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The Green horde

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Green horde.
Finally I get it to finish.

Well, what awaits you in this mod?
26 new units. Orcs, Goblins, elves, dwarves, mens and heroes. Plus some embelishments. An orc hut and spiked heads/corpse.
All with completely new models and textures completely made by me.
(The goblin ears are made by tarion_31. I changed them just a little bit)

Here's a list:

Orc warrior
Orc Chieftain
Orc raider
Orc desert warrior (Shaman)
Orc thrower
Orc destroyer
Grorbag Ironface (Orc hero)
Gortzugga (Orc hero)
Molluk (Orc hero)
Goblin warrior
Goblin hunter
Goblin spearthrower
Goblin Shaman
Elves swordmaster
Elves guard
Elves archer
Prince Khalanos (Elves hero)
Dwarf warrior
Dwarf archer
Dwarf catapult
Otrur (Dwarf hero)
Desert warrior
Desert archer
Orc hut
Spiked head
Spiked corpse

Elves foret ranger
Elves forest archer
Forest archery range

Click this link for more informations about the units:


Sadly you can't train them in any buildings. It's an editor civilisation.
I was working on buildings (Orc altar: armory) but somehow the textures totaly screw up. Even with hex editing.
Anyway... Two buildings work. But they have no real use.

Have fun.
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File Author
You're right. They use the same as the fenris wolf. (Boost value: 1.15) I could make it to a value of 1.1. That would reduce the attack a little bit.

1.15 = ~35 attack by orc warrior
1.1 = ~25 attack by orc warrior

I know that would be still to high. But I can't get a value under 1.1. :/
It's a bit annoying but I don't want to delete it.
But maybe I should...
Firegiant050 hey man i was wondering if it would be ok if i made it so all the units are trainable and send it to you so you can produce it or something

cause i think i could make a whole thing based off it like good vs evil thing i can use the orc hut for the bad tranibales and could you make like a special thing for the good a building i mean like a dwarven or elf fort or something like that i can make copies and change the textures a little bit so they look different so i can put more units in one building if not i can just use like a normal fort.

let me know cause i have some ideas for scenarios and stuff and it would be cool if people could download it where everything is trainable thanks.
Firegiant050 o and i almost forgot the animations that are a little messed up and are the desert warriors but its nothing big and i wasn't sure but is the orc smasher supposed to be green cause he looks normal in mine.
File Author
You can do what you want. If you want to make them trainable, do it.
You don't need to send them to me.

You're right. I should have made them trainable...

Orc destroyer: The textures for him are in a separate folder in the green horde/textures folder. I'm sure that not everyone wants to replace his norse titan with a green orc. xD
Rating: 5
textures--4.9.9 (only cause the orc thrower is a little funny looking but nothing big)
data work--5

Additional Comments: awesome mod i already said about everything i needed to great job dude this defiantly deserves a 5 great job look forward to more units and buildings. it would be cool if you added some history that's all though.

[Edited on 09/02/10 @ 10:34 PM]

janni Cool mod!!

Gonna review it later. :)
Rating: 5
Hey Coca_Cola93

First I have to say that this is an awesom mod. One of the best I think.
I like really the different orc variations! Textures and weapons are nice. Or at least the most. And the raider should have the variations, too. You can change that maybe?! Its just an idea.
Goblins are awesome. Ok the spearthrower attack animition isn't the best ut who cares? lol. Have you forgot the goblin hero? Or don't you made one? In the forum you wrote you want to make one.
The elves are good too. But the archer looks a bit to heavy armored for an archer. But is just my opinion.
I love how the spearman holds the spear and prince Khlaos (or what his name was) holds the sword. He looks so cool. :D
I was abit disapointed about the dwarf hero. The head is nothing special. I don't want to tell that hes ugly. Just... not so cool like Khlaos. But useful.
I have saw in the forum your desert orc and thought that he is just a red orc... But you changed his texture huh? Hes much better now! Cool tatoo.^^
The desert warriors are maybe not the best part of the mod. But your right, they look good behind the desert orcs. Where's their hero?
Hmm the orc heroes (especially Gorbag) are awesome!!! Cool textures and models.

Is it possible that you like blood?!?! Spiked heads and corpses full of blood. lol.

Additional Comments:
Even with some things that I don't like, I think that this mod need at least a 4.5. But I round up. ;)
I hope more to see from you.

(sorry for bad english)
File Author
Hey guys.
Thanks for the reviews. Gonna update it soon. The boost from the orcs will be a bit weaker,
history files for the most units and some other things maybe. :P
Firegiant050 that would be awesome just let me know what exactly your putting in cause i already edited my protox with the units being train able and everything

hey if you need any help let me know.

[Edited on 08/30/10 @ 12:15 AM]

File Author
Hey guys.
I'm sorry to say that..
but I'm not really sure if I'll release history files. I wrote them but I think they suck...

But I'll add two or three new units in the next update. Forest elves.

One question:
Are all the units bleeding when they die? They should. In the forum you can see a picture how it should look. If not please post a comment.
Are there other bugs? Maybe missing models or textures?

[Edited on 09/05/10 @ 11:48 AM]

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