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x RPG Effects

Author File Description
perpetual_n00b The effects in this trigger pack I made with RPGs in mind, although a lot of them can be used for other things too.

Copy the xml file into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\trigger2

To see most of these effects in use, please download Island Adventure

Some of the effects you'll find in this pack include:
Cinematic Choice Dialogue
- Allows you to offer players up to 4 choices in cinematic mode

Cinematic - Simple Cut Scene
- Create a simple cut scene cinematic in one effect
- Fades in and out automatically
- Sets a QV named Camera to 0 at start and 1 at end so you can switch off/on any hero following camera
- Restarts game music after the cinematic

Cinematic - Simple Track
- Same as the Simple Cut Scene effect except it uses a Camera Track instead of a Camera Cut

Cinematic Choice Dialogue
- Allows you to offer players up to 4 choices in cinematic mode
- Similar features to the Simple Cut Scene effect

Cinematic Keyboard Input
- Allows you to get the player to enter a name or other txt to be used in game
- Similar features to the Simple Cut Scene effect
- Saves the name as a QV String, requires the Trigger Loader

Cinematic Cutscene Sequencer (CCS)
- Allows you create multi-scene cinematics in a single trigger
- Can span multiple triggers for more complicated set ups
- Allows for the inclusion of other effects to occur between cinematics
- Works with Cinematic Cutscene Sequencer Compatible (CCSC) versions of Cinematic Choice Dialogue, Cinematic Keyboard Input and Cinematic Hero Creation

x Cinematic - Cut Scene Sequencer Start
-- Pre-cine effects
x Cinematic Cutscene Sequencer
-- Pre-cine effects
x Cinematic Track CCSC
-- Pre-cine effects
x Cinematic Cutscene Sequencer
-- Pre-cine effects
x Cinematic Choice Dialogue CCSC
-- Pre-cine effects
x Cinematic Keyboard Input CCSC
x Cinematic - Cut Scene Sequencer End

Cinematic Hero Creation
Single effect to create a hero that also handles experience, levelling and resurrection
- Choose your hero
- Enter your name
- Improve your starts
- Level up and gain exp
- Offer resurrection on death (costs gold)
Note: the CCSC version ends the cinematic and does not require the x Cinematic - Cut Scene Sequencer End

Cinematic Merchant Shops
Apart from being able to create your own shops with the Cinematic Choice Dialogue effect, there are also 6 pre-made shop effects
- Food
- Armour
- Weapons
- Healing
- Magic
- Mercenaries
Each of these shop effects have pre-set choices, prices, items, etc. You are able to change the merchant's name and welcome dialogue and for mercenaries you can change the units purchased.
You can make multiple copies of each shop, just remember to change the shop ID.

Day Night Cycle
- Cycles through 4 lightings
- Set day length

Dynamic Weather
Randomly creates 4 different weather effects
- Rain
- Wind
- Fog
- Snow
Each weather effect can be turned on/off individually

If you need help with any of these, please post a question in the Question Thread of the Scenario Design forum

If you would like an alternative version of one of these effects, please post a request in the Trigger Request thread

Some of these effects make use of Mythic_Freak and invent00r's Trigger Loader
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File Author
Thanks for the review, Murmillo :D

I hope to see more RPGs made using these effects.

I will definitely be making more effects in the future.

File Author
Thanks for the review Tilde, I look forward to seeing your RPG.
Zenophobia I don't get the Cinematic Keyboard Input. It kinda doesn't work
File Author
Are you using it with the Trigger Loader? Without the Trigger Loader there are no QV Strings for you to save the input to, which will break the effect.
Zenophobia but how does it actually work? like what happens?
File Author
This reply may be a little late...

The best way to find out what an effect does is to try it in a test scenario :)

But if you can't be bothered making a test scenario, Cinematic Keyboard Input basically does the following:
- Starts a cinematic
- Prompts the user to type something in
- Saves what the user typed to a QV String (Trigger Loader required)
- Ends the cinematic

You can then use the QV String to change the name of a unit/civilisation to what the player typed or display what they typed in chat or messages.

See link below for more info:
File Author
Thanks for the review Jelmer. No worries about the negative comments :P

It's possible to turn off the camera by setting the QV called "Camera" to something other than 1.

The "Camera" QV is set to 1 after the Hero Creation effect cinematic (including the resurrection cinematic), also after other cinematic effects in the pack - Merchants, Simple Cut Scene, Simple Camera Track, etc.
Jelmer Yay my first review and no one complains about it being wrong.
The camera thing is very smart made, maybe I will use it now as I know how to turn it off.

But one last thing, I think you should make more quest triggers, now you are limited to a few sorts of quest. Ok you can trigger your own quests but you can't add them to the quest log. (I think). (or make a trigger to add your own text to the quest log)

Something different:

I played you scenario that won the RPG contest.
And I have few thing, maybe nice for you to hear.

You use wolves, they don't give exp, I always used "stat value: enemy units killed", when you kill a wolf It doesn't count, but artic wolves do count. (maybe it works the same in yours)
Same thing with apes, you should use relic monkeys.
Crocs and boars don't give exp either, but I have no substitute for those.
I didn't find any lions, but if you want them in the scenario then use golden lions.

I hope you can do something with this info. (although I tihnk someone like you already knows this)

I also have a request, could you be so kind to make a X hero creation effect with:

- Enter your name
- Choice dialog that fires a trigger (enter your own text)
- Level up and gain exp
- Offer resurrection on death (costs gold)[/s]

[Edited on 06/13/11 @ 03:44 PM]

biwaka They work. This is a Great Work.

Thanks for this file.

[Edited on 07/07/13 @ 02:11 PM]

biwaka Di you knwo how to make Quest5s i have a Kill Loop Advanced Tl and a Kill set Up Tl i have a quest giver and a Quest Object.

[Edited on 07/09/13 @ 05:47 AM]

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