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Version: AoM: The Titans
Completely New Gameplay. Random Map Type Replayability. Nomadican is a new age creation that boasts originality concepts unseen before. Please check out the showcase on Nomadican to learn more about it. http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,28311,,10

It deals with a factor seldom implemented in single player scenarios. It uses a replayability value not before done, to allow the user to have a completely different experience every time they play. You have a myriad of options to choose from when you begin the map, all of which decide how you will play Nomadican. This is much how a random map works, yet in a single player scenario, you can have it as well.[/c]

Nomadican creates an entirely new atmosphere in Age of Mythology, with completely changed gameplay. There is a new set of units, buildings, with custom names and stats. Everything is changed from how it worked normally. The map Nomadican is created on is a beauty, it is a field where you can enjoy playing the game, and keep looking at successive times of play, without large stacks of pretty eyecandy wearing out your admiration and memory. Your game experience should be enjoyable to say the least.[/c]

This project is stand alone, what you recieve is easily put into AoM. There are no extra files, no mods, just a single scx map file! Everything you have in Nomadican is completely by itself within the map, the startup build, the entire gameplay. Enjoy!


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Jelmer when I play It the while map is black, I cont move across the screen and no choise dialogues pop up
CharlieDog Glad to see that you finally released it, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to do the playtesting. Hopefully someone gives it the five stars it deserves.
WinstonShnozwick Jelmer, could you specify every detail please? Im sure there arent any problems.
Jelmer Well I start it, and nothing happens, so I wait,...
Still nothing happens,...
I cant move the screen and the whole map is totaly unrevealed.
No chooice dialogues either.

I hope this explains it.
WinstonShnozwick Jelmer, I dont know whats wrong, Ill check by playing, but Im sure there are no problems, I suggest you just redownload or something.
chimeracranim Well, this would be a review if I could be bothered to play the whole game. But I couldn't First off, very nice introduction. Not too long at all. The thing that annoys me here is the wall of text in the objectives. It's simply too massive for anyone to read and not get bored. Also, please fix the grammar! Look at the tutorial sequence yourself and try and spot all the errors...

The choice is nice. But for a first-timer it seems daunting. I was thinking 'What the f*ck do I choose?' There is too much choice and someone just trying this out won't have a clue what to do; there aren't even any recommendations on what to choose, why's this?

OK so now this part is about the game. I start off on moderate difficulty with the South Tribe in the West area (???) but end up at the bottom of the minimap (???). What's this all about?! This aside, I started by building a house. Then I sent my shaman to explore and ran into some soldiers, so naturally I fled back to my dudes for help. Thing is, Murmillos can easily keep pace with a Valkryie and when I got back to "town", I killed the soldiers but not before the shaman died. While this was going on my Villagers were building a Watch Tower (which took forever) and all it did was turn into an obelisk. WTF! I didn't see this anywhere in the tutorial or in the objectives! So in due course Amanra was killed by another wave of soldiers coming in (???). So I gave up.

One thing that vexed me was that I could only build a few buildings and had no idea of how to build the ones that were red. Please go over this in the tutorial! No one will read the entire objectives...

It took me about seven minutes for all this to transgress.

Pros: eye-candy,

Cons: lag,
I didn't know WTF to do,
grammar - sort it out,
boring - seriously, I didn't want to be bored; I had held high hopes for this scenario but they were quashed.

I haven't posted this to bitch, more to point out flaws on which to improve. Remember; it took me 7 minutes to give up, and I really wanted to play this.

[Edited on 08/11/10 @ 07:40 PM]

Guard of Olympus I have to agree, the objectives are to massive and once you've read them there are still things that don't make sense. For example I can't create any buildings even if I type in the chat while having an ox cart selected. :/
WinstonShnozwick Well chimeracranim, Im sorry if your attention span is too small to read the objectives, but its entirely your fault for what happened if you didnt. You kind of have to know how to play to play.

Guard, select an ox cart and type in build. It works.
chimeracranim I selected the carts and typed build in the chat and nothing happened.

Do you really think many people are actually going to read all those objectives?

You should take on board my criticism and use it to shape future updates.

From your posts you seem like someone who knows their grammar, so why in the game does it look like a 10 year old wrote the tutorial? Sort it out , please!
Guard of Olympus Alright, I misunderstood. Still, it's way to complex to build buildings having to type in chat messages. Perhaps change it to hotkeyss?
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