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The Bear's World Maps

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
These maps of the real world are all my AOM masterpieces. They've come a long way, and so have I (with map-making). I hope you folks like my multiplayer maps, and please give feedback (that will help me make the maps better). Most of them are 6 player maps, one or two may be 4 player maps. Again - they've all come long ways and have really become awesome maps for epic AOM matches!
In this map pack are:
- Asian Wars
- Europa101
- The Far East
- The Middle East
- Norway
- North American Wars
- Mexico
- Latin America
- Florida
Most of the maps have settlements that are named after real world cites/countries. The geographical accuracy has come a long way and could use help - if you think it does. Let the maps speak for themselves, and tell me, the map-maker, how they can "speak" better! :)
I would appreciate at least a few ratings and lots of comments! Thank you!
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Nick_The_Hunn 1. Try to use the height tool: Make some Hills and terrain height differences, like plains and adjust mountains with spikes or edges. They look so aom-roundish, like boobs in a field lol srry.
2. I'm not sure about this but, sometimes remove trees in forests and add trees more random around the area so it will look more realistic. But try not to over do it like i always did.
3. (2.B) When randomly placing trees try to mix them. Like 2 different types of trees. This will increase your scenario extremly, it's one of the points that makes a good difference. But keep the combinations of trees realistic. Not something like snow and palm. But Oak and pine is fine, Palm and oak and some pine is fine to. Tundra and Pine or/and Oak. Sometimes it's nice to put a single gaia tree to hightlight it.
4. Increase your terrain mixing. Instead of one desert make a desert mixed of two or three different terrains though eachother. Like overlapping eachother. Or make spots.
5. More space, towncenters need build area and also the map it selfs needs more build space in some areas! This can be done by randomly placing trees.
6. Place small, medium and large gold mines, this will make it look more realistic but also spamming large gold mines isn't fun either ;)
7. Only place a few huntable animals, like in the random maps, and sometimes you can place more. Normally its like 2 or 3 deers and sometimes 4, 5 or 6. But not 8. This concerns most of the animals.
8. Try placing rocks near mountains and rivers and sometimes in open areas. Don't overdo it by placing many rocks near a river. Open areas are hard i must say.
These are my tips after looking at your Asian Wars.

I'm looking at your Europe101 map.
Ireland is bigger than Britannia Superior (England+Scotland) O.o
Try to search for Historical City names :P And look at Google Maps or Wikipedia if you want different city names. Learn your history for example if this would be a map that would take place in history. By that i don't mean to offend you but, if you were going to make a historical map than do some homework, search for information about the area.
Btw, Istanbul is connected with Asia Minor by a Bridge of steel and metal, and not by land ;)

Looking at Florida Map: It needs more terrain mixing.

Looking at Mexico map: Nice tree mixing at Yucatan. The distance between Texas and Lousiana isn't that big you know. Keep a larger distance between town centers, if you were expanding one of them they would kill eachothers villagers. Also the Spanish start infront of Newfoundland? Lol.. Put them infront of Florida or let them start in Mexico.. As i said before, know your history.

Your Scandinavia map (you call it Norway) needs more random tree placement.. And you should really add some rocks. The Norse Cliffs for example.

I like your Far East map, but the nice details are made by Nottud's editor tools.. To bad.
And it needs more terrain mixing at most places!

Middle East map needs more terrain mixing and add some rocks and use the height tool. Search for the Sarah in google map pictures, you'll see the desert isn't all that flat but has mountains of rock and sand.

Please, don't think of this as a offending post, i want you to learn from the advise i gave you. So do not flame me for putting a nail at the things you failed at. See this as a path of learning and increasing your skill.
I'm happy i could give you some advice to help you as a colleague Geographical Map-maker :)
You have potential! ^.^
File Author
Thanks for the tips, Nick! I'm not offended, but I've got my history at a pretty good level right now, so believe me, I know most of my stuff, haha. For some map features, I had to make some "inaccuracies" in order to include certain areas of the world (like Istanbul, and many others). Lots of my maps have terrain mixtures, forest mixtures (not tree mixtures, I'll add that), and gold mine varieties, but I'll work on improving those fields. Ireland shall be made smaller, I'll add more variety in terrain, land heights, trees, and fix the animal situation (less deer and stuff; when I made these maps, my Tourette's Syndrome urged me to place many animals, so... yeah, but I shall fix that).
Again, thank you so much for the advice! I really appreciate it - I hope to start an Eastern Europe map soon, so look forward to that! You take care, now!

[Edited on 05/17/10 @ 04:53 PM]

File Author
And also, hang on, what are you talking about when you said "I put the Spanish in front of Newfoundland"? In my North America Map, you mean? That was prolly a mistake (actually I don't remember caring too much how I placed civ names in that particular map). I know my history, man, I know they started in Florida/Latin America, trust me, I'm Floridian. I'll fix that, nonetheless.

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