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300 Live The Movie (by David J. Spetch)

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Version: AoM
If you are a fan of the movie 300 and play AOM, you're likely to love this. It's primo!

I play tested this scenario so many times it almost brings tears to my eyes because it turned out primo. I did however notice (for your information) about one out of every ten times of playing this scenario a trigger (even though I have the important ones set on hight priority) may not fire. No problem, just restart and way more than likely you will have no problem with the triggers. As I shared, I playtested it so many times and yet strangely about one out of every ten times a trigger didn't fire so I urge you don't lose patience, just try again.

Survive A (specified in your objectives) time limit to win the Spartans glory of history in the making. When the Emmesary arrives to make you and offer, use The Son of the King's Captain played by Regenleif by selecting him and then right clicking on the Emmesary (you might have to click a couple of times) to tell him off / send him away. When Xerxes arrives, do the same using King Leonidas (if that's how you spell it) played by Arkantos. When the final General arrives do the same with the King's Captain Played by Ajax. Also Crimson played by Troll, Giant Freak by Polymus, Emessary by Chariot Archer, Xerxes by Son of Osiris, Xerxes final General played by Circe. You start off with a population of 300 and is all you get. I made the intro cinimatic with the intent that after the intro war within the opening cinematic, all your units survive but I found that sometimes you lose a unit or maybe two but usually wind up with a pop of 300 when you start to actually live the movie through AOM.

You get the standard bolt of lightning, 5 bronze powers (Hey the Spartans obviously had an edge and trust me you will need to win this one) and 5 restorations. Use them wisely. The greeks are geared to be neutral until Leonidas calls upon them as he did in the movie.They are slow but they all join in and they do play their part.

This map is precisely as it was in the actual movie. Call it a hunch but if you are a 300 fan, once you have seen the smilarities of the cinematic to the actual movie you will find yourself immersed into the game which too also plays out precicely as does the movie. After the first big battle you get to play comes the Emmesary. Then when he loses his arm and leaves there is then the next battle where the king calls upon the greeks who join you. After the battle comes Xerxes to speak with Leonidas. When he leaves you, the Crimson lets Xerxes know about the goat path which is when your allies flee and Leonidas Speaks of glory as Xerxes army starts it's way down the goat path surrounding you but don't worry yet you have another battle to win before you are surrounded. This is when you are in for the toughest battle that you can win. Then if you do win, along comes the final general for Xerxes who is killed as in the movie of which then you are facing being slaughtered, question is how long will you last? I made this, and likely you will be surprised, with the intent that when you play the game, it's just like the way that the movie played out with fairly accurate precision! Enjoy!

Remember it is very important that you remember you must use the correct character to interact with the other character such as:

The Son of the King's Captain (what was his name Astranoth or something) who is played by Regenleif ~ once you select this unit right click on ~ Emmesary = The green war Chariot

King Leonidas (Leonitis?) played by Arkantos interacts with Xerxes played by son of Osiris.

The King's Captain played by Ajax interacts with Xerxes's final general who comes to offer you one last chance just like in the movie.

The interactions are easy, once each battle is over you are taken by a cinematic which brings forward the correct unit to meet the unit coming to make an offer during the cinimatic. Once the cinematic is over then just select the character and right click on the other character to interact. If a hero dies, don't worry your hero's respawn so you get the full movie experience as long as all your units survive ... if you can make it to the end of the movie by using your own strategies... but if a hero dies just before a cinematic, he obviously won't be able to greet the opposing character for interaction. In this case, just find him yourself and bring him to interact.

Oh and I did make this with back up plans (I took my sweet time tweaking this scenario) incase you think that only certain things will fire the triggers for the next army to arrive. You can try not interacting and see what happens, but really it only detracts from your role in the movie / from the full effect.

General info:

Welcome to the 1 player scenario "300 Live The Movie" for Age of Mythology by David Jeffrey Spetch.

I think you will find it surprisingly similar to the actual movie. Don't forget to check objectives, hints and even the spotlight so you know what to do.

Once you have unzipped this file, copy and paste it into your age of mythology scenario's folder.

The scenario's folder is depending on where you installed Age of Mythology. It usually can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

But some people apparently install it in their documents, and if you are one of these people, try:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

Oh and if you have Titans, I do not :) you will have to look for your scenario's folder on your own accord.

Any comments are welcome at beyond_ultimate@hotmail.com

You can also find me on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.


/ David
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blaht Dude this game was awesome. Though i haven't seen the movie i know how the scenario went at the battle and one thing most of the 7000 greeks left about 1000 stayed and helped the Spartans though nobody seems to remember them. Still the movie wasn't that accurate as far as i know so awesome scenario.
File Author
Thanks Blaht.

If you liked this one, wait til ya see the one I am working on now. This one in my book is amazing and was well worth the weekend it took to make.

My next one which I am just about done the basic outline of the map will be breath takingly mind blowing, well if all goes well as planned and I am confident that it will. There are just a few complications I have to work out.

Thanks again Blaht, and despite what anyone rates 300 Live The Movie (by David J. Spetch)
, it's ten stars in my book!

and by the way, I strongly suggest that you watch the movie, they do have the greeks who helped the Spartans in the movie just like in the game. Awesome movie with exquisite special effects!


/ david

[Edited on 02/16/10 @ 10:24 AM]

WinstonShnozwick Sadly I cannot check this out as my aom is not with me, but it looks like a quite quality peice of work, and I dont see too many of these for a while. I suggest you go to the forums here, and advertize your work and get help. Go to the Scenario design forum for this.
Aomts_help911 I really liked the cinematic and sounds you used. I could tell at points during the cinematic where you were trying to replicate 300. However gameplay wise there are some minor trivialities. Reignlif is a woman. Therefor she shouldn't be the spartan generals son. A simple use of the change name effect also helps in reminding the player who does what. Lighting could have been done better as well as it was pretty gloomy in terms of the Spartans chances Otherwise I was quite surprised by how well done your cinematic was done. Also if your working from terms of historical accuracy, 300 wasn't quite close. I'd give it a 4/5.
Jack D P He doesn't have titans, so the change name trigger is not an option. I suggest buying the expansion though, David. You are improving. I genuinely thought this map was reasonably good.
File Author
Thanks for the tip Winston.

Aomts, thanks for the compliment on the cinematic. As far a Regenleif goes, you show me a respawning male hero with a spear I could have used???

I am the last person on the planet that would imply that a person born with a vagina could ever be passed off as a male but in this game again, there was no one else I could have used to flip the bill as accurately.

Incase you are unfamilliar the 300 Spartans die as told in the tale and replicated in the movie 300 which is why the objective is to live through the duration of a time limit to be worthy of victory. Of course they all die, it wouldn't be 300 any other way.

but thanks.

and thanks Jack, and I'm too poor to afford such luxuries lol and proud of it!(I'm an activist primarily)

/ David

[Edited on 02/17/10 @ 01:06 PM]

Jack D P It's only $20 these days, seriously, it is worth the investment.:)
Azur_Fire "I am the last person on the planet that would imply that a person born with a vagina could ever be passed off as a male"

Greatest quote ever.
CharlieDog It looks like it could be good according to Jack. But, I'd like to compliment you on the Experience Project. If you really made that I salute you.
File Author
Jack seriously, I practically starve at some time in every month because I barely have enough to scrape by but the job that I do I do not for the money, I do it for the well being of the future of the life on the planet and to do something like that takes putting the life of the globe before your own selfishness to be able to understand clarity in a whole new way which does take a great deal of inner strength fyi (not many on this globe if any really understand the entirety of that)... I seriously would be putting myself out in buying titans for 20 bucks as much as I would like to try it. I'm not kidding and I am proud of it! I'll be fine btw.

lol Thank you Azur, I got plenty more where that came from.

Charlie, I write my own material. I am the primary source of where the non contestable facts which back the claims I share come from. As you may have seen I do my own video's as well. And yeah I made 300.

Oh wow are you guys ever in for a real treat. I am approximately half way done my next scenario which is going amazingly well. It's blowing me away and I am feeling excited like a kid with alot of yet to be opened presents on his birthday. This one, 300, is about as good as 300 could possibly get on AOM I am confident to say and I love it / love that I made it, am more than happy to share it with you, and proud of taking a couple of days of my much needed vacation time to compose.

But what I have to share next will blow even this away with ease. lol.

/ David

[Edited on 02/18/10 @ 03:51 PM]

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