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Daemonwood Random Map

Author File Description
Squishy Introduction:

Long ago before there were humans, a band of fire spirits left Muspell and ran through the northern lands, creating havoc. When humans arrived the spirits harassed them, for these pitiful beings seemed like a new plaything for their powers. They did not know that these humans were the new pets of the gods, and the gods chased the spirits away until they were trapped in a deep woodland valley. Their pursuers found the contrast between fire and nature amusing and decided to leave them there, forever bound to the land, forced to keep the woods alive and fertile because it was all they had. Other creatures avoided the woods because they feared the wrath of the spirits. Over time, the spirits became to think of the forest as theirs, and started becoming involved in all matters within its borders. Generations later the spirits had forgotten the whys and hows of their situation and lost all interest in leaving the woods; they became obsessed with making their surroundings more beautiful and rich than anybody had ever seen, so that none would question their dominance in the area. The beauty of the forest made the surrounding people happy and the spirits grew more relaxed and began to feel like this was exactly where they belonged.

After a long time, human settlements began to appear in the forest, and those settlements would trade with each other and with outside villages, and the woods were so beautiful that it became a very popular hub of culture. The spirits, who existed only as rumors to the humans, were very pleased and started to feel that maybe they had bettered the gods by making their land more desirable than any which had been created before it.

It was not long though before the villages began bickering about rights and regulations. Trade decreased and each village attempted to expand to consume as much of the forest as possible to assert its dominance. People fought over the resources the forest had to offer, for no matter how much the spirits provided, it could not satisfy all. Outsiders began to fear the forest as a place where trouble was brewing. The educated began to gather in cities beyond the eastern mountains, and the forest began to become saturated by corruption.

The spirits grew frustrated and irreverent. They looked within themselves to find the power to overcome their obstacles, and when they did, they found the desire to destroy all they saw, leaving creation in an immolating smolder of waste. That would stop it. That would halt the ugly humans and keep them from inheriting what had been put together over so much time. The spirits had been the first chapter of this mystical wood, and they vowed that they would also be the last.


Double-click the installation file (Daemonwood.msi) and point it to your AoM directory if it doesn’t find it automatically. All the files will get put into the right place. Or, you can copy the files manually; just follow the directort structure within the zip file.

Start a random game (either single or multi-player), click on the map type to select a new type, and choose the Daemonwood entry.

To uninstall, open your control panel and choose Add/Remove Programs and look for the Daemonwood entry (if you installed using the msi.)


Each player starts in a small grassy open area of the forest. Roads connect to other players. The forest contains other open areas, which are a good place to look for extra resources. Not all areas will be reachable right away. Some require that some trees be cleared first. You can either clear the trees with you villagers, or wait to see if the fire spirits will burn down that section of forest.

Within the deep forest itself, there are many hidden gold mines. These can be chopped to, although they are usually deeply buried. But have no fear; many of them will be exposed in time.

As the spirits grow angry, they will light the forest with massive bonfires that will consume great sections of trees. These fires may burn parts of your town, they may compromise your defenses, they may offer a different path through the woods, and they may expose valuable resources. When you hear the fire roaring and the sky turns reddish look to see if fire affects your strategy.

Daemonwood is still a place of significant culture. Along main roads you will see markets with people buying food for the families which still reside in the forest. Tents are scattered about, the homes of those who enjoy a more secluded life away from town.

Known issues:

The AI sometimes has a difficult time path-finding to their intended enemy. If there is an open area that leads a good way towards their target but not all the way, their armies will try taking that path first.

The frequency of forest fires is still being tweaked.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
I really wanted to rate it a 4.5. Made me think and plan more than the usual map, a good thing; I was getting bored. Provided something extra, now that random maps have covered amost every terrain possible. Nice story, appreciate the extra effort. Stories are not usually provided. Needed a little extra polish to get rated a 5. The spirits runnning around setting the fires would be an example.

Additional Comments: I don't usually rate things, but I thought it might bring more attention to your map. The burning trees make a bigger difference on small maps, 1v1 especially. 2v2 is probably the best balanced. 4v4 not so much an effect. 4v4 did really slow down(10-15 fps) my computer(2.5ghz Geforce4) and I can usually play 6v6 okay(>30 fps). The resolution didn't make much difference so I think it was the path finding through all the trees. It got better at the end with less units and trees. The timing of the burns seemed good. The markets were nicely done but seemed a little out of place to me. Noticed one of my computer team mates made a spy out of one of the market people.
File Author
Thanks for this feedback; it has good points.

I actually spent quite a bit of time trying to get a fire spirit to run around but in the end it was just too distracting from gameplay and I wanted to avoid that. You can, however, see indications of the spirits from time to time. It's subtle.

I think I need to make the number of trees that burn grow with the number of players; that would solve the problem of the burns being somewhat irrelevant with more players.

What do you think would have made the markets fit in better? I was trying for a civilian theme there; where all the players were the village governments while the 'real' forest citizens went about their daily lives. Would a more complete town around the market have helped at all?

When I first saw the computer spy on one of the market people, I realized that that is actually a pretty good idea. They are not automatically targetted so odds are they will live forever, and they will warn you when the enemy is crossing to your side of the map.
Mythical_King I have made a rm but i dont know how to play it on single or multiplayer. How do u do it? My eso name is TuF_Set. Feel-free to contact me. Thank you.
Rating: 2

I feel really bad, because I can tell a lot of work went into this. But...I've got to give it a low rating. For some reason, each time I played this map (played it 3 times), my computer opponent wouldn't age. The Fire Spirits were cool, but I don't understand the purpose of the Gaia units in the center of the map. Was it just eye candy?

Also, the 4th town center kept getting stuck in the middle of a forest. Am I supposed to wait for the Fire Spirits to burn down the forest until I can get to it?

Additional Comments:

Also, there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why the Fire Spirits became angry. I would understand it if they started burning things when I slaughtered the Gaia units, but instead, they would get angry at odd times. Is it just completely random?
s7092910 it won't download plz fix that plz
odins watcher Edit: Removed

[Edited on 05/25/10 @ 07:12 PM]

Isten Keze I have installed all of the files but i dont find the map.
shitty RM

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