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~ The Pirates Life ~

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Best viewed with Firefox 3.5 or newer.

~ The Pirates Life ~
Current Version: 1.3

Version History:
With every version update around about 25KB is being added to the file size. This obviously means that we are fixing bugs and adding to the game as well. It is in your best interest that you always have the most recent version of the map

1.3 Released (17/3/10) [Well it's the 17th in Australia anyway]
1.2c Released (17/3/10)
1.2b Released (15/3/10)
1.2a Released (15/3/10)
1.1 Released (13/3/10)
1.0 Released (13/3/10)

I've added a Code Word that you can obtain by finishing the scenario. E-mail me the Code Word and I will e-mail you back "Call to Halo AI BETA.scx"

A little inspiration goes a long way. You are a small pirate gang setting out to rule the seven seas. Start with a small band of pirates and manage your Pirate Cove to become the fiercest of them all! Buy Pirate Ships, protect your Flag Ship, collect treasure, take on the feeble pirates that already exist and become the most feared of them all!

Detailed Text and Pictorial Explanation

Welcome to the Port of Illium. Life here is simple and the inhabitants enjoy the little things. Here you will find everything that a pirate could need. So meet the locals and see what they have to say or find out what they know. Hire some new crew members from the Tavern or purchase some new boats to add to your every-growing pirate fleet.

Ah, the open sea - A pirates second best friend (first being the shoulder-parrot). Despite popular belief however, the coastal region around the Port of Illium is not open sea and many islands can be discovered and claimed. However islands are not the least of what you'll find in these coastal waters.

However since the topic has been raised, the islands around Illium Port hold many things in secret. Riches and wealth beyond treasure can be found if ye be brave enough venture into deep depths of the world and plunder what goods you can find. Travel to strange places and marvel at the oddities you can observe. However don't stare for too long, because chances are it isn't friendly.

Such unfriendly beings can also be found in the coastal waters. Stumble across enlargened creatures with buffed health and you'll most likely need to run away. These behemoths horde anything that is shiny and your ships are filled with shiny materials - not to mention that bigger creautres have bigger appetites and your ships are crunchy. Although your ships aren't the only ones that sail past such beasts.

Don't be thinking that you're the only gang of Pirates that patrol these waters. Many other Pirates are out to get the booty and drink all the rum. And since you're stealing a share of those luxuries, you won't find any pirates that will want to help you out. A Pirate outpost has been set up just to keep an eye on you. However that is definitely not the only Pirate landing you'll find. But chances are, they'll find you.

Don't be afraid of everyone however. As there are friendly beasts amongst the wicked. In this unforgiving life some would rather exile than conform to the ways of the world. There are a few that still don't want to kill everything - some of them will be no hassle to you and others just want someone to talk to *sad*

*** Please note that the Epic Terrains Mod has not been used in designing this map. It is probably in your best interest that you play this game without the Epic Terrains Mod installed (otherwise the terrains may not look correct and the terrain mixing may not mix very well). Of course I am not going to force you to ***

Extra Stuff
This game takes a while to complete as it is entirely free-roam - like the Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion. Yes there is a storyline, but you choose when you want it to continue and when you want to stop and just explore. So when you've got around 2 hours spare then be sure to DL and play The Pirates Life. There are also many extra commands to spice up the game once you have finished it as well, so be on the lookout for that once you've finished the game. Steak and I added these in becuase all good games have something extra to keep the player entertained once they have reached completion. You can access the commands at any time however :)

Thanks for reading :D ~ Khan And Steak
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Khan And Steak
File Author

[Edited on 03/14/10 @ 03:54 AM]

blaht 18th download and i can't wait to play it.
blaht dude this game is awesome
Lewonas Edit: I'm gonna play this scenario as soon when I've time. ;)

[Edited on 03/14/10 @ 08:43 AM]

Jondoom I started playing and it was good, but I must tell you of some glitches:

1) There were too little instructions, I think adding more instructions would make the game more enjoyable.

2) I found an annoying bug: I saved my game, and died later. When I tried to open my saved game, countless sea serpents emerged in the usual spot, I mean COUNTLESS, and if you killed one, another one came out. Besides they had like 2000 attacks points or something, so I died instantly and couldn't continue my game.

3) At some point there are too much enemy ships attacking your cove and you can't go back, so you kinda get stuck there. Ok maybe I should have bought more ships, but still their force is too big.

4) Also in the town section, I bought many things without noticing, becuase I wanted to click some units to see what they said and suddenly I had -100 gold or something. Maybe you should add a choice dialogue here? That would help a bit.

Just wanted to let you know of these bugs, In case you want to update the file sometime. :)

[Edited on 03/14/10 @ 07:24 PM]

CharlieDog I also got the bug where countless serpents appeared. Having played for three hours and then saved it, it discouraged me somewhat. But it was really good up until then. If you are going to update the version can I suggest you get less gold for small creatures and more for bigger creatures. I found myself killing snakes who died in two shots, then killing a scylla which took a lot.
Khan And Steak
File Author
EDIT: Updated the file to fix 3 major bugs (depicted above), added Objectives, added more people (including Xzyiothe, Blaht and Jondoom) and added a whole heap more user functions. Now typing in a AoMH/DGDN Forumer's name then most likely something will happen. Sometimes it's just a send chat message normally along with other things like change unit or grant resources. Of course to unlock certain character you have to type their name into the chat box.

Wow... Through all of the play testing I've never heard of any of the bugs you guys are talking about. Though none of the playtests saved and reloaded.

Wow - what difficulty where you on Jondoom? Still I have no idea how a serpent could get 2000 attack. I'll have to look into this :s Update 1 coming right up ~ Khan

[Edited on 03/15/10 @ 07:58 AM]

Jondoom Thanks for adding me! :p It's the first game I'm in.

EDIT: I was on moderate difficutly, but I think it was a trigger what gave the serpents 200 attack, and I forgot to tell that the attack was still raising, so I think the bug is in a trigger that increases the attacks, as well with a trigger that summons the 'serpents' god power.

[Edited on 03/15/10 @ 03:25 PM]

Gloin22 Superb scenario. Well done.
blaht thanks for adding me to the game its the first one i am in and i never encountered any bugs but then again i never saved and reloaded.
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