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The Castle

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Astrological Design Presents;

Updated again. Version 4

I think I started this map a few months ago, basically trying out an idea for a castle. It was an eye candy test. Took me a few hours. The other day I was looking through my maps to find one I'd just downloaded, and found this map. I opened it to see what it was, and decided that I needed to finish the map just for posterity.
I've been working on it ever since. I've added armies of Myth units that attack the Castle, and as the game goes on these armies will get larger, as the game goes on, you get more heroes, etc. etc.


All three of the Greek Special units (myrmidon, gastraphetes, and Hetairoi).
You start out in the Mythic age
There are the four difficulty settings,
Only the one initial cinematic,
A respawning relic, take it and another will appear in it's place,
Some interesting eyecandy,
A fight built to suit the defensive player who doesn't mind an adrenaline rush from fighting fifty myth units at a time,
All the good campaign heroes (Kemsyt, Gargarensis, and Kamos aren't available).
Eventually you'll get to fight a Titan (Never played it that far; that's 8000 seconds in).
Two SoO, and twelve priests,
Sexy Assistant is available (If you have the Cheat Code)
An end, based on how many units killed, more for higher difficulty,

Things that have been fixed:
The heroes are a little more reliable in appearing now I think.
The ending works now. 1500 kills for easy, 3000 kills for medium 4500 for hard, and 6000 for Titan. Expect Titan to take a few hours.

Another secret Objective,
Heracles added to the heroes that teleport in (Don't know how I managed to forget him the first time)

The Shades now do more damage to Myth units. But beware, the humans that die for you to get shades may well destroy your walls.
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CharlieDog Looks good Hammerhands. If I have any spare time I'll review it. Sorry about the Hunt playtesting. I forgot all about ti until I saw this...
Murmillo Of Zeus Yay its out finally out I going to play it.

[Edited on 07/20/10 @ 03:06 AM]

File Author
Thanks, Charlie.
Yeebaagooon volunteered to playtest the Hunt, and he too, has stopped responding to me. It seems I am destined to have horrible playtesting experiences. Which is why this map, never made it to playtesting. I did it all alone.

Either way, please, advise and I'll try to fix. I'm sure it has many bugs I didn't find.

But I doubt anyone will make it much longer than two hours. That's when you're getting about eighteen myth units per army. And the sphinxes come attack you every fifty seconds.


Have fun!
lolcatz31 if possible make a two player version, me and my friend would love to play this together, also how do i tell how many kills i have? for the titan. good job!
KamikazeLoL Possibly have it make a noise when the Titan spawns? Similar to in CoD: MW2 when a Juggernaut spawns, if you've ever played it... Then we'll know the Titan is coming:) Just a suggestion.
DaedricSparta Ill download and review :-)
CharlieDog Haven't played too far in to it yet but it's a good game. The castle is set out well and it's balanced well. There is one thing I'm wondering about, my walls have 8000 health yet every time the sphinxes come they lose a lot so I have to repair them again. It doesn't really matter though.
Murmillo Of Zeus
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
When I was playing this it was fun but there wasn't much to die besides killing the enemy and getting food,gold,wood I wish there was more to do on this map.

Balance: 4
The enemy monsters get stronger and more hp but it very easy to survive there attacks,the towers can damage the monsters a lot but I think the towers are a little to powerful the
monsters can't even destroy the towers.

Creativity: 5
This map was a very creative and the castle looks cool but maybe it might look better with like fortified walls maybe the castle should be bigger?

Map Design: 5
The map terrain is acceptable but the terrain is the same over the land but you should have made different types of Atmosphere on the land.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Instructions were easy to follow.

Additional Comments:
This map is fun and cool and the castle looks good but,I think it should include more enemy monsters! like the wadjet,Mummy,All the other myth units. I recommend everyone should download this and play it.

[Edited on 07/31/10 @ 08:26 PM]

File Author
Wow! Thanks guys. I'm not sure how to make a multiplayer version.

I tried to put in a kill count... but it didn't work... I suppose I'll just have to ask...

I can do the sound thing for the titan... but I don't even know if it'll show up... I never got that far...

The walls up by the gate are loopy. Every now and then they only need hit once to get nearly destroyed. So I put a 100 HP regen every four seconds. Same with those towers. Because if they get destroyed you can't rebuild it the same.

The units stop getting more HP and attack after the fourth upgrade. Once you get the Sons of Osiris they stop getting tougher.

And uh... Murmillo, you will have to elaborate on the rating, or it will get deleted. You need at least three lines on each topic.

And who wants me to buff the heroes a bit? Is it necessary?
Murmillo Of Zeus Ok HammerHeads I will.
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Map Design5.0
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