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Saviors of Corinth RPG

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 10 (4 comp)
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a unique RPG with new ideas and twists in the storyline, the storyline is not fixed and with different combinations of characters the storyline will change, this also has the biggest selection of heroes by nearly double any other RPG!

players 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8 team 1
Players 9,10 team 2
Player 7 Hades
Player 9 Norse

High character choice once finished, will be over 30 units! TWICE more than the biggest RPG out there!
Different paths are going to be included, one is but not working atm, I will sort this out and soon your story line will change after every twist and turn!
Free to explore! Ever played Fallout? Its free to explore an area and some places you have to do missions to get to, this is similar in that area as there are optional missions you can achieve by exploring different paths! BUT DONT FORGET! Some of these paths may be stronger than expected...



Update 9: adds lacatoosh to P1 and also improves his stats, small update, mainly so Player_max can get his game updated ;)

Update 8: are you ready? the finished version shall soon be with us! This game is heading very close to the finished version and I feel we will see it seriously soon! Youc an see my plans for an optional mission in here alongside 3 new missions to achieve! There are very few missions left to add and then its characters! I will also announce my sequel stratiótis (soldier in greek), this will be an explore for yourself RPG when you can do anything you want! also, an online version will be made which pits 3 players against each other in a war bigger than themselves! I also added Vague_Woudloper to p6, however he does not have access yet, so I will add that and some other characters soon!

Update 7: HIDDEN MODE INCLUDED! can you find it? also added is the new Corinthian Canal boat mission, also Scout43s pirate base is included and will become and optional mission! This RPG really is coming together, so i must say thank you especially Vague_Woudloper, Scout43 and Lacatoosh for your support! Also Thanks to everyone at AOM heaven who has decided to download this! And look out for Vague_Woudlopers unit! It will DEFINATELY be included in the next version also Corinth has had some shaping up! It now looks bigger and grander!

Update 6: HAHA! now things are piecing together! Lacatoosh has designed the first town in a more realistic look and I have designed a small village and an unfinished Corinth itself! Also look out for Scout43s Priate base! This will be an optional side mission you can choose to do when you have access to ships (first town, first quest) also included is Trailer V1! enjoy! This is the half footage version, halff is whats in, half are ideas!

Update 5: In honour of my main tester Lacatoosh, he has been granted a unit, P1 and 2 have access but only P2 can use it currently, its is an ajax older, also, I have updated The ragnarok hero with better stats, added P6 to have Theseus and Jason, plus added up to the 5th level of Melagius's level ups! This grants him a new gp! serpants which convert to powerful short lived gastraphetes, I have also added another song to the DJ area!

Update 4: Added small song chooser, improved Kamos's weak stats and added Perseus to P2, also added a part to the second boss and changed some triggers, fixed the bug with the Pharaoh and added more caladria around the map, also improved their heal rate

sorry about constant updates, its probably best you download the updates every week rather than every day, my biggest will likely be tomorrow but there should be a big update at the end of the month.

Update 3: Added pernament music (will have song chooser later on) added an extra level up for Melagius and included a new area, look out for the twist to be found there!

Update 2: added Ajax to p1, fixed Melagius and Kamos's continous gain in stats

Update 1: added Melagius character to P4

Note: characters currently useable:
Melagius: P1,4
Odysseus: p2
Hippolyta: P1
Colossus: P1,3
Ragnarok hero: P4
Gargarensis: P4
Kamos: P2
Arcus: P3,4
Kastor: P2
Atlanta: P2
Setna and Pharaoh: P5
Ajax: P1
Perseus: P2
Lacatoosh: P2.1
Theseus and Jason: P6
Buubbliiie (Vague_Woudloper): p6 (not yet accessible sadly :S)
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File Author
Shortly after this comment an update will be made

This file is no longer having problems, after advice from Tasterix I could not fix it (he was busy, cant blame him) buuut the winning unit goes to *drum roll*

Vague_Woudloper who found the reason why this didnt work, he gets to choose his own new unit and decide how it levels up! Thanks to him

a working version shall be uploaded soon followed by an updated description!
Khan And Steak This map look promising :) Just remember to update this file once finished, uploading a new file will only anger the Yeebaagooon ~ Khan

[Edited on 07/19/10 @ 08:10 PM]

File Author
dont worry bout that, the file extracted is always the same name! - I have been making maps for 7 years, only recently have my trigger work really come to scratch, in fact I am still using some of the tutorials! It would really help if someone could help with my cinematics, my triggers (Nottuds pack) are buggy online but still, the ones that arent buggy save piles of time, what you see on this map is 4 days work, if i was using standard triggers I would probably be at day 2 by now :)

And i do hope this is gonna work, Im using Nottuds very handy trigger packs, a bit buggy online but offline everything works well, thanks for saying it is promising :) I know alot of people will be angry about the lack of characters so (since im busy alot of today) I will be adding P6 and including more characters and finishing Kamos's and Melagius's level ups!

With what I have got I have already had a promising RPG, there is one other thing Im releasing soon, I am releasing my supremacy maps with playable A.I. look out for that too!

I hope to someday make this into an online RPG campaign since there are no others, of course this rivals with Tasterix, but I helped test his WRP map so he should be fine with that :)

I am updating daily, this will anger them but you dont need to keep downloading this, since I am speeding ahead and adding the twists quickly, the basics should be finished BY THE END OF THE MONTH!

[Edited on 07/20/10 @ 08:29 AM]

File Author
soz about double post buuuut

I have a surprise with my characters coming your way for V10, I have my eyes set on finishing Kamos and Melagius' level ups and I have two other characters in mind to begin work on...
Tasterix Rival ! Haha ^^

No, seriously, good luck on your map making dude and sorry about the time I couldn't spend on your map to help you with failing triggers As you said, I was, and still am to busy =/

By the way, it's still a pleasure to see that people are still doing role play games even if it's really hard I have to admit.

If you have a question about triggers, you still can ask me in my AoM RPG showcase maybe will I have time to explain you some of them.

GL !
File Author
the triggers are no problem, after all map making for 6 years does have its advantages (I was 10 when i started ^^)

i am making ALOT recently and the problems with the triggers are not my fault, they are bugs in Nottuds trigger pack, but still his trigger pack has cut my time i needed by half!
Jacce Im having a problem running your game
1. the cinmatics dont work
2. "Music has stopped" appears constantly ontop of the screen.
please fix and what team is player 7 on...
File Author
the music has stopped thingy is there because you havent moved the DJ

player 7 can be any team
Scout_43 Are you still working on this?
Mythic Studios hey scout :)

not much, I do odd bits here and there but Im concentrating on other projects right now (They are all showcased on the AoMH scenario design section :P)
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