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AOM Fastest Possi

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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
Hi All,

First of All i'm asking your help to get this Map better, i don't know how to build maps on AOM, but i like to play Online.

This Map is a "copy" of Starcraft "Fastest" maps, the ideia is to have infinite resources for the 8 players and just play as fast as you can.

Problems i find with this map,

First, it has to be allways 8 players... how can i choose the number of players when i'm creating the game ? is this possible?

Second, the map is very noob, no tiguers no nothing...

I would apreciate very much a help on getting it better, Thank you all.

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Only submit once. The delay is so I can approve your file in case it violates the COC.

I haven't looked at your map but I can tell a few things. Mostly grassA by the looks of it, and that's a cardinal sin of scenario design. Mix your terrain, make it interesting, add elevation as I'm sure battlefields aren't completely flat.
Triggers is a must for any good online map. You can find guides in the design library (and the forums also). There's a question thread in the forums for your questions too (and for your question, look at scenario data -> player data) :).

I have to give you credit for creating very equal areas for each player and near perfect symmetry for the cliffs. That's a great skill to have.

Gameplay is also essential, if you want a good scenario then supremacy just won't do, but you might want to adapt your style for the current ESO. The only maps that aren't supremacy that people seem to like are escapes and capture the flags.
Look at some good online maps, take ideas from them. We have many good multiplayer and singleplayer scenarios here in the DL section for you to start your search.

I know it's very difficult to start out, but the best way is to experiment and teach yourself. It's not the easiest time to be starting either - so I wish you the best of luck.

[Edited on 05/12/10 @ 05:22 PM]

File Author
Hi Yeebaagooon,

First of all thanks for the reply.

About the submite, my fault i post it once, and then as i didn't see it i did it again... lame...

About the map, i undesrtand your opinions about the map and thanks about the credit lol... with work we can do anything lol...

This map the ideia is simply that, selectable number of players, with not mutch to think, develop and attack.

I know i have much to learn on map making, i'm going to be sincer i haven't read anything about triggering, and after i complete this map.. yes.. it is needed some triggers lol...

The ideia was just to see if anyone can improve it without much work.

About my question, i can set the number of players there in the player data, but i would like to set it when i load the map, because if i define 8 in player data, i have allways 8 when i create the game.... is it possible then to select a number of players ? 2 or 4 or 8.

Yeebaagooon, no problem, i have to read some post first and some faqs. Thanks.
Shadow_file Taunt: 029 Scream.mp3
Grass A it burns!!!! I kid I kid...grass A is pretty terrible if you want your map to be looked at for eyecandy in any manner however don't feel like you have to change it...I mean castle blood, zelda, and riv civ all use mainly grass a.
And to answer your question yes you can change the number of players while in editor on the toolbar go to Scenario -> Scenario Data -> Number of Players -> choose an amount (1-12)
I advise 9 or less otherwise people fear lag...and not without reason...
There are 2 ways to do unlimited resources I don't know if you want the players to have constantly respawning resources or to start with infinite...
Starting with infinite is much easier. In editor simply go to Scenario -> Player Data -> and change the amount of wood gold and food to an amazingly high sum, for favor set a trigger with the following:
Favor Granter:
[X] Active
[X] Loop
[X] Run Immediately
Timer milliseconds (10 or so)
Grant player Resource: 100 Favor (do for each player)

In order to make respawning resources...email me the map at ssjknorris@hotmail.com and I'll do it for you as its annoying to explain triggers XD
Aflay rotfl ganon reference. It does remind me of starcraft from the design. It's very plain indeed, but that doesn't always concern me, even though I enjoy pretty colors ^_^. I think that its a good start, if you are just starting off. I know that changing the players in a scenario is easy. Just go to the scenario tab and choose scenario data. it should ask you for the number of players there.

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