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Option Story: The Cave of Fortitude

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Version: AoM: The Titans

The Cave of Fortitude is a very short option story game, played completely in cinematic mode. An option story is a story where at certain points you will have the ability to decide what happens next (for example, do you take the left path or the right path?). This was the very first option story I made up and I told it to my friends in year 6 under the name of 'Archaeologists' Cave'. This story is an exact copy of that, but in the medium of AOM.
This is accomplished by using hotkeys (which are dead easy to learn), so I would like to thank HailToTheOboe for releasing the triggers that made this scenario possible, along with the crackers of the hotkey enigma (Mythic Freak, invent00r, and nottud). I'd also like to thank perpetual_n00b for his inspiring Myth Invaders scenario.

As said, the scenario is short to inspire people, but length is by no means an indicator of quality. While it obviously won't be as good as Ripto, the triggerwork is excellent and I'm really proud of most of the eyecandy.


Out Reach as The Narrator
Crazed Ewok as The Priest
WinstonShnozwick as The Barman
Elrich as The Old Man
And Yeebaagooon as The Introduction Text

The map was triggered, eyecandied and conceptualised entirely by Yeebaagooon
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guard of Olympus
Map Design4.0

Playability: 4
The playability of this scenario was good, and very intresting and unique. I really like that there are many choices you can make, and that it's way easier to make these choices than then it would be if you had done like Baske did in his Vegetative state scenario. The choices were always reflected by the charakter, if you choose to go right the charakter would actually go right. There was however a really annoying byg that I found while talking to the Satyr. Once asking the Satyr about his work, the cinematic where he answers that repeats again and again. However the normal choices still work but only if you press before number two option comes up again, because when it does the cinematic plays again. If you solve the bug you will get a higher playability score.

Balance: 4
The balance was very good for a scenario so hard to balance, but it wasn't perfect. Most choices were balanced and fair, and you could get a clue what it would lead to. For example, it's rather obvious that you shouldn't go spear that phoenix egg because there was a lot of priests that were likely to kill you if you touched the egg. Well that didn't hinder me from spearing it though. :p

However, some choices that could lead to death were really hard to predict, and so were the way to get out but that was actually a big plus, cause' it wouldn't have been intresting if it was to easy. Maybe you could give an option to in some way avoid the wrath of Hercules or the wizard if you choose "wrong" when going to them.

Creativity: 5
This scenario was very creative and ha a lot of humour. It was the second option story I've played here at AoMH, perhaps it'll et more popular to make them after this. The choices you were presdented with were all very intresting or funny. The people dialouges were also nice, and it felt like all charakters played a role because there were so many options for each time you got to cchoose. Sometimes the dialouges would get boring when I replayed the scenario. (Which I did like ten times) But it doessn't really matter because there were always new choices to make, which kept the scenario intresting and made it very replayable.

Map Design: 4
The map design was very good, but the visual effects were actually better then the map design itself. There were many effects that was awesomely cool, and I really liked the circle trigger effects. Also small things such as changing the lighting to a darker light when the cave entrance was blocked is an extra plus to the score. The map design itself was also rather nice, but I think it could've had some more terrain mixing and that the bar could've been different, not centered around that rock but that is just my opinion. The units all used animation (if they had any) in their dialouge and that is a very eye - pleasing effect in cinematics. Overall good map design but could be improved with some terrain mixing.

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions were really clear and easy to understand, and the story was decent.I like how all options were presented in yellow bolded text, it was easy to read and as the options were looped it didn't really matter if you couldn't decide at first. The story i think was good, but not veryn good. I'd have liked to know more about the main charakter and the wizard. Wasn't the main charaktrs task to map the cave system? Anyway, I liked how each charakter had a story and how alll the stories could be uncovered.

Additional Comments: Overall very nice scenario, perhaps there will be more of this kind of scenarios?
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Okay this scenario was a cinematic so you couldn't exactly play it but it did have many hot-key activated choices.
This I believe was a great Idea having the player make choices and then see the results. Its a thrilling experience. It worked well as well it gives you an array of choices and you select one of them using the number keys. A good idea which will help show people what hot-key triggers are capable of. The only reason you didn't get a five was because of some very annoying bugs when you get to the heart of the cave where all the inhabitants reside you might go over to talk to one person then press the numbered keys to interact with them and then walk off to somebody else while still playing the old persons dialog or have it switch from dialog to controls every few seconds. You need to get on top of these triggers and squash them to get a top score.

Balance: 5
Well again as there was no real gameplay I will judge it on camera tracks alone.
The tracks were smooth and fluid going from one to another without so much as a judder. The dialog was fine also apart from the above mentioned bug. The dialog was also well written and the animations were though out perfectly.
The only downsides were
a there weren't enough amazing camera movements
and b When you first enter the inner chamber it zooms out so much it causes a bit of lag but thats only for about 5 seconds so you still get the 5 top score.

Creativity: 5
Well first of all the idea was extremely original I mean a deserted cave with slumbering titans Drunkard Satyrs and bad tempered wizards and a pub in the middle of it all.
It is also very creative how they have created each character with their own feelings and dispositions. For example the hyena "Rat" is a kind of evil servant like Kronny from the titans campaign. While the bartenders are very friendly, unless of course you break the rules. Then you don't want to be on the receiving end of a barman's bow.
Overall very original and great idea.

Map Design: 4
Well the map wasn't absolutely covered in eyecandy which is a good thing. Though on the other hand it didn't really flourish with it either. But where there was eyecandy it was amazing minimalistic yet complex beautiful yet natural. This eyecandy is everything it's meant to be and more.
To some it up great efforts just maybe fill in those last little gaps.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well there were no instructions so I will have to judge it by solely the story. Their were hints at a storyline at the beginning maybe to be elaborated later on. But this never happened it stayed the same simple man walks into a cave man gets trapped in cave man must find way out of cave. When man does find his way out of cave. You win. There wasn't a proper ending cinematic either just you get teleported out of the cave and you win. Though each character had their own background which saved you from a lower score.

Additional Comments:Well fix those bugs Write some story and fill the gaps. Otherwise great work and I hope to see more from you in the future.

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Map Design4.0
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