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The Castle

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Astrological Design Presents;

Updated again. Version 4

I think I started this map a few months ago, basically trying out an idea for a castle. It was an eye candy test. Took me a few hours. The other day I was looking through my maps to find one I'd just downloaded, and found this map. I opened it to see what it was, and decided that I needed to finish the map just for posterity.
I've been working on it ever since. I've added armies of Myth units that attack the Castle, and as the game goes on these armies will get larger, as the game goes on, you get more heroes, etc. etc.


All three of the Greek Special units (myrmidon, gastraphetes, and Hetairoi).
You start out in the Mythic age
There are the four difficulty settings,
Only the one initial cinematic,
A respawning relic, take it and another will appear in it's place,
Some interesting eyecandy,
A fight built to suit the defensive player who doesn't mind an adrenaline rush from fighting fifty myth units at a time,
All the good campaign heroes (Kemsyt, Gargarensis, and Kamos aren't available).
Eventually you'll get to fight a Titan (Never played it that far; that's 8000 seconds in).
Two SoO, and twelve priests,
Sexy Assistant is available (If you have the Cheat Code)
An end, based on how many units killed, more for higher difficulty,

Things that have been fixed:
The heroes are a little more reliable in appearing now I think.
The ending works now. 1500 kills for easy, 3000 kills for medium 4500 for hard, and 6000 for Titan. Expect Titan to take a few hours.

Another secret Objective,
Heracles added to the heroes that teleport in (Don't know how I managed to forget him the first time)

The Shades now do more damage to Myth units. But beware, the humans that die for you to get shades may well destroy your walls.
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mgs15 Hammerhands, I agree with your idea to make another hero siege map like this one! But maybe the player this time might use a Norse or Egyptian god. If Norse, the setting should be on snow, if Egyptian, it should be on desert. You may also increase water on the map, it's up to you (I'm not good at map design!) but I can give suggestions. Kindly inform me if you have released another one. Sure I'll find time to download it and review it. Good luck!
File Author
I'm currently working on a sequel to this map. It's Egyptian, and the Castle is situated over a river. The player gets attacked from both ends of the river, and both sides as well. The relic is still there, the same cheat code applies, and there are many many more myth units. I'm working on bug testing and fixing.

mgs15 I'll just wait for it... That should be exciting!
File Author
The waiting? Or the playing?

Player is Ra, with New Kingdom tech granted. On Titan the player cannot build farms and so is forced to fish and defend the fishing from naval myth units. There is a sexy little ramp that leads down to the dock and water, so that priests can move down there.

On easy you get 50 priests, on medium 45, on hard 30 on Titan 15. It'll not be easy, as you'll be forced to adapt to the growing number of enemies without a steady income of heroes.

The problem of the heroes not arriving is occurring again though.
mgs15 The game itself seems to be exciting... By the way, judging from your ideas for the next hero siege, I guess the game for Titan difficulty would not be balanced, but I should find out when I download it. Guess I can't finish it anymore in Titan. Haha.
File Author
I've tried to play Titan a couple times... and I got about an hour in once and had to leave....
I've not managed to complete it yet. Still working on it.

Easy and Medium are complete-able... and the triggers all should fire... since I copied the map, and erased the map itself and rebuilt it differently. I spread out the resources, added a few things, removed a few things... Changed the civilization.... So all the triggers should fire.

Thinking of a cheat that grants a few more priests. Not sure if I'm going to do that yet.
almasgoot I really can't believe that this map can get a 5 for map design. It is just awful! It is just buildings and things put together it is really ugly, im sorry. But you people have no taste look at my scenario the greek war that is map design at it's best!
File Author
I'm sorry you feel that way, sir. But I've learned to make what people like. If that's what gets the ratings then that's what works.

File Author
Thanks everyone, for the 1,100 downloads! This is the first upload of mine to breach that one thousand mark! I've not seen any new maps make that mark, and I never thought I'd be lucky enough to make it myself.

I really hope you all enjoy this map. I surely enjoyed making it!

Happy playing!
mgs15 Haha! This scenario REALLY deserves to have such number of downloads! Quite challenging and enjoyable... I guess your effort to fix this is really worth the while. In a matter of time, the other newer castles should also breach the download number of 1,000 up! Good luck and congratulations, Hammerhands!
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