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Dwarves versus Giants

Author File Description
lardless In 'Dwarves versus Giants', you are tasked with defeating the giants and winning back part of a mining district from them. Starting out with just a few dwarves, you must train a mighty army to drive them away - for good!

Version 1.1 added at 7:00pm GMT, 15th April 2003.
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thecowwarrior Playability: 5
The map is somewhat simple, yet very well designed, there are no flaws in playability at all.

Balance: 4
When I played, I built a massive army of Hersirs and Jarls, so it was quite easy for me, but otherwise it would have been very challenging. Good job!

Creativity: 5
A very good idea for a scenario, and a very nice cinematic beginning. The voices were a big plus, makes it feel like it was professionally made.

Map Design: 5
Fairly basic, just a norse town, your own small camp, and the giants' camp. And lots of trees and water. But still very effective and well thought out. I loved the mystic tree!

Story/Instructions: 5
Objectives are clearly defined and there are no bugs. The story isn't bad either. Nothing epic, but it is only one scenario.

Additional Comments:
Great job on this one, I really enjoyed it!

[Edited on 02/01/04 @ 04:55 PM]

neverrush Not much attack from the giants so lots of time to build up. However, to completely eliminate the giants you have to wipe out every one of them, including the ones that spontaneously appear and collect (there were about 80 giants towards the end). Obviously a boatload of 20-40 hersirs aren't going to do the trick...
What I did was to cut down all (and I mean ALL) of the trees leading from the west to their camp, leaving only 1-2 layers of trees between me and them, and then building hill forts to take out the buildings.
Then build 10 (maybe more) longhouses and temples and spew out hersirs and frost giants and direct them all towards a small opening between me and the giants so as to overwhelm them slowly; when I get to where the giants appear magically I build over it so that they can't.

[Edited on 09/16/03 @ 05:24 PM]

Tom Edwards
Map Design5.0
Typical. Even as I submitted my review for the ‘Vengeance’ campaign saying that it had the best terrain in single player, I was downloading this scenario. And it has the best terrain in AOM single player yet. It isn’t much better as far as detail goes (except the brilliant lake in the middle) but the layout is far more thoughtful and interesting. There are freeform forests, natural elevation and great water effects: the lake is fully textured and elevated, and is a joy to behold. The map work is ahead of it’s time and I think it even compares favourably to the design by ES themselves! The only tarnish is the friendly village which consists of nothing more than two Longhouses and a Hill Fort surrounded by walls – certainly something worth working on in any updates. There is also good use of scripted effects for the different sections, namely a night cycle and snow effects. This helps to create even more variety between the different sections. Throughout these tasks which successfully build on AOM’s strengths rather than breaking into new territory, the player’s hand is held which may well help those who are new to the game, but is just a distraction to those in the east bit experienced. Luckily Lardless has handled this well and it doesn’t get in the way in the slightest – another job well done!
In fact, the only major problem I found was a bug. The objective to ‘Continue up the pass and capture the settlement’ only appeared *after* I crossed the lake and fought my first scrap with the giants. I assume this upset some triggers, as I found that the giants kept on getting obscene numbers of free Mountain and Ice giants every few minutes and the game was impossible to complete.

Playability: 5
Good, solid fun that makes excellent use of what AOM does best and eats about an hour out of your life!

Balance: 2
Went from very easy to impossible, but only because of a bug. If it was a one-off problem or you update the file, tell me and I’ll update the review to match. :-)

Creativity: 4
Nothing particularly new on the creativity side, but the presentation is truly excellent.

Map Design: 5
By far and away the most impressive, detailed water features yet – and the rest of the map isn’t too bad either! ;-)

Story/Instructions: 4
Again, there isn’t anything new or even interesting but the application is effective.

A good all-round show. I look forward to something more substantial by the author in future!
File Author
Version 1.2 is now available. Please download that and post comments in its section.

Yannos Playability: 4
A very enjoyable map without any bugs, the gameplay is good.

Balance: 3
The player has a bit of a challenge but it isnt too hard, and not too easy as well.

Creativity: 3
Nothing special actually, but you do give the player enough time to prepare by adding those boulders.

Map Design: 3
The overall design was pretty good, however, i did miss some eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 3
No real story but the instructions are perfect, the player is guided through the entire scenario so you normally should know what to do.

[Edited on 04/22/03 @ 09:44 PM]

Serpent Master Playability: 5
Very Playable.
Balance: 5
No Bugs.
Creativity: 5
Very creative, like the way how at the beggining you can buy Ulfsarks.
Map Design: 5
The Map is very good.
Story/Instructions: 5
Additional Comments:
I loved this map. Please make v1.3 soon! I've downloaded all of them, and I'm waiting for v1.3 to come...

[Edited on 09/14/03 @ 01:15 AM]

avenger2003 Playability: 4
no big bugs,few minor flaws though like the appearance of giants in the norse clan without touching the walls

Balance: 4
it seems the story is being streched,still o.k.

Creativity: 4
good job,nice cinematic and sounds

Map Design: 3
nice day-night cycle but map is not very large,the buildings are very tightly made, useless water ,less resources

Story/Instructions: 4
instructions are excellent,leads you through
Additional Comments:you can really make a nice scenario(with sounds)

[Edited on 01/20/04 @ 10:50 AM]

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