it here.

Map Design: 3
Yeah, decent map. It definitely didn't look like a random map, so kudos here. Still needed work. Your first attempt at eyecandy was a pleasant surprise, but looked unfinished. I liked the isolated pond that I could fish in, and there were enough schools I didn't hardly need to farm at all. I ran out of local wood kinda fast though, and gold too. Also, the second temple I had to destroy was on the OTHER side of the second enemy. In which case I'd pretty much have to fight my way through his armies, decimate his gathering capabilities, and then... why destroy the temple? He's worthless as an ally then. He only could manage a few men into the fight, and put up no real assistance.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story didn't feel present, again. Play the campaign, note that each scenario had one objective. One clear objective. Destroy the wonder, capture the Osiris piece, rescue Odysseus, rescue Arkantos, Chiron, and Ajax.
Do that in your scenarios. Rather than fighting the enemy to destroy them. Make a clear objective.
'Rescue the frost kings daughter', 'Save the Oracle at Delphi.' The possibilities are endless. You can use the story you had here, but capturing the goat wasn't the objective. The objective was 'kill the badguy'. Other wise I wouldn't have won when he resigned.

Additional Comments:
Try taking a little longer on your maps.
Map Design4.0
Note: Don't be offended by anything I say. You get offended easily.

Playability: 5
Very playable. Basically a random map, not much story except that you had to get to the golden fleece.

Balance: 4
Pretty balanced although it felt easy even on titan. My ally helped somewhat he pretty much conquered one of them by himself while i took on the other. Bit too easy maybe?

Creativity: 3
Not very creative. Basically a random map with an objective, get the golden fleece. Not much story here.

Map Design: 4
Good use of eye candy, could've had more terrain difference rather than just flat out land and should've given the enemies water and fish. Was too easy for the player.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not much story but the instructions were clear and simple. Get to the golden fleece and kill all enemies.

Additional Comments:
When odysseus got to the golden fleece nothing happened, i had to get omni and hunt down every single enemy unit to win the game. There could've been a cinematic when Odysseus got to the fleece, to make it more of a scenario. Good map over all, you could get a bit more creative.

~ Fote

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