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The Well That Could Kill (by David J Spetch)

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Version: AoM
The Well That Could Kill (by David J Spetch)

Best of the best of AOM 1 player. Simply primo!

I came to a decision, and that decidsion is to leave here / this site for good and not to return to leave anything else. I don't have time for the petty bs.

I however decided that for anyone who does appreciate my work here, I decided to leave behind something so that anyone who does like my work can play this any time they please. The very last scenario I will leave here. It's nice to know also that these petty so called critics are going to be missing around here, someone with top quality work. Again the pudding is in the pie.

You have a potential Sanctuary to finish fortifying and maintain called Phoenix Keep. A Potential Legendary Wonder to become, the Keep is a marvel of glory with it's own unique structure and a primary purpose of defense in mind when created. Once you wear through player 4 and player 5 you have some time to rebuild and how much time you have depends upon how fast you wear through your opponents. Get ready from here because you are going to need to beat 2 opposing empires who seek to take you over in your seemingly weakened state. You must defeat all your enemies to win. See Spotlight and check hints, which I will also include here on the read me.


The Well of Urd is your's to use and could very well lead you too the path of victory over your enemy but beware because going through too early may result in fatal consequence for you! It's a struggle for victory in this very eventfull fast paced action packed scenario, I suggest you upgrade and grow very fast.


Circe got so high and mighty on the life that her heroics in sorcery lead her down such a path that one day she just Fainted during middle of conjuring a spell. Now she sleeps and she has this nightmare that plays over and over again and is a little different every time. The Nightmare of Phoenix Keep in Swine Valley has begun once again and the only way Circe can awaken from this re occuring nightmare is for you to help her claim victory on this plain! If Circe dies here, you can still win as she then waits helplessly and silently pleading for you to free her.Looks like the Argonaughts are going to have to help Circe to be set free from this, yet another prison once again as they too have been drawn into this nightmare of Circe.

Well some come and join you, some come to slaughter you, some sneak in to ambush you but in the end I think you'l agree that your best friend here out of all the many surprises is a well.


I make my own rules and I abide by them as I please because I can do what I please when I please. I'm telling you ... I'm really shooting for not ever coming back to this site to leave any more scenarios because of a bunch of jealous blubbering whiners trashing what I have been sharing, because they can't firgure out the simplest of things all by themselves. I'll tell ya now and lol the only way now to get me to come back is too change the name of this site to something more appropriate like Gamers Paradise, pay me a million bucks with no strings, and make sure that this scenario has an over all rating of at least 4.9, that 300 Live The Movie, 2 TWRS Helms Deep Surreal and Flight of The Golden Fleece each has an over all rating of 4.5. Hey I tried giving you guys and gals the opportunity to do the reasonable thing, but since you obviously don't value what I share with you enough to be reasonable with me in turn I decided to end it with this.

See I like to be nice as much a neccesary and this is my way of saying goodbye fellow gamers here with class. Leaving you with perhaps the best single player scenario you will ever play because even though I may not like some of you here, I still love and care about everyone. So call this a peace offering in rememberence of what was and could have been. I really don't have time for all the nonsensicle bs. that comes with sharing files here.

Farewell and take care. (I may come by every now and then but not to leave scenario's / this is it)

General info:

Welcome to the 1 player scenario "The Well That Could Kill" for Age of Mythology by David Jeffrey Spetch.

Don't forget to check objectives, hints and even the spotlight so you know what to do (I already included it in this read me).

Once you have unzipped this file, copy and paste it into your age of mythology scenario's folder.

The scenario's folder is depending on where you installed Age of Mythology. It usually can be found in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

But some people apparently install it in their documents, and if you are one of these people, try:

My Documents\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\scenario\

Oh and if you have Titans, I do not :) you will have to look for your scenario's folder on your own accord.

Any comments are welcome at beyond_ultimate@hotmail.com

You can also find me on You Tube by typing DavidJspetch in search. You can also find much of my work by simply typing "David Jeffrey Spetch" in any internet search engine. Even though I have cascaded through many sites over the years much of my more recent material you can also find on google and a fairly new site called Experience Project.


/ David
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Aomts_help911 lol
Jondoom Quote from Aomts_help911:


Yeah. Ok, maybe I review, but hey, CHILL OUT! LOL Just relax. Breathe.
Alex_Of_Macedon Good bye, have an excellent time AWAY.

[Edited on 03/06/10 @ 06:00 PM]

Khan And Steak "and make sure that this scenario has an over all rating of at least 4.9, that 300 Live The Movie, 2 TWRS Helms Deep Surreal and Flight of The Golden Fleece each has an over all rating of 4.5. Hey I tried giving you guys and gals the opportunity to do the reasonable thing, but since you obviously don't value what I share with you enough to be reasonable with me in turn I decided to end it with this."

Well obviously you're not going to come back to designing if you want like heaps of money and a site name change. But asking for a rating of 4.9 or above is a pretty huge trust in your work (I'm not saying that's a bad thing :D). I havn't checked this file out yet - but I do fully intend on.

Also there are other ways to get people to pay attention to your files than to have a rant about the place and then leave :p Joining the forums would have given you much more attention, which would have resulted in more downloads and ultimately more reviews (which are always nice :D).

Some examples of these include: (these are all AoM original files, no expansion needed)

The Hobbit by Istari - 14,687 DL's and a rating of 4.8 with 4 reviews.

No Point by Silver Husky (R.I.P) - 2,851 DL's and a rating of 4.6 with 8 reviews (!!! that's a lot of reviews).

And another good file to check out is:
KoTM: Heroes of Avalon by Gaurdian_112 - 9,861 DL's and a rating of 4.3 with 8 reviews

If you have the Titans Exp, then definitely check out some of Gaurdians' later maps.
I'm only telling you this so you can see that by saying that your scenarios are of "4.5" or "4.9 or higher" quality is a big claim. Basically you are saying that maps like the ones stated above are worse than yours.
However I will not make any assumptions yet - as this map could very well be one of the best maps AoMH has seen in a long time... I'll just have to wait and see. And you'll have to wait for the review :)

Please don't misinterpret the tone at which I relay this information to you... I say this in the kindest way that I know. I have not pre-judged you or your scenarios and I do wish that you would stay at AoMH and join the forums (although it does seem unlikely) ~ Khan

[Edited on 03/09/10 @ 10:39 AM]

Khan And Steak -edit-

[Edited on 03/09/10 @ 10:39 AM]

File Author
Oh I will be designing alright, I just will not be sharing any more finished product scenario's here unless my conditions are met. That is plain and simple. I make scenario's because I enjoy it.

But I am about to share something with you here that will likely psyche you right out ;)


/ David
Fote_Brisingr Oh, someone who actually makes AoM no expansion scenarios is leaving :( gahh less aom scenarios :( ill download this, and your other files and see what i can write for a review ^^

On another note, isnt a million bucks and a name change of the site too much?

[Edited on 03/10/10 @ 12:11 AM]

Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Actual Overall Rating: 4.1

Playability: 4
First off, I played this scenario twice - once on Moderate and once on Hard. I beat the game both times just under 30 minutes. This is a nice scenario, especially since it is for AoM. There are some things that I do think could be improved on. Firstly, the repetitive pigs sound used in the opening cinematic was bearable for about the first 3 uses - after that it got rather annoying since I couldn't really tell why it was being used (was it on the corresponding pigs that were on the screen at the time of the sound?). This alone wouldn't have been so bad except the opening cinematic was not built, which means the player MUST watch the opening cinematic everytime. That's okay for the first play/time through but after that the pigs sounds really cast a dim light on the scenario right from the word go :(

On the topic of cinematics, I was a bit confused as to why some of the cinematics where shown... One of them was shown after the center fortress was destroyed. It zoomed in on the destruction pile and then zoomed back out again. Not trying to sound negative but what exactly was the point of showing that? Is it to make the player aware that the fortress was destroyed?

I am pretty sure that no matter what the players skill - they would know when a fortress is under attack (becuase of its high HP the attack warning sound plays multiple times). From this I would be quick to assume that the player would be watching the fortress as it dies/is destroyed and thus that specific cinematic would be rendered unnecessary...
Of course this is only one example, there where a couple of others I could have chosen. Although not ALL of your cinematics fall into this category.

On the plus side, from what I could tell there was no trigger bugs, which shows that you are experienced with the editor. There was no victory condition bugs, at least that I could tell as the scenario ended when the enemies were destroyed. And lastly, I didn't experience any lag which is a plus :) All in all this map was largely fun to play :D

Balance: 5
I think that you excelled in this area. This map was great, gameplay-wise. The action started very quickly and the under-prepared would soon be devoured. The attacks didn't come from one direction though, which was a nice to see. Surprise attacks came throughout the scenario right up until the very end. Various armies, both for and against the player, were added into the mix for an interesting game.

The difference between winning and losing was slim, for me, on Hard difficulty. It was a matter of who could destroy the other base quicker/hold out the longest. Great job!

Creativity: 4
Let me just say that you have a very unique story and scenario in general here. The only thing that stopped you from getting a 5 here where the sounds and cinematics, which I mentioned before in Playability (so I'll just re-cap on them here). The cinematics weren't built and sometimes seemed a bit random... same goes for the sound. The one sound used was too repetitive and and also seemed a bit random at times.

The things that brought your rating up in Creativity were:
The eye-candy Map Design - some of the eyecandy used here was nice.
The story was interesting - which is a bit of a rare thing these days.
Very unique - at least in my opinion. I just liked the way you did what you did in this scenario.
Interesting attacks - you didn't just attack from one way. You used multiple attacks from multiple ways using various units/monsters.

Map Design: 4
Better than a random map however not exactly outstanding either. The default lighting was used, and if it wasn't I couldn't the difference so it had next to no effect anyway. The terrains used are questionable, next to no terrain mixing at all - sudden changes from Greek Road to Egyptian road to GrassA etc. Using terrain mixing/blending can improve your scenarios aesthetics a lot, I suggest you look at some guides here about the topic :D. And lastly the Elevation used was a bit odd in areas. Places like where the starting fortress is placed and the hill in the middle of the enemies side are probably the best examples. The hole where the fortress was placed probably could have been a little higher up - that would have looked and functioned better in my opinion. And the hill on the enemies side could have been smoothened out a bit so that the hill wasn't so high. That way when the AI build on the hill they won't create badly building-eroded sides.

Also as a side note the Egyptian city tiles in the center of the map don't fit in at all. Especially the corner pieces and the ones that head into the coral.

On the plus side, the map looks better than a random map (which means an instant 3). The map also has points of interest like the 2 ramps on the side of the keep to access the inner areas. The Keep itself looked nice in general.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
There was an interesting story and instructions present, this gives you a score of 5. However the story was not really told throughout the scenario at all which is -0.5 to your rating. And there was only one set of instructions -1 rating. Extra instructions could have been added telling the player when he has killed the "Nomads" and when the real fun begins. This also gives a good starting point for the next part in the story to be told. There where a couple of spelling mistakes, like "sonse" of Osiris that should be fixed.

Additional Comments:
A good scenario. This file has made it into the Best Files of AoMH for Single Player Scenarios. All things considered I would say that this map is a well created and designed map - however in my opinion I would not call it primo, not even excellent (sorry). Be happy with what you have achieved though - it is well deserved ~ Khan

P.S. You have been rated, like everyone else, on the Review Guidelines:

[Edited on 03/10/10 @ 05:43 PM]

File Author
Too much? I could poor it on even thicker if you like. I think I'm being pretty easy on you as it is. That's just because i'm a nice guy. And let's not forget about the ratings!

Speaking of which.

The review is obviously not up to par.

Hey as I read on one of the threads, if it takes some of you months to make a scenario and you even use the titans expansion and still your scenario's suck compared to mine which only take me a couple of days to make ...

Well that certainly says alot about your so called criticism.

Hey, yeah I am confident and i tell ya, you guys had a good thing until your jealousy got the best of you.

If you are going to rate scenario's based upon how much you are fond of the person making them rather than the scenario for what it is then ya may as well throw this rating shit in the trash to begin with.

Oh and Khan, about the pigs squealing more than three times, you do know what a nightmare is right??? Think ... NIGHTMARE!

Is it hitting you yet, do you get it or do I got to spell it out for ya?

/ David

[Edited on 03/10/10 @ 11:22 AM]

File Author
OK May as well Khan.

Hey if ya don't want to watch the cinematic then close yer eyes duh!

again you ask "was it on the corresponding pigs that were on the screen at the time of the sound"

Think nightmare that plays over and over ... get with the story!

Yeah, when the gate gets destroyed it does the zoom, whent both fortresses get destroyed they each zoom. If you die it zooms again.

I know that from play testing there are times when player is very occupied and may not realise how far up the middle the enemy is so I put that in out of courtesy to the player and to add to the eefect of the nightmare!

Knit picker, when i get the time and if I ever feel like it then perhaps i will figure out on my own how to inject new objectives as i go but is by far not on my list of priorities just like mixing egyptian with greek etc. It is a nightmare, not being claimed to be egypt territory or greek. Get with the program!

Again i never claimed to profess spelling or grammar.

I achieved what I achieved before you shot in your two cents there Khan.

I have a feeling you guys really just don't get it (it hasn't sunk in yet) and you are going to miss my work on this site way more than I'll miss leaving them here LMFAO!

Yeah read it a weap Khan.

/ David

[Edited on 03/10/10 @ 11:50 AM]

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