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"Old Enemies" Re-Encounter

Author File Description
jetbilix This file is the sequel to GargRetV, with the only diffrence that this scenario breaks the easy streak. It is longer, harder, and better.

No more only 10 minutes of gameplay. This one makes you try real hard to beat it (if you don't use cheats)

You don't need to download the others (GR) just download this one, it's much better and it has a readme file with a short history of the others.

Also, this contains new ai files that allow enemies build docks and perform water activities.

If you find any problems on the scenario please let me know. cheers. ENJOY
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TFL_Yannos Playability: 4
This map was quite challenging! The enemy put up a great fight however, the mass of towers and avengers at the end were annoying (especially the avengers!)

Balance: 4
Like i said, the enemy put up a good fight but was i actually supposed to kill the green player? Maybe some trigger problems here

Creativity: 3

Map Design: 3
Map design was good, no real eye catching views but all good though

Story/Instructions: 3
It has an intro and it kinda tells u your mission. I did miss mission objectives.

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 02/07/03 @ 02:33 PM]

File Author
hey man, sorry the thing of killing the green player is a flaw, its a trigger problem... But i don't get why you put the score on 4 if they put up a fight, or on 4 if the avengers were annoyying???, it's a fight, you are not supossed to feel like its easy, i don't agreee with you on that one...
Kumar Shah
Intro cinematic sucks IMO, the camera sways way too much losing the main effect of the intro.

WOrk on the movements of the camera a bit.

Also, for dialogs its much better if u put the name before the dialog like Name : "insert dialog"

This will make the Name appear in yellow above the text :)

The computer player has been given tons of units from before, and not a story that would impress much. As it is a continuation, you could have added in the beginning some 4-5 dialog in black background as a narrator about gargantos's escape and his arriving here.

and Arkantos taking over villies I find funny, but its a story so wont argue much over that.

I would give it maybe a 2.5
octavian79 I so far played all your scenarios and I must say its every time a big improvement to your prior scenario, but with the last one I encountered a problem:
I am only supposed to destroy the wonder, or am I wrong? So I built up an army and flew them( via rocs) directly to the wonder and destroyed it, but I somehow didn´t get a "you´re victorious"?!?! Did I miss sth or is it because of my unusual approach with the rocs? But I can imagine it is a whole lot easier than pushing my way through from front to end... ;) Another funny thing was that the enemy towers didn´t attack me whereas the enemytroups did?!?

Keep up the good work
File Author
I have thought about making this a campaign.. but it is unfinished... i was working on the next scenario "Frozen Hell" but my game got messed up, so i have to rebuy it... my country is on a total strike because of the president, and until it ends, i must wait...


Trackholder Playability: 5
Well, I really had fun playing it...

Balance: 5
Just great

Creativity: 5
You must have one hell of an imagination!

Map Design: 5
I think you really took your time making that terrain, the cliffs, the animals...all of it

Story/Instructions: 5
I have also played all of your scenarios, and I have followed the storyline... You have improved on each one...

Additional Comments:

Keep it up... Looking forward for the next scenario

[Edited on 02/07/03 @ 02:33 PM]

Kumar Shah
Map Design3.0
The scenario : You are gargenties, and you come from the underworld in an egyptian village taken hostage by Arkantos. You have to destroy a wonder to win the scenario which is pretty easy. I will review this as an "individual" scn.

Playability: 2
The scenario really needs to improve in this aspect. When you reach Natala, some things get confusing as the cinematic starts, here it should be needed for Gargentis to meet the head pharoah or something in the city to get control. As stated before, the roc can make things really easy here, so the roc unit needs to be un-teched (not available to make). The intro cinematic sways and camera action needs work. Also, when dialogs appear its better to have a name before the dialog as to who is saying it. Example : use Amanra : Gargenteis!? - this will actually make the name appear in yellow above the dialog - really nice. The only "fun" part was seeing all the huge-number of avengers die to my 20 odd priests. There is an AI, called waterfix, but the water has nothing to do in this. I just took 6 ships and took out everything on water the AI had.

Balance: 2
You fight agaisnt a bunch of avengers, toxotes, and infantry, easily and too easily dispelled by my Chariot Archers, Priests, Heroes, Scarabs. I didnt take the roc method and went to fight everyone. I had though I would at some time need to rebuild the army, but it was just too easy. It could be made difficult, if cyan would send some avengers, hipps, or through rocs units from time-2-time to your base making you fight on two fronts.

Creativity: 2
There is not much use of any creative triggers here. The only time, cyan comes to attack you is through sea with 2-3 ships which is easy to dispel. The green ally does almost nothing (is he supposed to do anything, then provide u bunch of army? :S), there could be a greater role for it through triggers. He could make them, cast GPs, send wave of attacks to the cyan player, tribute stuff, etc. There definitely room for a lot of improvement here. You start with a small army, bunch of villagers and a civtory condition to destroy the wonder. Easy and not extremely creative. You could make it that, you need to perform some task in order to get green ally with you - like tribute resources to it, or get something, etc.

Map Design: 3
The map was like any other random map. It had a nice use of elevations, but the city was just full of tiles. Many a times, the placement of buildings made it conjested and path-finding became difficult. I think, a bit bigger map with some space would be better. Also, one has to remember AoM offers excellent eye-candy effects, which are in minimal use here. I would sugest terrain mixing, more objects to make the map look better. There is also the need of some elevation in cities (hardly u will find cities totally flat). The starting village looks much better than others, IMO :)

Story/Instructions: 3
Being part of a campaign, its much better to release a campaign than release individual scenarios. Althought there is an intro, the intro is okie, with the camera swaying a little too much. The instruction is to destroy the wonder, but no hints other than "Use your Best Strategy". When u go to the green city of Natala (sp?), thigns get a little confusing, qith you not exactly knowing what happened.

Additional Comments:

- With some other quests, some more design, make a campaign out of it so you can actually follow the whole storyline, and make sure you make ammends in the other scns too.

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