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Inventory Triggers

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The Inventory Triggers

The triggers to render your RPGs even cooler!

The Inventory Triggers are extremely customizable effects to store, remove and show different items in an Inventory.

This is really simple to do with these effects, because they automatically add the items at the first space in your inventory, and they remove the item when you have no more of it (E.G. you'll never see 0x Pizza).

It's not all, it also deletes the hotkey you can add to the item, without any command, and readds it if you re-take up that item!

If this is not enough, it lets you set the hotkey as the number (which you can select to show or not) and as the first character of the item!

Then, on the customizable part, you can handle your Inventory just changing some parameters, like the colors, if you want it to be spoofed, if you want the first character underlined or the number of the character showed!

You can even interact with your items by the use of the condition/conditional "inventory item count", which search if you have a determinated amount of a certain item (especially useful if the item is not to be used but to be given to someone)

*Now with a completely new system for online Inventories and Online Hotkeys as never seen before! You need to download the MP Triggers to use the new effects. It includes an other example map so don't worry about learn them!

Hope this is enough! You'll see a complete guide inside this pack so don't worry about that, they are really simple to learn!

As a final note, you need to download the trigger loader, which is needed for all these effects, and you can download here

*ReUpdated with an example map and better condition/conditional Inventory Item Count
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Kai Hirogashi
Rating: 5
These creative triggers have been scenario designers essentials but too hard or complex to apprehend. Always using chat box commands to create this sort of effect is now over, it maps it to a hot key enable or disable the functionality of each one also. Conditions make the Effects even more vast. They are easy to understand and implement. All in all, it is a must download!

Additional Comments:
lostrozzacavalli worked real hard on these and he made a piece of work that will portray delight in any map! Cheers bro you deserve it!

Guard of Olympus
Rating: 5
This excellent utility is very helpfull in many RPGs and will improve the normal standard of RPGs. The hotkey effect is also an extra plus and it'll be really usefull. I like that the guide is very simple and understandable and the usefullness of these triggers are enourmous.

Additional Comments: Very well done, keep it up.
Rating: 5
It's great! I mean, you've made an utility that combines an inventory with hotkeys! All an RPG maker could wish for.

Almost all of the effects produced by your utility can be made with conventional triggers (like QVs, send chats, etc). Still, you pack all that in simple to use triggers, making inventories and hotkeys much easier for inexperienced designers, and experienced as well by reducing the time and trigger count in the making of scenarios.

The triggers are well designed and easy to use, and in any case you made a comprehensible guide. Plus, you included a nice scenario with it.

It isn't extremely revolutionizing, becuase the effects could already be made with conventional triggers as I said. Nevertheless I decided to give you a 5 for the quality and practicity of the triggers, and your effort on making this a great utility, which it is.

Additional Comments:
Great work! I hope to see more of your works, and do you have some SP scenarios? I liked the style of the simple scenario here, I would like to see and RPG of yours or something... ;)
Rating: 10 out of 5
{It isn't extremely revolutionizing, becuase the effects could already be made with conventional triggers}]

Your not serious right? I have been making my RPG for like about a year now trying to get inventory trigger with hotkeys then sss94 comes along and makes these easy to use and awesome triggers that doesn't take days to make countless triggers that cause lag.

These triggers are Extremely revolutionizing! if more map designers bothered to download and use these triggers the state of scenarios on ESO would be so much better, you could make quality simple maps with these triggers and sss94's MP triggers.

Great job on these triggers man, I was very happy when you released 'em and I couldn't wait to use it in my Zombie Factory map. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE to make my map without your help in designing these wonderful triggers.
Additional Comments:if only the golden age of eso was still here...

[Edited on 03/14/10 @ 10:50 AM]

I can't use this.
It receives 2/10 it's a good method while at the same time it's very sloppy.

Do it better now, I need it.
The health bar is known as numbers with letters to change like the protunit change feature.

Make it like cheat code feature that feeds on existing resources, units or nothing through certain combinations.

[b]Suggestions to make for a trigger[/b]
[b]Storage code[/b] = the original item
{[i]Enter Proto Item name[/i]} = Item name now exists.

[b]Edit Proto Item Upgrade[/b] "stat boosters"
{[i]Select existing proto Item name[/i]}
{[i]Select stats[/i] and [i]enter amount[/i]}

[b]Update item prefix[/b]
{[i]Select army "= semi or multi units"[i]}
{Enter password} = join army
{Choose cost} = for entering password
{Enter cost amount} = sometimes it can be for purchases
The item maybe popular to players and anyone that joins the army will gain the attributes.

[b]Leave army[/b]
{[i]Select army[/i] = leaves army

[b]All armyless lost[b]
{[i]Enter Damage Amount[i]} = All Units that do not possess an army will lose health.

[b]All armyless player lost[b]
{[i]Select Resource[/i]}
{[i]Enter Resource Amount[i]} = All Players that do not possess an army will lose resources.

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