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The Castle II

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Updated on 10/05/10

The Castle

This is the Sequel to The Castle.

This is the Readme for the Castle II. This map was made upon the request of mgs15.
It is similar to the first, but a little harder I think. Many things have changed from the first map, but not so much
that a veteran of the first will have a hard time winning. This time you play the Egyptians. Don't get all excited about
the priests... the number of priests you can hire at any one point depends on the difficulty. The harder the game is,
the fewer the priests.

You play as Ra, but the New Kingdom tech has been researched. As in the first game, you may find yourself relying on
the heroes that come through the teleporter, but the priests diminish their importance somewhat. Unlike in the first game,
you start out with two town centers, but if you lose either one, or any of your Migdols you may find yourself defeated.
The victory conditions are the same... 1500 for easy, 3000 for moderate, 4500 for hard, and 6000 for Titan.

Your city is situated across a river, with one town center on either side. Don't fret though... there's a nice bridge
between them. You get attacked from both sides, and from both ends of the river. You start out with gold in the city, as
in the first game, but you may find yourself needing more than in the other...

The safest way to get wood is to dump all of your villagers into the Leviathan and head out for one of the islands. The
God Powers are different as well. Four dwarven mines, three restorations, two Citadels, and one ceasefire. Beware
the Ceasefire; it may do you more harm than good...

This map was made my Astrological Design, tested by Hammerhands and his Sexy Assistant, and is dedicated to all you
play testers out there. God knows the designers' job is harder without you.

Player's units now gain more armor as the game progresses.
Walls and towers now somewhat weaker.
Enemy armies now attack the walls and/or towers, to prevent the units hovering outside the Castle.
Titan now appears three thousand seconds sooner.
Enemy units 0.8 meters per second faster.
Spelling errors in the Readme fixed.

Towers weaker;
Kill counter modified;
Wall and toower regeneration reduced.
Avenger movement modified
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Like the first one, I like the concept of defending a good looking base against lots and lots of myth units, together with the heroes' arrival. In this scenario, I like the concept of unlimited towers to help players battle against the myth units. I also like the concept of defending from naval myth units and more variations of monsters.

Balance: 4
There is a little imbalance on the enemy's side. For some reasons they can't damage my walls a lot, and I think it's because most of the myth units, especially from the south (the hydra, avengers), are not much aggressive. In other words, lots of myth units in this map are just standing outside the walls.

Non other that, the game is balanced. I think having unlimited towers can make the game greatly balanced. Also, no farm for Titan increases the game's challenge, yet is still possible to finish.

Creativity: 5
A very creative concept of hero siege, because now it includes water. The castle is designed better than the first one, since it is now situated over a river. I also like the hero teleportation on the port and other stuff, which was originally done on the first version of The Castle- glad they are still here.

Map Design: 5
The castle is one of the best fortresses ever I've ever seen in AOM. Outside the castle, is a barren land, which is finely designed, but not much of an exaggeration.

Story/Instructions: 5
Initial cinematic clearly describes what the player should expect. And now there is a little story written on the Spotlight, which makes the game more appetizing for players.

Additional Comments:
At first, I thought the game would be imbalanced on the player's side for Titan, since having no farm is really a big trouble, since I rely on them for food and rarely on fishing. But after I played it, it works just fine to increase the game's challenge.

Enemies are just standing outside my walls, which makes the game easier. (Read my Balance analysis)

Also, no enemy Titan is present during the game. I may like to encounter one.

As for the triggers, I like it when you're defeated when both--- take note, not one, but BOTH starting town centers are destroyed. (You mentioned in the description that you are defeated when one of the TC's are destroyed.) If one is destroyed the game still continues. I deleted both of them to see whether the triggers work or not, and it works just fine.

->Which 'The Castle' version is better for me?
- When it comes to concept and map design,I like this version of the castle better than the first one.
- When it comes to challenge, I'll go for the first one. Maybe if you can do my concerns about the monsters aggression, maybe I'll like this one far more better than the first one.

Anyway, champion effort for The Castle II! I would say this is a success and I congratulate you for it!

[Edited on 09/30/10 @ 12:10 PM]

Murmillo Of Zeus
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(When I was playing this it was kinda to easy kill the enemy's myth units because you can just upgrade the priests abilities I had like 30 priests and I killed them all lol I was playing easy :P but meh I rather now make human soliders instead of priests because they make it to easy. )

Balance: 5
(Nice balance but the towers and walls have to much hp... to much =Monsters can not destroy faster it would be more bester if they can destroy the walls a little faster so the players get a little scared of dieing also the sea monsters are the worst they don't do much to anything they need more crush and hack damage besides that it was great!)

Creativity: 5
(A excellent idea and the castle look ok and the light tower what does that do? but I liked the idea and the heros maybe more heros? like Gargarensis? Kemsyt and others the creativity of a castle is cool and very nice :) I wish you putted in titan mode a titan because since the hardest difficulty is called titan it should have a titan :). )

Map Design: 5
(This is a very good map design I seen from you HammerHands I liked the city water and the elevation it was cool I also liked the islands there was lots of trees on the islands. )

Story/Instructions: 5
(The story was simple and easy to read and understand I think I said in the review on The Castle also nice help guide when people say help!,cheat,and something else.)

Additional Comments:I say this is a awesome map I liked your designs and I can't wait for The Castle III the castle III will be norse right? Good job HammerHands you deserved this review! :)

Note:If this isn't acceptable for Yeebaaagoooon I will Re Edit it.

[Edited on 09/30/10 @ 03:10 AM]

Map Design5.0
Yet another great game by Hammerhands! It seems your castle games get better and better each time. The playability is fun and its a good touch making no wood in the base. I think there should be less gold though so you have to go out and find more. Great detail to the city and no bug. Get it.

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Map Design5.0
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