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Version: AoM: The Titans
Mod info:

-This unit can be trained at the Town Center and Temple in the Classical Age for all gods.
-Can be trained once (like greek heroes).
-Uses real fox's sounds so it may sound a bit weird compared to other AoM units.
-New unit means offline use only (if you want to play online with this, the other players must have this mod as well)
-This mod uses a new model and texture.
-Some screenshots included

Comes with 4 abilities:

-Fire Manipulation (launchs fireballs to enemies)
-Possession (converts an enemy to your side)
-Illusion (creates up to four Kitsune's copies)
-Healing (well... heals)

I tried to adapt the abilities in the Japanese myth to age of mythology and I think this was the best way, you can suggest new attacks though, and if it can be done I'll update this file (must be according to the mythology).

*Titans Only

-Seems like the possession attack isn't working properly in-game (strange, cuz in editor works fine) so I added a protox without that skill, use whatever you like most.
-Fixed the protox, thanks for letting me know herocortez
-Didn't noticed the Kitsune's texture wasn't being used, fixed that so you can see the illusion foxes slighty darker for a better micro management of the main fox.
-Updated the file with better settings for the convert attack.
-It appears the Kitsune was not trainable in neither town center and temple (I apologize, sometimes I don't have the time to fully test a new unit), fixed and thanks for the info Warzone500.
-The Kitsune can now attack air units with the fireballs.

-Any bug, problem, or something that could be improved post a comment here.

-If you want use this mod in your AOM projects, you can, but please give me credit


>>DeviantArt Artists<<


Used their artworks for the Kitsune's portrait icons.

>>AoM Heaven<<

-Stephen Caines - Introduction to Modding
-Extinction - Advanced Model Editing
-Izzy - Texture Editing
-People who made Tools for AOM (ex. AoMEd, BarExplorer, [Single Material]Gmax/3dsmax Scripts)

Thanks for downloading!
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Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)
i liked this mod so much, i love the unit animations:D

Additional Comments:
I liked this mod so much and it is fun to play with this new unit, unfortunately I cant hear his sounds, etc when u select him, when u tell him to move, when u tell him to attack like that and in editor when u click add units, u cant see his name, only blank and very few problems the protox.xml is messed up and it wont let me play the game so i have fixed the problem by editing the protox and it took me 15 mins to fix that.

and one more thing i liked ur other mods, they are really cool especially the amateraurs (i think i have spelled his name wrong), im really look forward to this, and btw what unit r u gonna make next?
crazydragon looks cool when I get time Ill check it out
File Author

I have fixed the protox, I dunno why it had errors (must have replaced something at the last moment)

and about the name (xpacklanguage) and sounds I checked them too and they work fine for me, are you sure you installed them correctly?

anyway, thanks for the rating!
glad you liked it!


[Edited on 06/12/10 @ 11:00 PM]

herocortez oh dont worry, i have fixed the problem. the problem was that i didnt replace the soundsets-xpack.xml.
herocortez just to let u know that possession works fine for me. here's how i have done it:

if u open the protox.xml and scroll down to the possession skill. now look at the maximum range, if u change the "4.5" to "11.5"
it will work, it will let kitsune to use it longer range, but however the minimum range is tricky one. because u have to get closer to the enemy unit to use the possession skill which is really bad but, if u change the "0.9" to "5.9", it will work but also u have to change the fireballs range, if u need anything please tell me

hope this helped

[Edited on 06/13/10 @ 03:33 AM]

File Author
Thanks, it did help actually :), It seems the problem was that I'd put the values too close to the hand attack's and that was causing the convert to fail is some cases, but it should work fine now.

[Edited on 06/14/10 @ 03:08 PM]

Rating: 5
The model is very well done and the textures fit the model well ,the animations work well with the model.
Additional Comments:
I think you did a great job on this model but I think there are a lot better units someone with your skill could make , I look forward to your next model .

What do you have planed for your next unit.
fighterlex where do i nead to put him in?
(what map)
TailsTurrosaki Hi, do I need to put this in a certain folder?? I don't know anything about files and stuff... So do I leave it where it is, or do I put it somewhere?

Sorry for such a n00b question... Thanks in advance.
File Author
No problem, here is how to install:

Unzip the content anywhere in your PC, go to your AoM Installation directory (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\), you should see some folders with the same name as the folders of this file you downloaded, open the Data folder of this file and copy-paste the content into the Data folder of your game directory, and the same goes for all the remaining folders, the xpacklanguage.dll doesn't go in any folder just paste into the default game's directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology) but make a backup of the original xpacklanguage first.

any doubt just ask.
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