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Rise of the Ancient Demo Version - SCENARIO

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File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Rise of The Ancient: The Cursed Lands

Archos of Medomai's Creation

SCENARIO Files Download

This is the Release of Rise of the Ancient Demo v.1.2.

Please refer to the CORE files before playing this scenario.

© copyright Archos of Medomai. all rights reserved.


Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion

optional requirements:

processor 2.0 ghz or higher
RAM 1 gb or higher

recommended files:

Epic Textures MOD
nottud's ultimate editor superpack

For more information, see the thread in the AOMH Forum.
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File Author
After downloading this, you have to download the CORE files or it will not work as usual.

(will contain countless bugs)
(Unchanged Lighting, no sound or musics, etc.)

so I remind you,


thank you :)

and sorry for the inconvenience.

-Archos of Medomai
Guard of Olympus
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It was extremely intresting, unique and exciting to play this map, I was always wondering what would happen next and I had to be cautious for ambushes. There wasn't a single moment in this scenario where nothing happened, it was always fast - paced, action filled and enjoyable. A quest, a few dungeon, a shop (that maybe could have been improved a little) and leveling - this scenario had all the elements a good RPG needs. The only thing that I found annoying was the shop system, I think it should have been explained better and maybe even used a different system for buying things - I couldn't know what the collumn I clicked contained so I lost huge amounts of gold on things I didn't really need. Overall extremely enjoyable to play, well done on the playability.

Balance: 5
This scenario uses a very unique balance system, as I'd say it's impossible to lose unless you resign, but you still managed to do the balance real good. Ressurection fountains weren't found everywhere, and just a few were scattered across the map, which is good. You also lose something if you die, so you can't just take suicide and it'd still not cause yourself any damage. In battles, you had to think in a strategic way when to use potions, and enemies were perfectly powered to match your strenght, there weren't too many enemies, nor to few. Ambushes weren't too strong and I was usually able to destroy them with the help of a potion or two. Speaking of potions, I think potions was exactly as easy to find as they should have been, you couldn't get 100 potions for finding like three relics, and this was obviously good. I think you did a very good job in balancing a cenario with such an unique balance system.

Creativity: 5
Like i mentioned under the playability section, this scenario was unique and I've never seen anytjing like this. This map uses gameplay mechanics never seen before, an unique way of both healing and leveling, it contains dungeons, sounds and new textures that are really great, and creative. The scenario has features that really makes this map enjoyable, and it feels new each time one plays it. I have now played this scenario three times without getting bored once, and the traps and ambuches that are the reason for this are created in a nice and unique way.

Map Design: 4.5
I felt the map design in this scenario was between a four and a five, but I decided to give you the highest score. The best part of the map design are the dungeons, that look awesome and gives an "in-door" feeling. SFXs in the dungeon helps to light up the enviroment and a few cool new types of eyecandy (the Egyptian wall eyecandy) can be found in this map. I think some areas look really good with small cities, refuge camps, rocks and more, but I'm sorry to say that I feel a few areas are a bit untouched, sometimes I find Imhotep walking in a huge area with only sand, no elevation, no rocks and almsot no eyecandy at all. If you added some more elevations to these areas, they would look very realistic and nice.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story of this scenario was, without doubt, good but I feel it was explained poorly at the begining. You could have made a great cinematic, but instead there are only overlay texts, and I didn't feel they explained the story too well. The instructions were good, and there were many ways to learn how to do things. But the chat messages were also important information, and way too many chats came at the same time which was very confusing and hard to read. It wasn't that much of a problem, but it takes a point of this score I'm afraid.

Additional Comments: Keep up the good work!

And maybe you should ask a moderator via email if he could give you permission to upload the core files and the scenario in one file, so people don't have to download two of them. ;)
File Author
First of all, I'd like to give many thanks to you, for giving a detailed review which shares some improvements and nice comments. :)

I take that for the Improvements in the Full version.

I will use a choice dialog, so that you can see what you're buying.

I will also add some elevation and more eyecandies to some areas.

About the Story/instructions: Like I said, I have not yet focused on making the storyline more detailed but I will in the Full version. and the chat messages, yes I know they were a bit fast and overwhelming, it's the least I can do to remind the players. It was a Tutorial Map after all. Maybe you have some suggestions for improving how to instruct the players?

Again, Thank you very much, Guard of Olympus, You really give me a great things to be appreciated with!

I shall continue making this map to its Full version from now on.
I cannot promise when the map should be released. but I think it's around 1 or 2 months. or maybe 2 weeks from now. It depends on my time and my feelings for this map. but really, thanks for giving a review! ^^ :)
File Author
I'm still fixing bugs.

If the Demo has no bugs, then so its the full version coming up.
Coca_Cola93 Oh NoEz!

Mummys are evil creatures. :p

Hmm could you make a trigger, that we can skip the intro?
After the 5th time were my computer f*cked up, I don't wanna watch it again.

Don't take it negative. It's just a bit annoying to watch it again and again.

[Edited on 04/03/10 @ 05:51 AM]

File Author
For Cola_cola93

Sure. If you already understand the storyline.
But on the Full Version. ;)

I'm working at it.

be sure to backup your save files.
incase your computer ****** up again.

File Author

YAY! wait for the fullversion. ;p
HeidenClan Hi i was really impressed by this map
and I was wondering how to set up the EXP system and leveling? Could you give me a link to a tuturial to do it like in this map?
File Author
you could see a sample of the triggers on the map.. :)

I think it's not very difficult to remember the set of conditions and effects..

The tutorial will be packed along with the release of this map. Or maybe not..
HeidenClan So all in Group Trigger are in "Player setting"?
Which ones of those are relevant to the leveling system?

Thanks for replying ^^
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Map Design5.0
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