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Epic Soldier

Author File Description
aom expert
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
3rd place winner in the RPG Tournament of the Year 2010

(The info here is an excerpt from the original readme included in the download. If you want to view the whole readme, download the package.)

Aom Expert Presents...

The 3rd Place winner in the RPG Tournament of the Year...

cooo|========>EPIC SOLDIER<========|oooo

(1.) Overview
(2.) Features
(3.) Credits

>>1.) Overview:

Storyline: '...his town was burning; robbers were destroying everybody and everything; robbers that departed from another city'............Ever since he was a boy, William always wanted to know what was on the other side of those cliffs. His parents told him never to journey there... then, the attack had come. He had nowhere to run;...... nowhere to flee... He went for it;... he squeezed himself through an opening in the cliff, as he could hear his people screaming, swords -----...... . He was there; on the other side of the cliff. He may have not known it, but an epic adventure was about to begin...

Epic Soldier is a funfilled RPG Scenario with high quality triggers and eyecandy. The scenario was made mainly to encourage the creation of RPGs and simply to allow people to have fun. But until now, it has won 3rd place in an RPG competition.

>>2.) Features:

The map itself is the size of the default starting map.


You have your own personal inventory!
You can take up a job such as weed, milk cows, and mow a lawn!
You can pick up items by walking over them!
You can really talk to people!
Includes many advanced triggers!
You can buy things at a market!
You can gain additional units!
Includes a realistic Day/Night cycle!
Includes an awesome zombie effect!
Includes conditioned intelligence!
-Features i could not add:
Shadows in the forest- due to revealing LOS problems.
Copyrighted music- due to aom heaven's law.

>>3.) Credits:

Storyline and scenario by Aom Expert

The entire Age of Mythology Game created by (C)ES Studios along with the aid of (C)Microsoft

Special thanks to:

And a very special thanks to Kai, whose dedication, generosity, and awesome RPG competition will always be remembered.

(The info here is an excerpt from the original readme included in the download. If you want to view the whole readme, download the package.)

PS. What you're getting here is virtually the exact scenario I submitted for the competition. No changes have been made that effect gameplay.
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aom expert
File Author
Thanks Marauder1221 for the review!

And again, me, commenting on some things said :)

The only reason I give this a four is the number of shades at the end where you kill the lampadas. Therer could've been like 5 more since you had an army.

Yep. I'll take care of that in a future update.

You definatly should come out with an Epic Soldier 2.

Oh totally. I already have over a dozen ideas about what it would be like. And about that old man with the LAWN MOWER?!?!?!... That's a mystery I will reveal in Epic Soldier 2. ;)

you should make like a trilogy of Epic Soldier.

That's alot to think about now, but little by little I try to get time in for scenarios.

*Also Marauder1221, I must warn you. Your review will get deleted if it doesn't comply with the review guidelines

Thanks again for the review. :) By the way, how did you like the ending? Was it "Epic"? ;D
Marauder1221 Yeah I loved the part where the bandit leader was crushed! Hey is there supposed to be an end cinematic? Cause I saw in editor there is but I didn't see it.
aom expert
File Author
The cinematic you saw Was the ending cinematic.

EDIT AFTER Marauder1221 commented: I'm talking about the one with credits. The final one. I hope that's the one you confirmed.

[Edited on 04/08/11 @ 08:00 PM]

Marauder1221 Oh ok, here is what you could, don't have to, but you could in Epic Soldier 2, you could make William have a son and his son goes on a journey. Just a thought. But like before, great job! I would reveiw twice if I could, just brilliant.
aom expert
File Author
Oh I have everything planned out. William's village is still overun from bandits. If not, in ruin. William and Atlanta need to acess the situation, while dealing with a new enemy.
freebe99 hey nice work but it wont let me buy any thing to drop on that guy >.< make more dude your good at this
aom expert
File Author
You must buy a statue. Remember, if you went to Dominic and answered his question with a "no", you need to go back to him and type "yes".

Custom made review on YouTube!:


[Edited on 04/08/11 @ 06:39 PM]

Jondoom I've just downloaded and well I'll tell you when I've played through it. ;)
aom expert
File Author
i cant believe this thing still gets downloads
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I did not find this particularly straight forward to play. Some items I needed to type in to give them and others I needed to click on in my inventory. Some of the tasks that the old man gave me were horrible and rather boring, such as weeding the path and not knowing how many weeds there were. Some other things like destroying the bandits house at the begging took to long and felt like a waste of time as there was no challenge after you have killed the bandits. I was confused as to why I could garrison in the lampades den but nothing happened. I was also hoping that my statue would be of some attack benefit but after trying to use it I decided to stop trying.

Balance: 4
The first section of the game (before the mans temple/house) I found well balanced, it was also straight forward and rewarded exploration. After the house the game was too hard until the old mans house where you do jobs. I had attempted this game a few times before you told me that running builds character so I ran through this section and I found this was the only way to survive it. After this I thought the game was well balanced bordering on too easy since I had a healing source at the town.

Creativity: 4
Epic Soldier is a creative map with a variety of non combat based tasks. These tasks do become quite tedious although you have come up with a creative way of executing them. I enjoyed the large variety of tasks, some of them looked more realistic than others for example lawn mowing compared to milking cows. Epic soldier has basic combat with no special god powers or items that the player can use in combat although having trees fall onto enemies is nice, I did not feel like I making it happen. Some of the cinematic fight scene's were more advanced than this though.

Map Design: 5
The map was well connected with clear routes. When the route is not that clear for example in the forrest at end the area is small enough so it is easy to find where you need to be. The map had some eye candy without being over embellished. I think more eye candy could have been implemented and improved the map but was not necessary.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was good, I enjoyed how it unfolded and depending on wether I answered yes or no other characters would interact differently. The instructions were limited although they gave a general idea of how to play. Occasionally I did struggle with the speech commands and wether or not I was meant to use the item through speech or clicking on it in my inventory. I think a help command that told you what could be done with the items you had would be a good addition to this game.

Additional Comments:
Epic Soldier is a fun map that fulfills ones need to explore even if you don't have much time to spare. With your interactions having impact on what other characters say there is some replay value in this scenario and that is great to see.
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