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~ Brave Sword - Improved Version ~

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Paradox design studios present...

Voted the Best RPG of 2010...

-The Lost Power-

~-· Improved Version ·-~


~-· Story ·-~

He was now awake... after 3 thousand years of silence in a dark and lonely prison. Revenge and power are the only thoughts that crossed his evil mind, and luring a man ambitious and evil enough to help release him. At the same time, Vale, a boy who just became an adult, must face his own life, and embark on a journey to find his long lost father. Nobody knew, but the world was to be thrown into a series of events that would change Vale's life and the course of history itself.


~-· Introduction ·-~

First let me give credit to the great people who playtested this game, without them this wouldn't have been possible: Necr0maNceR, Andrewv42 and Guard of Olympus.

The original Brave Sword was my first work, and the result of 2 months of hard work. However, it did not even come close to it's real potential, and it was full of errors and some sections were poorly designed.

This new version has received one additional month of work, and one that has changed it all. Now it has reached incredible heights, and I hope that your gaming experience get as high if you decide to play it.


~-· Concept ·-~

This is huge single player RPG, with a mixture of the adventure, action, and puzzle genres. All the gameplay is centered in the action, while keeping all the great RPG elements.

the gameplay is designed to be very fluid, keeping the delay to a minimum through simple but immersing eyecandy. There instructions detailing everything in a clear way, from every objective to every feature. You don't need external resources like the readme to play the game.

Lots of different features have been included, always keeping you busy. The storyline is intriguing as well, you'll see. There are many quaility cinematics to depict that story and to make the world of Brave Sword feel alive.


~-· Features ·-~

  • Innovative RPG gameplay always keeps you in the action, yet easy to handle.
  • 4 Difficulty modes.
  • Use of Hotkeys, makes gameplay simple.
  • Very clear instructions and story explaining everything.
  • Dozens upon dozens of quests, from gathering the 30 lost relics, to forging new swords, to helping people.
  • Play time reaches 5 hours or more.
  • Many weapons, ranging from bombs to magic.
  • Many ways to move around, horse, boat, and more...
  • An accurate balance system to keep the game challenging.
  • Varied battle mechanics, from fighting many types of foes, to an arena, or invading a rebel base.
  • Spectacular boss fights with unique mechanics.
  • 3 dungeons crammed with intricate puzzles.
  • Realistic day/dusk/night/dawn cycle, with effects and sounds, and a day count.
  • Many ways to upgrade yourself, from your sword skill to your religious level.
  • Many ways to expand your arsenal, from getting bigger bomb bags to bigger food bags.
  • You can trade and make business of all sorts.
  • Innovative food mechanic that keeps the action always.
  • Thrilling storyline.
  • Quality cinematics.
  • Triggers reach the 700 count!
  • Cheat list unlockable by finishing game once.
  • Triggers are very well organized in the editor for viewing leisure.


    ~-· Installation ·-~

    Place the "Brave Sword - Improved version" file into the folder:

    "My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario"

    And start playing! There are no additional sounds in the file, because the scenario uses only sounds from the game itself.


    ~-· Improvements ·-~

    I'm not showing those here becuase they would spoil most of the features! To see a complete list of the improvements in case you are interested just follow this link:

    BS Improved version showcase

    You can also leave a comment if you like.


    ~-· Four difficulties ·-~

    Now in the improved version there is only ONE file, and FOUR difficulty modes! Easy, normal, hard, and intense (titan).

    To select a difficulty just do as you would in the AoM campaign, before loading the scenario. The difference in gameplay between the four difficulties is absolute, as your HP is what receives the change. This alters all the game balance.

    If you're going to be kind enough to review, please take in account that there are 4 difficulties and don't say "I played the easy version and it was too easy, so I give the balance a 2.5" or "I played the intense difficulty and it was too difficult!"...if that's the case, then it's well balanced! lol


    ~-· Final words ·-~

    If you liked the original version, or even if you didn't, you're going to LOVE this one. With massive improvements and bug fixes, this is a whole new experience, this is how BS should have been released six months ago. I really enjoyed making this game, a lot, so I hope you enjoy it as much! :)

    If you like it and are kind enough to share that you liked it, please leave a comment. You can do it also in the BS Improved version showcase. (<-- link)

    My best regards.

    ~ Jondoom ~
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    AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    File Author
    Although there are no mayor bugs, please please please tell me if you find a bug. Be so kind as to let me fix that bug before reviewing. :)

    UPDATE: A bug where the hotkeys were modified (it wasn't an actual design bug, just accidental hotkey change) were 'fixed' by adding a mechanic that detects in hotkeys are wrong and autonatically fixes them. This could be manually done before by typing 'FIX', but some people may not know that and think the bug is permanent.

    [Edited on 03/21/10 @ 12:59 PM]

    blaht 2nd download
    blaht there was only one problem i found and that was that i couldn't use the horse after winning the race,though this didn't affect the game at first later on in the Heloplis quest i couldn't continue the game so please fix this bug.
    WinstonShnozwick Congrats, I really loved the first attempt, when I can check this out I will review this file. It is the same game though, so Ill just copy and edit the review from the previous file.
    File Author
    You sure Blaht? PLEASE make sure that you actually won the race, try going back and racing again. If you really won the race and could get on the horse, you have to tell me please.

    Maybe the error is related to a garrison thingy, try getting into the Kram ferry (the one that costs 5 gold) to the isle and then come back.

    I played the race in the same file, and everything worked perfectly... if in your case neither of those two solutions work then please send me your save file, this is my mail: jonathanmartinezd@hotmail.com.

    [Edited on 03/18/10 @ 07:56 PM]

    CharlieDog Great to see you put diffiuclty levels in. I struggled a little in the last one. I'll try to review when I have the chance, but I still need to review Pirate's Life.
    File Author
    Yeah, the intense difficulty is kinda difficult in the beginning, then it gets easier, then with the bosses it gets really intense (specially in the last one).

    Blaht I think I figured out why you can't turn into horse... the problem is in your hotkeys. To make sure it works type in "FIX" while playing to fix the hotkeys, and then check that pressing 3 actually selects a unit. If it isn't try selecting Group 3 manually, left-clicking the Group 3 flag (after fixing hotkeys), and that's it.
    blaht Well i tried both the things you told me and neither worked so i just restarted the scenario and it worked and boy was this game awesome.
    File Author
    Thanks for your review blaht! I'll try to fix the "bug" as soon as you confirm what way you managed to fix it... was it by fixing the hotkeys? PLEASE RESPOND. If that's the case then it's not a bug technically, your hotkeys just messed for a random reason. :) I also asked in the first post if you could not review if you found a bug, so when I get rid of that bug could you please update? If not I don't have any problem, your review was fair enough.

    [Edited on 03/19/10 @ 11:36 PM]

    Bartholomeus Hehe.. a hero from Vault 101 trying to save his Dad.
    then his Dad killed by the Enclave. :p
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