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Atlantis Tower Defence 1.4

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Version: AoM: The Titans

With Atlantis dying and Kastor dead, Arkantos begins to lose faith in Zeus. When Zeus leads Arkantos and Ajax to the middle of nowhere, it is the last straw. Chiron, a long lost friend, discovers an abandoned temple of Oranos. Taking this as a sign, Arkantos decides to favour Oranos. Defend the temple of Oranos to gain his favour and restore Atlantis.

This is your classic tower defence game. Your units are situated on an elevated platform, meaning that the only way to destroy the enemy that becomes stronger and stronger wave after wave is with ranged units. Atlantis Tower Defence is a game of strategy, compromise and luck. Have fun.

Sandbox mode (easy) and three difficulty levels are now present.

I really wish i had playtested this a lot more. It took me too long to fix the bugs and now no-one else is interested :( what a waste :(
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
This was reasonably enjoyable. The Toxotes were strong enough to do the trick fast enough on the slower units, though the enjoyment was reduced when the anubites ran past without getting nicked. I had to restart twice to win. The first time it was an anubite, the second time, it was a hippikon. I managed to get the hang of it, and win the third time without even sweating. (Learned a trick. Something that you might want to fix.)

Balance: 3
There was no notice that said I couldn't let the enemy NEAR the temple, but only that I had to protect it. So I was a bit surprised when I lost after the hippikon and Anubite got too close. Perhaps you should mention that. The large armies were no match for my toxotes once I got my army down into the valley. (Yes, I managed that) You should perhaps grant the enemy more ranged units to perhaps damage the 'towers' - that I wasn't really obliged to build - and the toxotes that were faster, cheaper and more mobile than said towers.

Creativity: 3
As a general rule, I've nothing against tower defense. But this needs some work. First, add some eye candy. Second, make the cinematic a little more enjoyable. It was good, for a first publish, but if you want to be world class, expand. Sounds, effects, so on. The final line in the cinematic was a little confusing. "What was that?" It seemed to have no point, no attachment to the rest of that conversation. Either elaborate, or remove.

Map Design: 2
The map design was good. A bit confusing at first, but good. The path the enemy took was long enough to give me a decent chance to hit the enemy, and the walk way was nice. I could have wished for more, but it was suitable for the task. Add a few more trees, flowers, rocks, more colors of cliff, and so on to spice things up a bit.
Use the two Greek cliffs in a sort of mottled pattern to make it look more natural. One is gray and the other is brown.

Story/Instructions: 2
Decent enough for the task, but I didn't feel like I was playing a part in a story. I knew what I was supposed to be doing, but I forgot halfway in. And was surprised when I managed to build my first tower, and found out how enhanced it was. There should be more in-game dialogue, and a few more instructions.
I literally went looking to build a sky passage to get to Chiron.

Additional Comments:
You also misspelled Chiron once. 'Chrion.'
One of your armies got stuck against the cliff wall, and never came out. I had to go get it.
I managed to worship Apollo, get the underworld passage, and get an army into the path. Believe you me, they never got past me then. I simply packed the path with troops, and held them still long enough for my toxotes to shoot them up.
I had no way to defend my TC from the walking woods. My two Heroes were tangled with some of their own, as I lost my TC trying to protect my villies. I started over then, because it was before I realized I got resources by killing enemies.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3.5
This was quite a fun map. You obviously put some effort into making sure everything was good. The camera tracks at the start were very good, when I saw them, I was surprised that this was your first map. The overhead camera got a bit annoying, but after a while I got used to it. I was a little frustrated when I used my underworld passage and it disappeared... I see now that Hammerhands pointed out what happens when you use an underworld passage. I played it on moderate first, and after losing, (to a hippikon, I bolted the anubite ;) ) I played again on easy.

Balance: 4
I thought the balance was very good. I really liked how you had taken your time to invidually make cost, attack and range etc. And how each unit was good on something. The enemies got better and better as you went along, although I do think that the anubite came way too quickly... I didn't really like the towers... They cost a lot and you had to upgrade them to do anything.

Creativity: 3
Reasonably creative. It's certainly not the first tower defense I've seen and probably won't be the last, but you had to be a lot more strategic. The overhead camera was creative. There were lots of different enemies which each had their own strengths and weaknesses which was pretty cool, it made the game even harder and wasn't a game which depended on how fast you can move the mouse.

Map Design: 2
The map design was alright. But it confused me quite a bit. I had no idea what I was doing the first time I tried. The whole map was alright, although city tile gets a bit boring after a while, I was thinking you could have mixed it with the Atlantis tile or something, other than that, I could see you put effort into making the cliffs into a good tower defense road.

Story/Instructions: 3
Story was alright. I could visualize that happening, but I wouldn't really think they'd suddenly start building towers and saying "let's defend this temple" In the cinematic I would have liked you to explain what Zeus had done to them. But the instructions were great, you showed what everything cost and what to do and how to do it. They were really helpful.

Additional Comments: Very fun game housefan, just work on the map design and the story a bit.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Well this is my first time to play a Tower Defense game, and yet I enjoyed it a lot. However, when I played it, I guess there is a bug: Trigger #2 did not show up once I have managed to finish Trigger #1, which is to defeat all waves of enemies. I just found out there is a trigger #2 when I checked it in the Editor itself. Also, the laborer can NOT build fortresses as mentioned, and spaces on the mountain top is too narrow, so almost no Fortresses can be built. I just managed to build a Fortress on the middle with a greek Villager on it. Just a question: I'm confused. At first, I saw no greek villager (the one who can build the greek buildings, including the fortress) on that location, but halfway through the game, I saw that greek villager. When I checked the editor, i did not see that villager. Was that villager present throughout the game, or will it just come out after some time? Also, by worshipping Apollo, the Underworld passage can be set on the enemy's passage (which I never did since it's like a cheat.) Anyways, since this scenario is easy to learn to play and just simple, it may have a high replayability value.

Balance: 4
For the balance, the 4 difficulty settings should provide a good answer to that. But when I tested it on Titan, I guess it's almost impossible to finish, since you don't have enough resources at start to defend from fast and tough units at the start including the anubites. On hard, the challenge is just right. All in all, this game has just a fine balance. I never played this on Moderate of Easy. For me, Hard is the difficulty I'm looking for. Finally, to give this a perfect balance:
1.) Increase the space where you can build buildings so it would be possible to build more Fortresses. Having many Fortresses can make the game almost a certain win, but it is also a fact that it is very hard to build lots of them since they are too expensive on this game.
2.) Decrease either the Nemean Lions' speed and/ or Hit points. They're very hard to kill.

Creativity: 4

I gave you a high score on creativity since you have made a new genre out of the original RTS genre of AOM; you have turned it into a minigame Tower defense, which consists of AOM concepts such as the buildings, units and characters from the campaign. Also, the fact that you edited most of the units' attack and stregths and weaknesses made this even more creative. Good job here man!

Map Design: 3.5 (rounds up to 4)
The map is finely designed, including the cliffs and passageway for the enemy. Adding more design to the map may hinder the enemy or the player's movement. The only mai issue on the map design is the place where you can build buildings is too narrow, I just built 2 Fortresses. I may want to have more space to luild an additional one or two. Also, I guess more eyecandy could be added on your TC and on the area where the walking woods are.

Story/Instructions: 4
There isn't much of a story here, only defending an Oranos temple so that Arkantos would be favored by him. I guess the story could still be enriched a bit more. As for the instructions, it is just simple. It implies what you need to do in order to achieve victory, which is to defend the Oranos Temple. Hints are also quite useful, and I'm glad you used Spotlight to help the player learn more about the game's rule of counter attack (ex. Fire giants are good against siege and myth)

Additional Comments:
I enjoyed this scenario a lot since it is simple yet gave me great challenge. For me this is not a waste like what you have mentioned. Maybe it's just there are not too many people prefer playing tower defense (I'm one, but I had a good time with this) that's why you thought this is ignored. Just correct all the bugs, and focus later on enhancing it (story and eyecandy. Trust me, this game is worth playing!

[Edited on 04/11/11 @ 06:03 AM]

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