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Hero Wars v0.6 Beta

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# of Players: 10
Version: AoM: The Titans
LAST UPDATED: 14/07/10 2:56am GMT
If you downloaded the map earlier than the given date, please re-download to receive the latest version! :)

It's VERY important that you download the latest version now; an embarrassing bug that occured in the initial release of v0.6 that was enough to break the game has now been fixed.

This is the multiplayer beta for Hero Wars. I'm releasing this to balance test, and I would like to receive feedback from everybody who downloads!

For more information, visit the main thread:

  • Players 5 - 10 MUST BE COMPUTERS!
  • Player 5 MUST BE ZEUS!
  • Player 6 MUST BE RA!

    I hope you enjoy! :)
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    Forbiddian I wasn't able to play online more than 15 minutes, because everyone died at the start due to the bug (what the hell?) and then everyone quit 10 minutes later when nothing really happened. But yeah, there are some serious problems with the game that aren't just bugs, and also a lot of cool features.

    I'm really excited for many of the god powers (some are weak/useless, but I'm assuming you're balancing them). The god powers are very cool visually and not too laggy. You definitely have the foreground for a very interesting map, but you need background to make the game interesting. I'm not talking about eye candy, I don't care. I'm talking about how there's nothing strategic at all to do on this map. All the other features in the game just seem to detract from the game and they don't really do what they're intended to do.

    The shop is totally lame. Forget complex, it's too simple and flat! It doesn't really matter what you buy (except if you got a slow hero, you need to upgrade speed a few times). Even with more upgrades and Morale Boosting your ass off, you can't even crack through that gate with the two death stars shooting lasers. And even if you somehow got through, you'd still have to kill the Ancient!

    More specifically, the ability to purchase so many speed boosts is just excessive. Why even cap it at 10? You should only be able to buy like 2 or 3 at the most. A slow hero should be slow, not running at 12 speed. Oh, and a big line of sight lags the game really bad, so I wouldn't even have the ability to buy that if I were you. It's kinda cool, but too much lag.

    The Old Man leveling shop is even more of a waste. You're giving players the choice NOT TO USE THE COOL/REVOLUTIONARY PART OF YOUR SCENARIO! Why would you do that? Forget about balance or anything, why would you want players to be improving their right click instead of using the features that you put into the game? Talk about detracting from the experience!

    The Relics are also so linear. They don't add any tactical complexity to the game, it's just another thing to do. You click it, the relic is yours, your opponent's can't stop you. If you arrive one millisecond faster, you get the relic. Carrying a relic should at least drop your speed, damage, armor, and hitpoints so you can be killed and maybe you can fight for it, but I recommend just removing that entirely.

    The only other feature in the game is the towers, and they're completely useless. Even capturing all six towers you get nothing. Like slightly more common Morale Boosts (that are still random)? What the hell?

    Instead of morale boosts, you should get permanent improvements to your heroes and NPCs for controlling more than half the map. If you control all six towers, you should be getting upgrades to quickly win the game (assuming your opponent can't quickly recap). I mean, you control the entire map. You should get a reward for this.

    Also, a feature that definitely should be added either way: Slow healing for everyone and a massive nerf to Bellerophon. A stray slinger bolt is like -5 hitpoints permanently. You can only shake it with death or by waiting for an hour inside town. Everyone should heal at least a bit over time, and the in-town healing should be sped up massively (like 30-50 hitpoints per second). Waiting in town for 2 minutes is worse than death. I'll just suicide my guy when he's hurt to save time.

    Make the map interesting between beta and release. Add strategic points where you can attack (and not just right click the relic first). Simplify/automate the shop so players can concentrate more on the fighting and the cool god powers.

    One last thing: After 20 minutes, people quit the game. In 2v2, that ruins the game. You have to try to set it up so the game can end in 20 minutes and will last at most 30-35 minutes (preferably with progress being visible so players can actually see if they're winning or losing).

    The game right now looks like it'd take at least an hour or two. After 15 minutes, there was zero progress. We capture a tower, they captured it back after a bit. We didn't get anything for capturing the tower or controlling it.

    [Edited on 06/20/10 @ 06:11 PM]

    File Author
    Thank you very much for your comment!
    Tasterix I'll add a little thing to this comment : the shaking camera. I think this is the worst thing you can do in a map. I dunno if it was because of that guy who stayed in a wierd spot but, it was like an earthquake in my computer all the time. Very annoying, kinda cutting down the enjoyment.

    But, the triggers, the eyecandy, the map is good.

    (But, I still prefere Hero Tug :P)
    Murmillo Of Zeus This map is great!

    [Edited on 07/24/10 @ 05:20 PM]

    arad84 how do i go to to play hero wars.

    and does it have to be online?
    arad84 were do i go to play hero wars

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