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AoM Risk v2

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# of Players: 2-6
Version: AoM: The Titans
AoM Risk is a competitive, multiplayer scenario for 2-6 players (best 4-6). It combines a simple, easy to learn interface along with tactical and strategic depth. Games last about 30-40 minutes.

This game is a remake of my AoM Risk v1. AoM Risk v1 moved Risk (the boardgame) to a real time strategy format.

AoM Risk combines the resource management, troop allocation, and politics from the board game with RTS strategies and tactics like numerical superiority, unit counters, and fighting micromanagement. For instance, charging your Cavalry into a group of Spearmen is not a great idea! There is truly something for everyone in this game.

To get started: Everyone must be on different teams, and everyone must pick Odin! Other instructions are explained in the game, but in summary:

Capture territories by being the only player with troops in the area. You can only capture territories nearby ones you already control.

The territories allow you to produce troops. Every troop costs 1 gold, so build whatever you like, but try to have a good balance of units. You don't want your opponent to counter your entire army with just 1 type of unit.

You get gold at the start of every turn (1 minute of gameplay -- watch the clock), and then a very significant amount of bonus gold for controlling an entire continent. The gold bonus varies depending on which continent(s) you control.

Try to control an entire continent to build army strength. Keep in mind that you need the entire continent to gain the bonus -- and so do your opponents. If you can capture just one territory from an opponent, you can severely weaken him.

Players are eliminated when they do not control a territory.

Also, there are four different cultures spread out over the six continents. The cultures offer different strengths and weaknesses as well as variety to the game. Excerpt from the strategy guide on the different cultures:

"Egyptians are very fast troops. In the hot desert regions of Africa and Australia, wearing thick plate armor is impossible. But the Egyptians have long since grown out of need for such heavy-handed tactics. They train their troops for speed instead, and they can move an army across an entire continent 22.67% faster than the more heavily armored civilizations. A good Egyptian general will fight only when he has the advantage.

Atlanteans are very tough troops. Hailing from the lost world of North and South America, the Atlanteans have donned thick armor and powerful long ranged bows. Their high hitpoints and high armor make them very difficult to fight head on, but their slow speed can be their undoing. Their armies are unwieldy and difficult to position optimally. A good Atlantean general will get his opponents to commit when unprepared, but won’t underestimate reinforcements turning the tide of battle.

Norse exist only in Asia, a continent very difficult to unite and considered barbaric by the other cultures. The Norse have adapted to their uncultured climate with a skirmish fighting style. Instead of developing tough, high hitpoint troops to survive a massive battle, they developed very high damage troops. Although not as good in huge battles as the professional armies of the other cultures, their high damage lets them quickly take advantage of any local superiority they have in skirmishes. A good Norse general can quickly overwhelm the opposition and capture territory before the enemy can muster reinforcements.

Greeks are from Europe and are the best soldiers in the world. They are nearly as strong as Atlantean troops and nearly as fast as Egyptian troops. Their disadvantage is that they are very hard to make. Each Greek building can produce just one of the three units required for a balanced army, and it takes twice as long to train Greek units. Greeks cannot quickly build up reinforcements to counter an invading army the way other cultures can. A good Greek general will be able to unite Europe to build a balanced army, or, failing that, will be able creative enough to make do with an imbalanced army."
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DaedricSparta I got to say, i dont play multiplayer, but the map design is excellent. It is almost identical to a (obviously downsized) world map of earth. Irs trul remarkable. Would you mind if i used the basic map to make a scenario in teh future? (I deleted everything triggers and all and jsut kept the map because i have some ideas myself). I would give you credit if i ever made anything with this.

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