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2 Twrs Helms Deep Surreal (by David J Spetch)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM
Re Updated, safe to say it is now primo!

Ok, when I subjected this for you to download yesterday it was a bit of a nightmare for me as I was so tired it wasn't funny and I just wanted to get it over with. After a good night of sleep I awoke and decided to put my all into this scenario to make it worth anyones while to play. It is much more challenging, I worked out the kink where the armies before were sometimes congested within the keep. It runs more smoothly now and I also made it much more of a challenge. It is beatable as I made sure of it. I tweaked a few things and it also was suggested that I add some eye candy so I did. I also corrected some of the spelling errors (for the record I never claimed to profess spelling or grammar).

Now it is surreal, it really is challenging and fun with a grand surprise near the end as it was meant to be!

Get your villagers and friends to Helms Deep. First meet with the scout prodromos along the river path to make sure the way is safe. Select the king playedby Agamemnon and then right click on the scout prodromos. Then just sit back and relax until Aragorn (played by Bellepheron and later changes into Arkantos) falls. Then follow the road to get your brood to the keep where outside the gate the king must meet with the guard to gain passage. Again select the king and right click on the guard. Then defend the keep until help arrives. You must defeat all of your enemies to win. If the king dies, you lose!

Move as quick as possible when promted. When you get to the scout and interact with him by using the King, just sit back and relax until Aragorn falls. During this, the game will automatically take your villagers out of harms way. Your cavalry will meet you at the front of the keep. Take your villagers to the armoury to suit them for battle or as an alternate option task them on work but beware because you might want to upgrade weapons at armoury you have just enough resources for full, copper, bronze and iron so be carefull.

Elf played by Oddyseus, Dwarf played by Eitri. Gandalf played by Bellepheron as is Aragorn played by Bellpheron, however when Aragorn finally arrives at the keep he becomes Arkantos and later when Gandalf joins he is the Bellepheron. Kings Nephew by Achilles. Don't worry about upgrading units at barracks etc. they are already Champions. I suggest you save game when you get to the keep. I doubt anyone will win their first couple of tries. It is a challenge but is beatable as I made sure of it and whew I'm glad making this is behind me ;) it was worth it. You have just enough resources to ugrade to bronze, copper and then full iron. Enjoy playing this precisely accurate version of the movie!

General info:

Welcome to the 1 player scenario "2 Twrs Helms Deep Surreal" for Age of Mythology by David Jeffrey Spetch.

I think you will find it surprisingly similar to the actual movie. Don't forget to check objectives, hints and even the spotlight so you know what to do.

Once you have unzipped this file, copy and paste it into your age of mythology scenario's folder.

The scenario's folder is depending on where you installed Age of Mythology. It usually can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

But some people apparently install it in their documents, and if you are one of these people, try:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

Oh and if you have Titans, I do not :) you will have to look for your scenario's folder on your own accord.

Any comments are welcome at beyond_ultimate@hotmail.com

You can also find me on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.


/ David
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File Author
Hey thanks again Yeebaagooon for you approving me to share this awesome scenario here with you guys and gals.

/ David

[Edited on 02/20/10 @ 03:57 PM]

Map Design4.0
Wow, you certainly have improved, that was pretty fun, although I've seen better Helms Deep scenarios.

Playability: 4
It was quite a good scenario. Having to defend Helms Deep was a good idea, there was a lot of good effects involved. However there were some bads things as well, the warg rider bit was stuffed up, Aragorn killed the warg and then just died for no reason which made me laugh. I liked how you included the ents battle. I thought you might have wanted to inlcude the women escaping through the caves though. One more thing, do you know how to do cinematics during the game? There is a fire event tirgger which if you put it in and fire the next trigger you want it will make it happen however many seconds you want after the first trigger has been fired.
Updated: Can't say the playability really changed, it played the same.

Balance: 4
Balance was alright, I thought that it was a bit easy at some points and a bit hard at others. Most of the enemies didn't attack me so I just waited it out inside until the horse riders came. There wasn't even that many in my opinion. So I didn't think they would do too well, I was proved wrong, but I still think you need to make more people come help because as I recall they swarmed over the orcs and it was all over in a flash.
Updated: It got a little better, but not enough for me to up the mark.
Creativity: 3
Now we come to the creativity. It was alright, as this has been done many times before I thought it was good, because you had done it differently by including the warg bit at the start. There was lots of different things which happened, but overall I didn't think it was too creative. There has been way too many LOTR's scenarios made before and this sort of seemed the same. I was thinking you could have used someone different for Aragorn because I don't recall him wielding a spear, but I suppose it was the best you could do.

Map Design: 3.5
The map design was quite poor. You need to work on terrain mixing, however I thought Helms Deep was quite good and I could tell you worked on it. I liked the different levels. The ent place was also done quite well, it looked quite accurate. I also thought you could have placed more nature around like grass, bushes etc. But it wasn't bad, considering you made and didn't steal from a random map. :P
Updated: Map design got a lot better, there was quite a bit of terrain mixing and other stuff.
Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story was told accurately, but the instructions could have done with some work. Under this bit also comes the spelling which I'm afraid to say wasn't that great, you spelt Aragorn as Eragon, Saruman as Solroman or something like that and there were a few other mistakes. Apart from that good story, although you should try and update the objectives as the person does different things like tell him to defend the base or walk along the path etc.
Updated: Some spelling mistakes were fixed, some not. I felt I had been a bit harsh here so I put it up a mark.
Additional Comments:
Here is a big tip, when making a scenario, when you start go into scnario data and uncheck the use victory conditions box. That will mean you won't have to give a town center to anyone so they can survive.

Really good compared to the others. Good job, David.

Updated: Sorry about the comment, but I don't appreciate the way you talk, maybe people would be more inclined to talk the same to you if you tried to be more friendly.

[Edited on 02/22/10 @ 02:45 AM]

File Author
Ok, I was up since 3am last night and I was quite a bit tired when I thought it was finished and I came in and submitted it. So now a couple of hours later, still pretty tired but I noticed something that I added at the very last minute that threw everything right off.

I corrected the problem and re submitted this as soon as I possibly could.

Glad I have a friend with internet who is home so I could update it immediately(within a couple of hours.)

So if you are going to rate this as a finished product, then get rid of the rating you already gave and re try the scenario and rate it for what it is, not for the slight error that threw off the game.

You actually get Gandalf and the kings nephew!

when I submitted it before the update, gandalf and the kings nephew went to where they were destined to go way too early,this caused the opposing armies to be where they were not suppose to be.

Now it is all fixed and runs smoothly.

Funny, I have played a few of the helms deeps out there and thought they were all nothing like the real deal (they all pretty much sucked in my opinion) so I made this.

Go ahead and try it, it runs way better than it did when I first submitted it a couple of hours ago.

Get rid of the rating (thanks for taking the time for what it's worth) and give it a genuine rating for what it is, not what it was and was not meant to be!

and you can take that attitude comment upon refelction of yourself because I am more than happy with /proud of my attitude!

I'm not even going to comment on your comments other than the attitude bs. (which we both know is because I'm not the type to put up with your crap)until you re submit a rating with comments.

Tell you what, if your rating is not re submitted by monday when I make my way to a public computer monday, I'll stop submitting anything here and forget about this site all together kappeesh!

That's the deal!

/ David!

[Edited on 02/20/10 @ 07:33 PM]

CharlieDog It dones't say it has been updated so I don't really see a point in redownloading, and I don't really see why gandalf and his nephew would make a difference.
File Author
are you blind?

here from the very response you are responding too

"when I submitted it before the update, gandalf and the kings nephew went to where they were destined to go way too early,this caused the opposing armies to be where they were not suppose to be."

Perhaps Yeebaagooon has to ok it for it to be updated first.

Well that's all for now, see ya monday!

/ David
kalmafan Uhm.. David, if you want him to change it, you should act nicer to him I think. I mean, if I were him, I wouldn't even consider it when someone talks like that. If you would just ask it in a mannered and friendly way, you are far more likely to get results.
File Author
I suggest you keep your attempts at dictation towards others to yourself kalmafan. I'ma big boy and am more than happy with my conduct.

If it is not re submitted by the time I makeit to the net monday, I simply will not leave any more files here. I made that pretty clear.

Plain and simple.

So this could be good bye!


/ David
CharlieDog There we go I updated it David after seeing this quote:

“We need to make judgments, of course - to observe what works and what doesn't, but not to be judgmental. Being judgmental is a form of madness that screams powerlessness and ruthlessness. When we can make good judgments and update them and not stay rigid, we come from goodwill and promote goodwill back to us.”
File Author
Oh well I guess I can still leave scenarios here ...

Well just to clarify any uncertainties in my abilities to create a challenging map for even the most top rank of players, this scenario was created with the intent to present somewhat of a challenge but yet allow everyone the opportunity to win even if you are a more novice player while feeling a sense of accomplishment. My prime directive here was for you / me to have fun.

Hey what can I say, the majority of my scenario's exemplify a challenge to even the most experienced players, so to add variety knowing that not everyone is a top ranked player, that everyone can play this and find some enjoyment / entertainment I made this in such a way.

I think after playng some of my other scenario's you know I can gear a scenario to be of the upmost challenge.

I was even thinking of making a V2 (version 2) of this scenario to be geared for top ranked players and perhaps I will.

Ya see, I don't mind not having the Titans, being poor and all, because after all I know that there are other poor people out there that may not be able to so easily obtain a copy of the Titans expansion and everyone (those with the basic AOM and those with the titans expansion) can play the scenario's and have the opportunity to experience AOM through playing what I too have to share here.

Anyway, have fun and it is a pleasure as always to share these with you.

I also have some good idea's for return of the king ;) but that may be a while for I have more important matter to attend to for the well being of the future of the life on this planet (my primary objectives here on Earth)

/ David

Oh and Charlie, I become aggressive when I see people stir me up with rhetoric ;) and I rather enjoy whether anyone else likes me for it or not!

Oh booh hoo, someone doesn't like me LMFAO! as if :)
File Author
Oh and Charlie in lieu of your comments along with your rating.

You go ahead and show me how to make Aragorn fall off a cliff?

Of course he falls near the edge of a cliff near water which is respresentational of what actually happened in the movie ... use your imagination I suggest. That was the closest to the real deal I knew how to get, what would you have done that would have been any better?

Oh and I origionally spelled Aragorn as Eragorn not Eragon, I recalled that the "r" was before the "n" in the pronounciation. I also on one occasion in the origional spelled it correctly.

The women escaping through the caves ... well I suppose it's a matter of opinion as well leaves something to your imagination ... I did cover alot precicely as did the movie.

Yeah I have been pondering exploring fire trigger but I have been getting by and the way my cinematics work (not including the intro cinematic) you can also place units while they are in progression. However I may in the near future explore this fire event trigger ... I get by and am happy with my work here as is.

Ah the horse riders and you didn't think they would do too well huh. I did something in the triggers to assure their success ;) If I un did what I did / changed it they get slaughtered. ;)

I did not want too many armies, but I did use quite a few however I wanted the game to lag as least as possible.

If I recall they swarmed the orcs and it changed scenes before you actually saw the slaughter in the movie. flash = scene change?!!

Yeah I thought Arkantos was best suited for Aragorn even though he didn't weild a sword.

But funny as far as creativity goes, i started from scratch and didn't mimic any other helms deeps I have played and it turned out to be unique which to me is a creativity of 5 especially that it is precicely as the movie.

In my opinion the map design was done rather rich and precice, even though the initial copy lacked some eye candy the map design itself was / is rich but I re updated with your comments in mind and added a little bit of eye candy. What can I say again I'm not a big on littering a scenario with eye candy kind of guy, I'm more of a gameplay kind of guy lol. Being honest.

Yeah I have my own way of doing instructions, perhaps some day when I have the time I will investigate how to make new objectives as you play on but it really isn't that important to me, I like the way I do it and the job gets done all and all.

Oh thanks for the tip on use victory conditions box, it may come in handy / glad to see you noticed why I added the town center even though it was on a cliff in the middle of rock where otherwise redured useless. I had to get rid of the countdown to build a town center or lose but is obvious you noticed why.

For what it's worth thanks for taking the time Charlie.

/ david

[Edited on 02/23/10 @ 03:47 PM]

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