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♣ AoM Children of Memories ♣ (RPG)

Author File Description
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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans

If you want a SinglePlayer version, comment and rate this scenario !!!

Download it now !

Thanks to Mythic Studios Members who helped me playtesting and giving me ideas for this game, especially BSU_DoLhades, Majic_Dodo, Scragins and Marauder. Thanks guys !

Dropped into an unknown world after choosing your rank, you are now engaged into an epic quest that will draw your future. Will you join the Imperial Army and help them finding what's going on all over the world or leave them and fight as a lonely hero against other players ? You choose !

16 heroes able to pick and make, alone or with the number of friend you want, this epic journey throug this world named Memories. Each Rank has his own abilities that you will have to learn while playing the game. After many games you will surely find out which best fits you. Or maybe would you like to try all the heroes during a continuous hosting game week. Everything depends on you.

The game is based on a totally new concept called the free roaming moving gameplay. With your fellowship or all alone, you can explore the world and meet the NPC that will talk to all the human players. Some quests will give rewards for all the players, but some will give to the player that would done it...

Explore unknown regions, find lost and haunted dungeons, perform missions on behalf of a strange coalition, encounter formidable enemies, fight against the deadliest hordes you can meet in all the RPG. Last, but not least, develop fighting strategies with your friends to defeat the strongest bosses of the game.

Hello you all, you are about to download Children of Memories. The map is 100% done, triggered and terrained by me and it took me many months to finish the FINAL version of this map.

If you want to Review the map, please don't take care of the bugs/problems you can meet because it has NOT been seriously playtested yet. And all the bugs you will meet will surely be fixed in the next version.

You can also report in the Showcase what problems you found when you were playing.

Player 1 to 6 : Team 1
Player 7 : Team 2
Player 8 : Team 3

I am working on version 2.0 which will contains :
- Ability to increase minions stats.
- New spells for Magus classes and Thief.
- More quests for Thieves Guild.
- Adding Warriors Guild, Magicians Guild and Assassins Guild.

I'm also looking for someone that could add 2 more player to make it 8 players (which will be version 3.0). He will have to work on it with the curret trigger system and will have many things to do so please don't ask me if you don't have much time. This work could take a month to be done.

*** Please Comment ***

"Finally a RPG where the point isn't to kill random stuff and break walls everytime you done a fight."

I would never say enough, but THANK YOU to everyone who helped making this map during the playtests and gave advices. Thank you so much.
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BSU_DoLhades Finally an RPG where the point isnt to break walls and kill stuff? copy cat :P
Kai Hirogashi Hey Tasterix, this game is amazing and the design is very unique. If you have time contact me at:

Chocmerc Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 2
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
This Scenario was a refreshing change from the usual rpg boringness. smash down a wall, kill a wave of enemies, rinse repeat. it had a fluidity to it that was refreshing. there is no linear progression, the more you explore, the more quests you find, the more you can do and the more gold you recieve. as far as class balance is concerned, i felt there were a few injustices, such as improvements for builders not going to their buildings/units, and a few others. the story was nice without being intruding, and the design was good, although there were a few times my engineer got his pimp mobile stuck in a few trees ;) nevertheless i feel this is a nice strong rpg that is refreshing for its genre in aomt. a few minor problems but in the end, i think it was a great game. i give it 4 nottuds out of 5 ;)

[Edited on 04/20/11 @ 12:44 PM]

File Author
Ghaaaa man you stabbed me ! That rating is so picky ! :D

By the way I'm not sure if this is a good review, needs more text I think... Yeebaagooon may not appreciate it, so am I. You didn't explained why your Siege Towers get stuck, eh ? Remember where you built it ? XD And you get bonuses for your stuffs but just didn't noticed it (it was HP and lifespan, not attack because not in Expert's ability, he's already strong enough with his moving fortresses, and can be compared to a Tank). Last, but not least, there is a cinematic introduction (that I choosen not to show IG) and Messages + Chats + Objectives tells you what to do at the beginning plus storyline. I admit that some things aren't explained as the Savant abilities or the Engineer.

Thank you by the way for the comment, I really appreciate it ^^

[Edited on 01/17/11 @ 10:05 PM]

spurscitizenABC thanks man although i can't download this since im a guest on my brother's computer i can still get it from other people so it's not all hope lost for a not retarted rpg and anyways i love your sims i think it is the best and every time i host sims i do yours because it is clearly the best.

warm regaurds -meh
File Author
Oh wow you got my Sims map of AOM Vanilla ? Haha ! I was looking for this, if you meet me on ESO maybe would you send me the map ^^
spurscitizenABC alright ill get on right now i just woke up.
elgranchuchu hey tasterix great map, i have a question for you or for anyone that can help me:

i want to play it alone, but i want to choose 2 heroes, i could not change player 2 to player 1 in the editor, and, if i copy the shadow it doesn't make anything.

pd: I'm not familiarized with the editor.

elgranchuchu hey i managed to play it alone but I'm stuck here, i killed all the bosses I'm in level 37:


[Edited on 04/05/11 @ 12:01 PM]

File Author
If enough people ask me here to make it singleplayer, I should work on a SinglePlayer map with special triggers and ability to pick at least 3 heroes. it's up to you guys, feel free to comment and feed back all my work. if none's comment or review this map it'll mean that nobody is excpecting me to make it SP so I really want to see if it will be usefull or useless.
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