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Pokemon Sparkling Crystal BETA3

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Here it is, the semi-final BETA3 release of Pokemon Sparkling Crystal. Sparkling Crystal is a project I've been working on that is a version of Pokemon Crystal for AOM. This is playable up to the first Mt. Silver battle.

-20 badges to collect
-49 Pokemon to catch
-3 Pokemon Master battles

IMPORTANT: You can skip to the orange islands part by chatting "skip" at the beginning of the game if you've already played a previous beta and don't want to replay the first half of the map.

READ THE README BEFORE YOU PLAY. Otherwise you won't know how the map works.

Download and enjoy, I welcome feedback here or on this project's forum: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,28618,0,20


CURRENT MAP PROGRESS: finishing up the actual game, then going back and doing bug fixes and visual cleanup. Stay tuned!

Have fun!

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daistain wow this is amazing good job...i found some bugs, but its still great ! are you interested in some suggestions?
File Author
thanks, and i would love feedback and to know the bugs that you found, thanks! There are suposed to be bugs if you skip to the orange island part since i just put it in to skip to that part. I am aware of a few bugs that still need fixing, but let me know any you found to see if I don't know about any. thanks again, glad you like it
daistain ok great...umm some bugs i found were
1 in first gym battle when falkner uses the raven i started attacking with mareep but the raven went over the trees and out of reach

2 a little out of the city with the first gym there was a set of 22cliffs22 or high mrocks and ontop was a gaia boulder....i had a stupid idea and tried to attack it with the scizor...so it jumped on the rock and couldnt come back down...so maybe removing those boulders would be a good idea

some suggestions i had was to make a small ""room"" nearsprout tower were you could get a ''bellsprout''

last suggestion was to rename scizor to scyther and putting an early catcheable charmander bulbasaur and squirtle and renaming marreep to pikachu
charmander-tiny fire giant?
bulbasaur small basilisk
squirtle-ummm...one of those lazer firing crocs?

sorry it was a long cmmnt and thanks...hope my suggestions were useable! :)
File Author
yea the raven bug is one of the ones I already knew about, but it only happens to me 1 out of 10 times anyway, but il position it in a diffrent spot to help with that.

the boulders are there for decoration, what I could do instead is put "greek cliff" under the boulder so theres no standable terrain or il look for something else.

I like the bellsprout idea, the only thing thats holding me back is when a pokemon is deposited it comes back regular size and bellsprout and sudowoodo would be exactly the same thing. not that theres anything really wrong with that, but I'll think about it

oh and I was kidna trying to make more 2nd generation Pokemon in Johto so thats why I wanted to have the anubite as "Scizor" instead of Scyther.

as for the last sugestion your not suposed to be Ash or the same character as you are in RB and Y so I'm not going to do that. However, you can catch the 3 Johto starters as their evolutions (Typhlosian, Meganium, and Feraligator). And Mareep is suposed to be your starter because it evolves into "Ampharos" (Son of Osiris).

thanks for the feedback though, Il fix the raven and the rock bug for the final release. happy playing!
daistain oh ok i actually diodnt finish it thats kind of my fault heh, i ll tell you more suggestions once i think of some XD, is it okay if i send them email?

[Edited on 08/11/10 @ 02:50 PM]

Marauder1221 Feonor I some bugs too. 1 When I was at the gym where the leader uses Misdreavous, I lost my Scizor, because of the stupid conversion things the lampadas do Scizor turned into a mothernature Scizor. 2 I can't talk to the train conductor. 3 When you catch Blastoise on the one island he can't move anywhere. 4 When you go to the gym where Koga's daughter is, I clicked the wrong one and the "Pokemon Center" got destroyed.

I also have 2 questions: What happens when Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos get summoned? And how do you make the entire map black until you explore the map?
File Author
The lampades is supposed to use the nature conversion power, thats not a bug. Your not suposed to talk to the train conductor untill you have the train ticket, but ill make that more obvious in the final release, thanks for bringing that to my attention. As for blastoise, your supposed to put water pokemon in their pokeballs and then carry them to a body of water like you do with the giant magikarp you catch in fuscia. however i will put the blastoise in the water and move a diffrent pokemon to that island. I never had the kogas daughter problem but il triple check that trigger system and see whats going on there.

when you summon the 3 birds, a powerfull god power is envoked (zapdos is lightening storm, moltres is meteor storm, articuno is frost power but it also heals all your units compleatly). I use the reset all black map effect in the triggers when i want to make the map unexplored again. thanks for bringing some problems ot my attention, il be sure to fix them
Xero_Chaos Whenever I play this and I get to the part in the Orange Islands, and I fight the Gym Leader who asks me "Which pokemon is the largest (by ruby/sapphire) and what region is pokemon in (by ruby/sapphire)"
No matter what I say, it won't let me fight him.
Also I can't fight Red

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